Zeke Plays: Doki Doki Literature Club (part 3)

Zeke Plays: Doki Doki Literature Club (part 3)

already but it will come back thank you guys very much for hanging out with me today hope you guys having a good time with good Tom good time with this doki-doki literature club about four hours before hours into the game a lot of reading of course but we knew that so I was prepared I'm fine with that if I'm prepared but this is a half time of the show where I say thank you for being here I'm going to keep it short there are many ways you can support the channel if you'd like to support the channel obviously tip subs bits always support the channel but if you want to support it without paying any money you can follow me right here on Twitch hit that follow button you can follow me on Twitter as well I always tweet out what I'm going live as long as Twitter isn't broken also subscribe me on YouTube that's free we just passed 10,000 followers not too long ago cool milestone thanks in every part to mr. 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and use it and last but certainly not least a big stinky whiskey filled shout out to all of my lurkers out there I like to make a toast once a day to the lurkers out there who make this channel run and because the lurkers are the silent majority of viewers the unseen Heroes of zirconia the lurkers are the backbone of this community hiding in the shadows hey all the workers cheers Thank You lurkers lurk on babies okey-dokey Thank You sim down for the 31 months out Spock's with a 35 good have you guys all right let's go oh and dr. claw MD giving a sub 2 orange morph for the second month Thank You orange morph welcome back you're amazing well that you Trappist you're breathtaking let's go back to it all right so I would walk home with nan ski I would still walk home asuri I would totally walk home with nan ski I'm starting I'm starting to warm up to her I'm walking home at nasty huh oh and I saved it by the way see I saved it right before the choice so we're good I mean in case we want to go back I don't like going back I like sticking with the choices I've made but whatever what do you mean ouch oof fuck you talking about I can't walk home with more than one girl it's not like we're friends we're not fucking and we're in high school relax walking home neski huh why does the thought of that make my heart pound I mean I think I would be afraid of what she'd do to me if I turned her down since he's so cute and fun to be around that isn't that has nothing to do with what I just said uh uh you admitted it jeez there's not even any point in speculating something that's never gonna happen well maybe but I just like to think about it it's not it's not long before you won't need me anymore you know need you say Laurie I can't figure out how you're seeing things in your head right now sorry everyone is different nobody in that club is a replacement for you if you say so conversation trails off and I'm left feeling awkward now I feel like she's a ghost or something like she's they're gonna fit the element or a fifth element huh six cents me and like tell me she's not real or something but it was kind of her fault for trapping me with such a weird question I can't just lie to her but if there's something that makes her happy I would hate to take it out and take that away from her that's why I said there's no point in speculating then again the festival is only a few days away who knows what will happen in that time I hate to break this to you but she's a fictional character good point and why the fuck is Monica not on this don't answer that do not answer that that was a hypothetical okay so new poems I'm gonna go outside my comfort zone explode parfaits sunny sadness nature headphones sunset fluffy pout crimson outside my comfort zone so not something cute maybe a dark poem Ivan wrote anything like dark yet and write something dark something a little bit more on the melancholy side of things all right going outside my comfort zone let's do let's service sadness and then sadness and disoriented Kauai Valentine hope holiday hopeless summer vacation rainbow beauty memories memories graveyard fireflies daydream contamination sticky strawberry Doki Doki ribbon romance shame most ashamed meager skirt dark feather horror forgive happiness journey bliss infallible forgive man I'm just nailing sorry sheesh rain cloud ping cloud disarray scars sweet promise determination Boop uncontrollable promised really dude Wow misery whisper hop lazy vertical wonderful disaster cute giggle blanket vertigo death depression color suicide lollipop raindrops anxiety music peace amazing hmm do I really want to like me ham-fisted about it like dude death depression or suicide or do I want to be like a little bit less pointed be like peace amazing let's do death I like that god damn man like I'm fucking like eight out of there like 709 already are four for salary all right hurt warm wrath peaceful question jump skipping charm swimsuit sensations hmm sensation I like warm you know warm like jumped out at me fucking bow laughs ow I said foul nightgown existence smile frightening heart philosophy clumsy party precious infinite frightening unstable hair or a fear flee universe pickle prayer misfortune kiss prayer I like