Zuber Wallpaper Restoration - Artisan Rooms

Zuber Wallpaper Restoration – Artisan Rooms

welcome back to the artisan rooms YouTube channel here with your artisans Michael and Chris what's up and he is behind the camera operating it as usual oh yeah well we had a great opportunity to work in a really old beautiful home in Columbus Ohio that had a wallpaper that needed some restoration health and we wanted to show it to you because it's pretty special the wallpaper was actually hung here in around the 1920s but the company that made the wallpaper Zubair spelled zu BER is actually founded in 1797 and every single color you see in a hand block printed Zubair paper has to be done with a hand-carved block of wood and then the paint is then laid on the block of wood and then pressed into the paper and if you take a good look at this mural this they'll call it a panoramic scenic as it's known this particular one is called El Dorado and it's my favorite and there are some other ones that are also added nice one is also called the scenes of America and it was actually done of all Boston Harbor some different the National bridge the natural bridge there's beautiful scenes in the United States that are depicted in this and that paper but one of the prints of that actually hangs in the White House in the room were they you know the reception area for all the dignitaries and the person who actually got into the White House was Jackie O and I think she rescued it from another house and then brought it there now we have some experience restoring some bears and in this situation we were brought in because there was water damage there was cracked areas in the mural and there was areas where there plaster behind the mural had cracked and there was separation between the murals in the wall and all of those things had to be dealt with but one of the neat things we found is that this had been restored probably quite a few times since the 1920s when there were various problems with the paper one of the things I wanted to show you was that since this had had been restored several times someone actually polyurethane over the wallpaper and this is one of the first times I've ever seen that and I wanted to take a look have you seen this up close if I move this sconce just so you can actually see the original color showing up right there since it's been polyurethane the colors have gotten a little darker a little more ambarish but I want to show you how delicate this is I'm wetting my finger and I'm rubbing this is what a Zubair really does see they'll come right off on your finger you really can't get water on the Zubair but since this had been polyurethane you can so we actually had to cut out all the damaged areas in this mural and we fixed them with plaster we sanded them all out feathers amount we did a color match to the pieces I cut out we brought that blue back down now Zubair is typically go from a yellowish orange color and they fade up gradually into blue that's very hard to do without an airbrush and sometimes you have to utilize airbrush to do those fixes but since this had been restored a few times artists in the past had done a graphic transition from the lighter blue to a darker and then into this orange area well instead of redoing everything we we just held true to the past artists fixes in other words and just fell in line with what they had done in rest so one of the things that I love about El Dorado this particular superior is not only the European nature of the landscape itself but look how they used it really so cool greens here in the background and then down here in the foreground you have these really nice warm greens that just stick out with all those beautiful details and imagine once again all of these elements of different colors have to be individually carved out of wood and then the paint applied compressed in and then come take a look at this over here you've got this exact opposite you've got instead of cool tones in the background you go warm Browns and warm greens in the background and then juxtaposing it here in the foreground you've got these cool gray greens that just come shooting forward in the foreground and then to pop it off and accent it you've got these beautiful flowers that just really lend an exotic feel to this this panoramic landscape it's just it's just one of my favorites and I reference it many many times in in my own landscape painting well to see it in real life up close there's nothing like it

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