Zombie Nail Art & Halloween Nail Hacks!

Zombie Nail Art & Halloween Nail Hacks!

Hey guys! Halloween is just around the corner, so I’m
going to show you how to make these spooky nails, which are perfect for the occasion. Ready? Let’s go! We’re going to begin with cute Halloween nail
designs and finish up with more crazy and spooky ideas! First up is this gorgeous mix and match nail
art which consists of 4 different designs: We’ll be playing with traditional Halloween-y
colors such as orange-y red, black and white to create this adorable manicure! Begin by applying a layer of base coat to
all the nails. Especially harsh colors like black and red
can stain your natural nails so be sure to protect them! On the ring finger we are making a spooky
ghost design. Since ghosts like to dance around in the dark,
we need to color the nail in black for the background. Dip a dotting tool or a toothpick in some
white polish and make two larger dots fairly apart on the nail. With a smaller dotting tool or a brush draw
the rest of the body to the ghosts. Add a pair of dots for the arms as well. Load a toothpick or dotting tool with some
black nail polish and draw a pair of eyes plus mouth to each of them. For the mouth I like to just make a dot and
slightly drag it down. This will give you that perfect creepy face
expression that you want! Are you afraid of spiders? Well I must say they are not my favorite but
since it’s Halloween we need to make some spider nail designs, right? Paint your nail with orange or red nail polish. Dip a tiny paint brush in black nail polish
and draw a line along the nail stopping about half way up. Next create a large black circle in the center
of the nail using a q-tip. Our spider also needs 6 legs! So let’s draw them on with a toothpick, paint
brush or nail art striper. Every characters looks better with a pair
of eyes! So let’s give the eyes to our itsy bitsy spider
by making two larger white dots and two smaller black dots on top. Time for the always adorable googly eyes design! This one is so easy and cute so I had to include
it in this mix and match creation. Color your nail in black. Apply one or two coats, depending on how opaque
your polish is. We want the nail to be pitch black! Dip a medium sized dotting tool in white polish
and make pairs of dots allover the nail. I have space for 4 pairs of eyes on mine. All that’s left to do is adding tiny black
dots on top of larger white ones. What a quick and easy yet gorgeous design
for Halloween! On the pointer and pinky finger I decided
to go for a simple white base with black and red dots lined up along the middle of the
nail. These two nails will sort of tie the whole
manicure together by incorporating all the colors that we used. We could make crazy designs on these two fingers
as well but I just feel like it would be too much. I always like to find balance with more elaborated
and simple designs when creating mix and match nails. Anyways here are our finished Halloween nails
and they look absolutely stunning in my opinion! You can obviously take the ideas from this
video and mix and match them however you desire. Go all in with a bunch of designs or just
make one little accent on the ring finger. Even a small detail like that is enough to
get you in the Halloween spirit! Let’s create another Halloween mix and match
manicure, this time with a bit more funky color scheme. I went for orange, green, purple and black! This masterpiece includes 4 different designs
– everything from spooky eyes, spider nest, bats and gooey paint drips. As always we need to protect our nails with
a layer of base coat. That way our nails will stay healthy and the
manicure will last longer. On the thumb we are making eyeballs again,
but these ones will be large, green and full of bloody veins. Color the nail in black. Now make two pairs of large white dots with
the help of a large dotting tool or a simple q-tip. Load the medium sized dotting tool with green
polish and make a dot on top of each white circle. Every eye also needs a pupil so draw them
by making tiny black dots in the center of each of the four eyes. To make the design more Halloween appropriate
we’re going to add a ton of bloody red veins to all the eyeballs. Draw them with a small paint brush dipped
in red polish. You don’t have to be precise or neat here
as veins are always a bit wonky and randomly placed, which is perfect for us! We want the lines thin and dainty. The best way to achieve this is using a dry
brush technique. This means that you want to have just a small
amount of polish on the brush when drawing. Let’s move on to the spooky spider nest design! Begin with painting the nail in orange. I have to apply 2 coats to get a nice opaque