prayer spinning vibrance play secretive judgment calm unrequited games marriage fun spinning oh okay portrait awesome anime destiny climax Mouse incongruent marshmallow variants cry let's see portrait an eternity defeat fester whistle twirl captive grief socks treasure heartbeat I did twisting twirl seems like it should be in there as well twirl family pleasure kitty Papa Dibble milk excitement cheer together specials pleasure passion unending at own fireworks cheeks despise chubby puppy bed and dream atone pure imagination come with me and you'll be in world of pure imagination pure imagination unrestrained dazzle shopping tragedy childhood vitality desire playground tragedy love it pain anger electricity chocolate shiny Heaven Sent melancholy laugh Inferno intellectuals what up Johnny number 5 14 months another seat astok streaming data Wubbzy thank you let's see I said melancholy didn't I jealousy melancholy it Sparkle time sugar clouds vivacious starscape dancing comfort lucky lucky extraordinary empty uncanny breathe flying waterfall love covet vanilla alone breathe man I just went back and forth I don't know what was the score I'm gonna keep score on that one I want to see if it was safe was like like 9 1 10 or something 10 1 9 or something like that 10 to 8 okay oh man oh here we go I'm the last one here again don't worry I just walked into were you practicing piano again yeah you must have a lot of determination starting this club and now picking up piano well maybe not determination but I guess passion remember that the club wouldn't be here if it wasn't for all of you and I'm super happy that you're all willing to help help out for the festival too oh I can't wait for the best of all it's gonna be great yeah weren't you complaining about it just yesterday not to eat well yeah I'm not talking about our part of us all but it's a whole day of school where we gonna play and eat all kinds of delicious food you sound a bit like sorry all of a sudden Monica do they hot usually have fried squid squid that's a pretty specific thing to look forward to oh come on are you saying you know like squid you of all people I didn't say don't like it besides what do you mean by you of all people because it's right in your name mom Iike that's not how you say my name it aw also that joke makes no sense in translation never mind let's just focus on our own event for now okay fine fine your reactions aren't as fun as series of series anyway excuse me where is there anyway oh there you are Yuri is sitting at a desk in the corner of the room looking down at nothing I walked over to her hey sorry I waved my hand in front of her face you're spacing out again oh sorry don't mind me you can go talk to everyone else huh is everything all right of course why wouldn't it be it just feels like you're a little off sorry for assuming things jeez you worry way too much about me I'm fine see Sara shows me a big smile don't let me distract you from having fun with everyone well alright if you say so I worriedly glance it's a Orie before turning back toward every water be toward everyone else the conversation has already dispersed with everyone back at their usual activities maybe I should ask Monica if she's noticed anything about CRE recently since they've been preparing for the festival they must be spending a lot of time together Timothy approach Monaco shuffling through some papers at her desk honks Enya puss what's up hey this might sound a little strange but have you noticed anything up with ciri recently anything up with her and what way do you mean maybe I'm ready too little too much reading into it a little too much but she seems a bit downcast today oh you think so I can't say I've noticed anything about her mónica peers around the room at crüe whose idly dragging a rubber eraser up and down her desk maybe there's something on her mind but I'm surprised I'm not the one asking you hands on Xenopus you certainly know a lot better know her a lot better than I do yeah but she's never really liked this she's always talked to me about things that bothered her but this time when I asked her she was really dismissive sorry I know it's not your problem I just wanted to ask you if you knew anything so I'll drop it now no no it's important to me too I mean I'm also friends with her and I also care about the well-being of my club members you know maybe I'll try talking to her myself are you sure about that she seemed like she wanted to be left alone are you sure maybe she just has a hard time bringing it up with the person of interest bursting of interest what do you mean by that I'm saying that maybe the thing on her mind is you Hans in you puss me how on earth would you come to that to conclusion well I probably shouldn't say too much but say auric talks about you more than anything else you know huh she's been so much happier since you joined the club it's like an extra life was turned on inside of her what no way Syrio is always like that she's always been full of sunshine finding different than how it's always been you're so funny Hans in your puss happy thought that maybe we've always seen her is so cheerful because that's just how she is when she's around you oh I said too much I'm sorry what do I know anyway I didn't mean to jump to