Hello Tiktakers! Imagine it’s a very nice day out and you go
out for a walk in the forest with your friends. You are talking and laughing, when suddenly
you get the feeling someone is watching you. A lost hiker? A serial killer? Nope! Who’s watching you behind the trees is…
a zombie deer! Appearently, a misterious degénerative desease
that affects deer, moose and reindeer is responsible for the strange behavior of this animals. The symptoms are lack of coordination, weight
loss, drooling and a certain aggressiveness towards human, so people have named it the
Zombie Deer Disease. The chronic wasting disease, scientific name
for this disease, has recently affected a broad number of deer. Cases have appeared in at least 24 regions
of the US and in provinces of Canada, Norway, Finland and South Korea. Scientists believe the transmission of this
disease takes place through a protein present in body fluids, which spread directly or through
pollution in soil, water of food. Its rapid spread in the last years is due
to its ability to survive, even after the death of the carrier animal. Up to now, cases in humans have not been reported. However, a canadian experiment has proved
that some primates can develop this disease after eating infected meat. This is why, scientists are cautious about
it – they say this disease could be evolving and it’s only a matter of time for it to
affect humans, as it happened with the mad cow disease. While lots of people are really worried about
this, there are others that think an exaggerated alarming message has been sent. Some other, on the other hand, say this disease
is a laboratory experiment aimed to be used as a biological weapon. What do YOU think, Tiktakers? Do you think you could survive a zombie deer

100 thoughts on “ZOMBIE DEERS | Draw My Life

  1. I live in Michigan, in an area with a VERY large deer population. A zombie-deer apocalypse would destroy my city.

  2. oof… is it really in norway and finland but not in sweden??? (sweden is between norway and finland) 🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪

  3. She basically copied train to Busan that Korean zombie movie because in the being of the movie a man hit a deer and drove off and the deer became a zombie

  4. That's why you should put your apple in the compost they might have germs plastic in the risicle plastic spoons in the garbage 👍if you agree

  5. These deers actually exist I’ve had 5 come into my yard fall over and die 1 like equals one more deer not dying in my yard

  6. shiiiiiiiiiiiiit welp time to get my automatic shotgun, my flamethrower, my desert eagle and my food for this shit apocalypse.

  7. The Apocalypse will Rise Soon… So get Ur weapons And start Running Outside Killing Those Z/Zombie Deers.

  8. Nobody:

    Me: okay imma go to the super market and stuff a 10year supply on mah house. And build a secret room. 😃

  9. Lol i searched up happy pastas and just creepy pastas and this XD but when hes like bambi?! It made me laugh so hard🤣🤣🤣

  10. Me and my friend who has seen the video and my other friend who hasn't seen the video in the dark forest:*hear strange noise* 1.friend: zOmBie dear
    Me: ZoMbiE dear
    2.friend: confused

    Oh no this ain't a killer watching you in the forest it's a zombie dear

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