finish. Dip a dotting tool in black polish and make
medium sized dots allover the nail. My nail fits the total of 8 baby spiders! Grab a toothpick and draw 6 legs to each of
these tiny creepy crawlers. I like to point the legs in different directions
so the design appears less structured and the spiders look like they are manically running
around their nest. The eyes make all the difference – you know
that already! Give a pair of eyes to each baby spider using
a white and black nail polish. My mom is super scared of bats, and while
they are not my favorite animals either, I must admit they are quite cute. Let’s make a fun and easy bat design. Go for any background color of choice. I went for purple to represent the evening
sky. This polish is quite sheer so I have to build
up the opacity with a couple of layers. Here’s an easy step by step guide on how to
draw a bat. Start by drawing a middle sized dot for the
body. Grab a smaller dotting tool or a toothpick
and make two little dots for the ears, followed by another pair of dots for the legs. Time to work on those huge bat wings. Draw two dots on each side like this. Now we just need to connect all the dots,
fill everything in with black color and ta-daaa! We have a perfectly looking bat on our nail. We don’t want this cutie to get lonely though,
so let’s quickly give him two bat friends. This will be an epic squad I tell you that! Freehand drawing a bat using a paint brush
would be so hard, I could never do it! However, this step by step technique with
dots makes it a piece of cake! Alright our cool bat trio is almost ready
for their Halloween adventures. But before they fly away I want to give some
final touches to this design. Let’s give it more light and dimension by
making a few random white dots on empty spaces. These represent the stars in the night sky. And why not coloring some dots in orange. These awesome bats deserve some color in their
lives too! On the pointer and pinky we’re making a cool
dripping design! Apply a couple of layers of green polish for
the base. Next dip a larger dotting tool in black polish
and make three dots close to the tip of the nail. The dots should not be perfectly aligned. Rather make some a bit higher and some lower. Load a smaller dotting tool, toothpick or
a brush with black polish and connect the dots, making a curved shape like this. Paint drip nails are so easy and quick to
create but they make such a beautiful statement. They are also pretty simple looking, which
works perfectly for our fun mix and match creation! I am totally obsessed with this manicure! It’s a bit more funky due to the green, purple
and orange color combination, but still looks totally Halloween-y! If you don’t have the tools that I’m using
here but still want to make the designs make sure to watch my DIY dotting tool videos that
I made a few years ago. There’s so many things in your house that
you can use to make epic nail art so you really don’t need any of the fancy tools at all. Next up we have awesome blood splatter nails! I love how abstract and fun the look is and
the technique we’re going to use is pretty much the coolest thing ever! Come on, I’ll show you! Begin by painting all your nails white. You may need a couple of coats to achieve
the perfect opacity. Apply a layer of matte top coat over the white. You can totally skip this step if you don’t
have a matte top coat. There we go – our blank canvas is ready so
it’s time to put our abstract painter hat on and start creating! But instead of a paint brush we’re going to
use a straw! Yup – you heard me right. Dip the straw in some rich red nail polish. Place it right above the nail and strongly
blow through the straw. Hello, gorgeous red splatter! Keep repeating this step and you’ll end up
with lots and lots of bloody splatters allover your nails. The key to making this design neat and gorgeous
is to clean up the skin around your nails thoroughly. So dip a q-tip in some acetone and let’s clean
up the mess! How flipping gorgeous, right?! I am so in love with these nails! The white and red combo is perfect for Halloween
but I can’t wait to try other colors like blue or pink splatters! Or even making different color splatters for
each nail. I need to do this asap because this straw
technique is just too much fun! Okay, that’s enough of the cute and pretty
Halloween nail designs! If you want to embrace the scary and spooky
vibe this Halloween, look no further. These two crazy manicures that we’re about
to create are so – how to say… out there! I’ve never created nail art like this before
and all I can say is they were so much fun to try out. Come along and you can learn how to create
them too! For the frozen fingers design we’re going
to start surprise surprise with a base coat. Yup – even when making insane manicure like