conclusions so you just forget about what I said I'll try to talk to her so trying to think about it for now all right Monica smiles meaningfully I know she said to forget about it but I already know that I won't be able to get her words out of my head Monica stands up from her desk walks around the room to where Serie City I watched her kneel down next to your knee and gently talk to her but she's keeping her voice so quiet that I can't hear from here I sigh to sit myself down I notice they already told me not to worry about her and to have fun with everyone else but that's impossible to do when she's behaving like this exactly how much do I care about her that I'm letting this weigh on me weigh me down so much now it feels like I'm the one behaving out of the ordinary but there's nothing I can do besides wait for Monica hey you huh I look up to see Natsuki next to me are you just gonna keep staring nothing there isn't that much time so oh sorry I didn't mean to make you worry or anything it's not like I'm worried I was just not ski glances down at her side holding a volume among in her hand that's right something just came up for a minute but we can get started now I won't make you wait any longer Chiz now you're making me feel like it sure if something's bothering you then you can just tell me to leave me alone and I will I mean assuming you didn't feel like talking about it or anything she practically mumbles that last part no I'm probably making it seem like a bigger deal than it is I've just been thinking about ciri that's all say alright Wow yeah she seems pretty gown today but she didn't want to admit it to me so I can't help but wonder if something happened to her oh that's key exhales well first of all you should really work on your phrasing anyway you're her best friend right yeah I guess so yeah then in that case I think you should trust her a little more if she needed you then you would begin to be the first person she would go to right well I guess that's true I mean some people just have those days can always avoid it if anything she probably doesn't want you to worry about her because it's not important yeah that's kind of what she said to me maybe it's not right for me to go guess her wishes exactly if she needed to worry about her that'll be a little bit more bill lot more obvious yeah I should have thought it thought of it that way from the start Natsuki fiddles with a book she's holding in her hands she she really means a lot to You doesn't she don't get the wrong idea or anything we're just friends for a long time we just been friends for a long time it's normal to be worried about your friends I mean you were worried about me so I was not Chiz if you're fine let's hurry get started already yeah yeah this girl seems like you would get splinters from fingering her nice God okay okay I'm laughing like I shit myself the cycle okay everyone after some time passes Monica calls out to the club room why don't we why don't we share our poems now alright no it everything is back to normal everyone goes retrieve their poems and I do the same I make eye contact with Monica and she smiles at me I wonder what she was talking about with Siri who should I show my poem to you first Monica let's go with Monica first see what she thinks she's the coolest head hi Hans Enya puss have you thought about what you want to submit to perform at the festival well being as Club is one thing but performing in front of a bunch of people I'll have to give it up I'll give it some more thought okay no pressure whatever you do I'm sure it'll turn out great but it also makes me happy to see [Applause] anyway let's take a look at today's poem sure I'll let Monica take the poem I'm holding in my hands it's pretty good it makes me think of C or E like the other one that you wrote you two are like the dynamic duo oh that's kind of exaggerating it yeah probably but you do spend a lot of time with her even in this club don't you then again I don't blame you for being a little shy I'm not shy it's just I'm just Hazen make friends with everyone but Yuri not skilled super super interested people so don't be afraid to give them the share their share of time and you can talk to me every now and then too it's not like I'm not like unapproachable or anything am i oh oh unknown something like that I'm just still getting used to being here that's all yeah I'm sorry if I was putting pressure on you or something I really didn't mean like that no don't worry I get what you're saying well I'll write anyway I'll share my poem with you now all right er er all right the lady who knows everything [Laughter] so struck me funny just picturing honey but stopping in the middle of just a nice conversation just going PR er like take me to the anyway mmm anyway the lady who knows everything an old tale tells of a lady who wanders earth the lady who knows everything a beautiful lady who has found every answer all meaning all purpose and all that was ever saw and here I am a feather Boston trot lost a drift of the sky victim of the currents of the wind day after day I search a search with little hope knowing legends don't exist when all else has failed me when all others have turned away the legend is all that remains the last gem star glimmering in the twilight sky until one day the wind ceases to blow I fall and I fall and fall and fall even more gentle as a feather a dry quill expressionless but a hand catches me between thumb and forefinger the hand of a beautiful lady I look at her eyes and find no end to her to her gaze the lady who knows everything knows what I'm thinking before I can speak she responds in a hollow voice I have found every answer all of which now – nothing – no there is no meaning there is no purposes and we seek only the impulsive emotions I'm not your legend legend your legend does not exist and with the breath she blows me back afloat and I pick up Augusta win I like these poems man I really do you you know I feel like learning and looking for answers are the sorts of things that gives life meaning not to get too philosophical or anything but it was kind of on my mind so that's what I wrote about I see I never really put that much thought into it in a way it's almost paradoxical because if we had all the answers wouldn't the world start to lose its meaning you know there's one thing I noticed it seems like everyone in the club prefers writing about things that are more sad than happy are you surprised I mean if everything was okay we wouldn't really have anything to write about Willy humans aren't two-dimensional creatures I think you'd know that better than any more you mean you mean one-dimensional uh yeah that anyway here's Monica's riding tip of the day are you ever too shy to share your riding because you're afraid it's not that good they can we're really disheartening to get a lukewarm response to something you put so much into but if you find other people who enjoy riding and Sharon becomes a lot easier because instead of just telling you that your writing is good okay or okay or bad they want to focus more on everything that went into it and the things you can work on it's much more encouraging that way they'll make you want to continue improving it's almost like having your own little little Club don't you think that's my advice for today thanks for listening alright well save sorry for last let's go with Yuri do what she thinks well done pawns in you pose you've definitely improved your writing over the course of these few days has my advice been helpful to you oh yeah definitely I'm glad sharing our writing like this it's a lot more fun and rewarding than I anticipated I need to remember to thank Monica I think we all felt a little awkward at first but now it seems like everyone is enjoying sharing their writing and seeing what others think I guess I can't really disagree I was afraid this whole thing would be to be a chore but it's a great way for me to spend some personal time with all the girls in the club but it's been fun getting to know everyone in their writing spoilers Dillard's equal fab business later you know I'll be honest with you I have no I have no shame in my game about what i fap to I've tried to FAP to anime and I can do it it has to be real girls it doesn't work for me it's fun to look at like it's enticing its sensual it's all that kind of shit but like it's not a sec it's not like never became sexual I don't know nothing I didn't and that goes for like any cartoons growing up either like I didn't irk off like April O'Neil or I don't know name name a sexy cartoon girl from the 80s and 90s and if they like didn't do anything for me what a time to walk in the channel hey what up damn and all now you doing we're discussing anime and if we fat to it or not do you Jessica Rabbit nope not just go rabbit you know who actually kind of got me I'm like enticed me I didn't jerk off to it but Oh goof goof troop or not goof dug through like goop goop eNOS son go on a vacation and then she meets that girl whatever name is his son meets that Maxine that's her name right a Roxy or what what's her name Roxy yeah I had a little crush on her okay her name is what is hurt what is her full name well how can I google it I bet there's some porn to you so I got to be careful with this hold on I'll go fullscreen so you don't have to see it Roxanne goofy movie there it is yeah dude like I had a little bit I had a little little baby tiny crush on her for sure when did when did gooftroop come out goofy movie came out 1995 so I was 15 at the time so maybe a little old to be into her but whatever I have no shame in my game dude Zeke what's that was the FBI what do you say Amen with the FBI it's been a long undercover sting but we finally got you go free now oh I'm in the FBI oh that's very sad what other cartoons like like sort of like jasmine Ariel not really though mmm no not Hollywood from cool world Lola bunny was after my time though like Space Jam I think I was eight like when the Space Jam come out wasn't Space Jam like early 2000s Space Jam Oh 1996 okay oh yeah that's I just never watched it I didn't watch it until I in fact I never watched the whole thing I've just seen like little snippets of it here and there I've still never watched like all of spaceship Aeon Flux sorta but she was too like skinny oh dude rogue from x-men man rogue from x-men yeah I love her like her voice which yet she had that like left like scratchy squeaky southern voice dude the x-men cartoon yeah she was great she was great all right let's go sorry about that