this, we got to protect our nails! Because when Halloween is over you want to
have your pretty and healthy looking nails back, right?! Dip a small piece of cosmetic sponge in purple
nail polish and make a few random prints on your nails. This is what I love about this nail art – there’s
no right or wrong. Just go ahead and have fun with it. Repeat the step using a dark blue color. Dip the sponge in polish and tap tap tap on
the nail. To make the look a bit darker I decided to
go in with some black too. Apply the color on the skin around the nails
as well. We want our entire fingertips to look frozen
and painful. Lastly I also decided to add a hint of green. It will give a slightly more rotten appearance. Just play around with colors until you’re
happy with the result. You can add more color to the fingers to make
the frozen effect even more apparent. Grab a transparent neutral color like this
and apply it allover the nails. It will give the illusion that all the painful
freezing is actually going on under the nail, which makes it look so much more realistic. The finishing touch that also adds a lot in
making our creation super believable is a matte top coat. Our nails not naturally shiny, so we have
to take away the shine from the nail polish. Now the nails look even more lifeless and
frozen. I had so much fun creating this different
and totally crazy manicure! If you’re going on a Halloween party but don’t
have a costume ready, you can simply make a slightly frozen makeup look and these frozen
fingertips! Such an epic, quick and inexpensive costume
idea! If you think these nails look scary, then
wait until you see our next and final manicure! These nails look so painful, horrible
and best of all – extremely realistic! Come on, I’ll show you all the secrets behind
these crazy nails! You guys know the drill by now: a base coat
is an absolute must! So go ahead and apply it on all of the nails. Next you want to grab some fake nails like
these and make a few random cuts using scissors. You want to make your nails look all destroyed,
broken and rough basically. Go ahead and glue the distressed fake nails
on your actual nails using a nail glue. This is how my nails look so far and they
are exactly what I wanted! I can already tell, this manicure will be
bomb! You can make the cuts and tears on all of
your nails or just a couple of them, depending on how shocking you want your manicure to
be. Dip the sponge in a dark red or burgundy nail
polish and create random prints allover the nails. You can get some color on the skin – no worries,
this is all a part of the look! The second color that I’m going to use is
gray. Just as before, make random patches of color
using a sponge. But don’t apply too much color at this point. You want that chic french manicure to still
be visible through all the layers. Time for a coat of sheer neutral polish. This way we create the illusion that bruises
are actually happening under the nail. And no need to be precise here at all. You can apply the color in the cuts too. Grab your matte top coat and paint it on top. This will seal all the layers together and
give you a super realistic feel! Next few steps are going to completely transform
these nails into the spookiest manicure ever! Dip a small paint brush in red polish and
color the cuts like this. Don’t be precise! The point is to make a smudgy bloody look. The fact the the rest of the nail is matte,
while red polish aka blood is shiny, makes these nails look even more real! In order create more depth, go in with some
black nail polish too. This will accentuate the wounds and give them
more dimension! You can absolutely finish here, I mean these
nails are already so out of this world crazy! However if you want one last freaky touch,
here’s a cool idea. Apply a drop of nail glue on one of the nail
cuts. Here we have a normal deck screw, but today
we’re just going to need a head piece. Stick it on the nail and voila! It looks like we have a screw stuck in our
nail, ouch! But what an absolute gem is this creation
right, guys? I mean, I know it’s not the prettiest. But we have all year to look cute and nice,
so why not go the complete opposite on the day when we’re actually allowed to. Don’t get me wrong you can totally wear these
crazy nails all year around, but you’ll probably get some weird and shocking looks from people
around you. Weather you decide to make a pretty Halloween
design or a crazy spooky creation, I hope these ideas brought some of the magical and
mysterious Halloween-y spirit from my home to yours! Subscribe and ring the bell for more epic
videos from me! Love you guys and happy Halloween! Mwah, bye!

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