sorry about the delay okay here we go but it's been fun getting to know everyone in their writing and I guess doing some writing myself well have you learned anything about yourself han Xin you puss yeah well you know how I'd like to say that writing is very personal way to get in touch with yourself in the end it doesn't matter if you're a good writer or a bad writer and even my opinions are just opinions here as always I believe what's most important is exploring and discovering yourself that's comforting I'm kind of afraid of disappointing you in some way or another why me well you're always so it was sophisticated with your writing and have the most advice to share is that so Yuri thanks for a good minute that must be terrible ah for me to have been become someone whose opinion is fearsome how unlikable of me Yuri it's not as bad as you're making it sound in your head I just meant that I respect your opinion I see I'm sorry that I always ever think and come to those sorts of conclusions I'm just a little too used to it overthinking being disliked Yuri what what am I saying I'm sorry I didn't mean to bring that up let's move on all right you want to share your poem now okay dear Beach a Marvel millions of years in the making where the womb of earth chaotically meets the surface under a clear blue sky and expansive bliss but beneath gear gray rolling clouds and endless enigma the easiest world to get lost in is one where everything can be found one can only build a sandcastle where the sand is wet where where the sand is where the tide comes will it gently lick at your foundations until you give in or will a sudden waves send you crashing crashing down in the blink of an eye either way the outcome is the same yet we still build sandcastles I stand where the foam wraps around my ankles where my toes squish into the sand the salty air is therapeutic the breeze this gentle yet powerful I sink my toes into the ultimate boundary line tempted by the foamy tendrils turn back and I abandoned my piece to erode at the shore drift forward and I returned to earth forever I'm aware that the beach is kind of an inane thing to write about but I did my best to take a metaphorical approach to it you say that like you didn't even want to write about it or you didn't even want to write about it oh you haven't heard after yesterday Natsuki and I well it was amusing that we wrote about something similar in such different ways so not skiing wanted us to write about something about the same topic as each other again I suppose to better compare the differences in our writing styles or thought processes anyway it was her idea knowing her it's no surprise that she'd want to do something like that she probably just wants to show off it's not like I have a particular interest in her writing style I just went with a request but well I suppose it's not so bad to write about something simple on occasion it can be refreshing you know it's good for me to call my thoughts once in a while yeah I think I agree thanks for sharing alright alright Rach take it easy have a good night oh shit now it's cuz to live in 20 months I missed you sorry now it's just you up I still love you baby all right now it's keep here we go this one's alright alright oh yeah doesn't blow me away there's nothing I really hate about it it's just not really my style I mean that's fine come to think of it this kind of reminds me of Sarah's poem from yesterday oh you think so yeah well I guess if you've been friends with her so long you might be on the same wavelength but you never really struck me as her type say or he has a type all of a sudden well I don't know but honestly how can someone soak earth fluffy spend so much time with someone like you what's up space cat universe if like she's dragging around a dead weight oh that was a little necessary but I but think of it this way if it weren't for me she would probably just fly away like letting go of a balloon you could save each take care of each other in our own way whatever it is I don't get it oh yeah I guess I'm supposed to show you my palm here I'll be your Beach your mind is so full of troubles and fears that the minister wonder over the years but today I have a special place a beach for us to go ashore reaching beyond your sight a sea that sparkles with brilliant light the walls in your mind will melt away before the sunny glow I'll be the Beach that washes your worries away I'll be the beach that you daydream about each day I'll be the Beach that makes your heart leap in a way you thought you had left that left you long ago let's bury your heavy thoughts in a pile of sand bathes and sunbeams and hold my hand wash your insecurities in the salty sea and let me see you shine let's leave your memories in a footprint trail set you free in my windy sail and remember the reasons you're wonderful when you press your lips to mine I'll be the Beach that washes your worries away I'll be the date I'll be the beach that you daydream about each day I'll be the Beach that makes your heart leap in a way you thought had left you long ago but if you let me be by your side your own beats your own escape you'll learn to love yourself again yeah I felt like I kept writing about negative things so I wanted to write something with a nice message for once I liked that one I like these poems these poems are objectively good for blade in my opinion I like him ah tensho hen show was a prime sub procedure oh nice message for okay besides the beach is awesome kind of hard to write anything negative about the beach well URIs take on it was a little more salt well that's cheese she better not have said anything bad about mine after all she was the one that's right of a safe topic really Sears doing that too made us write of us simple topic and trying to impress me I coming up somehow fancy well it's not like I care I just did it anyway I mean I guess might end up being kind of metaphorical kill there's nothing wrong with Jim that was a wild at the very least was good practice gin toes I'll think of her the year of support you got your three stripes baby also Dickie 1011 with 32 months two tier two of the tea to tier 2 all right sorry let's go this is your best one so far it's really nice Han Xin you puss er er thanks say Orie you've been a little quiet today is everything all right yeah of course everything is fine I'm just a little tired today do you want it uh to nap or something no that's silly don't worry about me okay I only want to see smiles on your face all right hey Hans in your puss I'm still a little surprised I really thought you would try writing your poems like the way Yuri does or even Natsuki but in the end yeah I guess you're the one who likes this one the most I guess you're the one who likes this one the most wait what hold on let me yeah it was yeah oh it was her was me I guess you're the one who likes this one the most why you don't want to get with everyone else wait of course I do but that doesn't mean I need to try so hard to impress them I still understand you the most sorry I know you have to sometimes put up with me and I have to sometimes to put up with you but we have a length or something and this is how the poem came out sometimes it feels like you're the only exciting thing in my life so sometimes it's just easier to write when thinking about you sorry and – no hugs in you puss I don't deserve this you're too nice to me why are you doing this see Aria has trouble keeping her voice steady all of a sudden if you had fun with everyone else instead this would be so much easier say Orie you'll answer on the moon make sure nobody has noticed this so Yuri I probably never said this before but I don't understand what you're feeling right now tell me tell me what will cheer you up say re shakes her head she sniffles and keeps shaking her head finally she gathers herself and puts on a smile it's nothing han Xin you puss it's just a little rain cloud I'm sorry you had to see that I promise it won't happen again just smiles from everyone okay that's all that matters go play with everyone else I'm gonna go home a little bit early today so Yuri tell Monica I wasn't feeling well okay I'll see you tomorrow before I can say anything else tere cheerfully walks out of the classroom humming to herself okay you three we're all done sharing poems right why don't we just why don't we start figuring out hold on a second is it just me or did you say something strangest now yeah something did sound a bit unusual that's right you deviated from your usual catch phrase when addressing the club catch phrase catch phrase I don't have a catch phrase jiae's why is the moon so we're today look even Yuri isn't immune to it stagnating air is common for shadowing that's something terrible is about to happen in your books maybe look the only thing different is that say or he isn't here it seems you're right sigh say Ori always helps lighten the mood a little bit doesn't she it's almost like everyone's balance is thrown off a little when she's not around where the heck does she run off to anyway I thought she just went to pee that's Sookie Nats key please show some decency oh come on she actually wasn't feeling too well went home early is that so I hope she's all right satisfied of all the times not gonna go home a hair you picked the time she's not feeling well so much for you to being all lovey-dovey oh no first of all stop misunderstanding my friendship with say Orry and second it's kind of been avoiding me today and I didn't want to force it aha prostate exam with 23 months thank you prostate that curious expression coming from Yuri of all people calm down guys I talked to her earlier and everything's fine what did she say anyway we need to figure out the rest of festival preparations so let's decide what everyone will be doing this weekend I didn't know what I'm doing that's right nasty we've been making cupcakes but we might need a lot of them and different flavors can you handle that all by yourself nuts kit that's keep Tyler's accept add and ask for myself I'm gonna be printing and assembling all the poacher pamphlets say Ori will be helping me design them and as for Yuri Yuri you can guys guys can you help me come up with something can you help me come up with something for URI I'm useless now and – no and – no that's not it at all you're the most talented person here you know n – now Nance he's pouting – jeez even I can tell now I guess I never gave story enough credit but I can tell things are even harder on you when she's not around that may be the case but if I can't also be leader on my own that I won't grow as a person so Yuri you have beautiful handwriting you know so you should make them some banners decorations help set the atmosphere atmosphere about that I love atmosphere God loves ugly God loves ugly your his expression suddenly changes as she stares at her desk in focus and starts nodding to herself Runa aya thank you for thirty three months das first gold badge got two years man go batch thanks so much das for sticking around did I finish judgment I liked it a lot but it's it's I mean it was a judgement was a good game but the the side stuff was was I think it was lacking for what I what I kind of come to expect from that studio but it was good the story was great I enjoyed the story all the way through all right your mind is already racing I see that's great you'll be a wonderful help Yuri but anyway that just leaves you Hans in your puss the one who's truly useless uh uh don't say that in fact both not skiing Yuri have some pretty heavy cast to handle it would probably go a long way to give one of them hand you could always help me out as well I would be really appreciative that that's it's Monica Susan suggesting I spend the weekend with one of my club members how on earth are you gonna respond to a suggestion like that uh I suppose I wouldn't mind a little bit of help Wow you don't know how to bake there's always some dirty work I can give it to you I could get yeah it's not like Monica is gonna give me a choice and you shouldn't be sitting on your butt anyway that ski tries to mumble a bunch of excuses like that if I recall not ski you mentioned that you would like to handle the baking on your own Hans India puss may not like to be around if you only make him out to be a nuisance so therefore he may be more suited to assisting with the decorations pull-on I never said that how hard could it be to make a few decorations anyway sounds more like you're just making excuses for Hans in your puss – what are you what are you saying it'll be extremely meticulous work and baking yes so what do you say guys guys let's settle down for a moment in the end I think it's up to Hans in your puss to decide how he'd like to contribute besides he really hasn't gotten a chance to spend any time with me yet you know so I'm sure he's interested in you literally just said I'm surprised as well sorry sorry I was just saying though J's we just settle this already yeah thumbs in your puss you okay with this right in the end it's up to you of course huh very well in that case everyone looks straight at me alright save okay okay now it's key URI moniker sorry I mean they already needs me man C or E needs me I mean if it's going to be anyone I prefer helping sorry I mean we're already neighbors and the Monica said Monica said that sorry was helping her chance if you really hate us that much then – no sorry I didn't mean this for this to be so difficult just think of the club okay oh shit okay so fake choice there all right sounds good hmm well my gut says Monica my gamer sensibility says or my streamer sensibility says I don't want to do Monica because everybody's already seen Monica a million billion times if anybody's ever watch anybody play this game I'm sure they'd most people choose Monica mónica paths too much gas I don't know man I might go not ski because I think she's probably the least picked out of all of them right lower mondo thank you for five months yeah I don't think anybody choosing Natsuki yeah old sailor saying purple hair she'll let you put it in all the put it in all the holes no that's not an old sailor saying dude that doesn't alright gut gut feeling going with the gut well I guess I should probably be helping Monica yeah you picked me hold on a second yeah Monica you're the one who needs them least help out of all of us but I agree is not ski not only is your work already most suitable for one person but you already have C or E as well but Hans in deepest was the one who oh that doesn't matter you're the one who scared him into piggy in the first place you're the club president Monica they're supposed to make responsible decision for the club Monica you shouldn't let any ulterior motives interfere with this decision ulterior motives W – what are you saying Harry in fact it sounds like you guys are the ones with ulterior motives next goes man otherwise this wouldn't have been made in such a big deal in the first place that's completely false Monica yeah we have all the lot of worked it out you know we won't deals get a job if you make us work along well maybe that's true think of the club Monica if we want our defender succeed then we need to appropriately distribute our resources so are you gonna do the right thing a resident okay okay I get it sy it's technically most logical for Hans any of us to help one of you two so I guess that's what we'll do what in the fucking shit hell do you have a preference ponds in your puss yeah I'm going not ski for sure well baking sounds like you could be fun and you guys made it sound like a lot of work so they can probably use two people don't worry baking is a ton of fun you'll definitely agree just a minute just a minute ago you were saying that the da ba that's because nevermind okay well anyway you'll be fine by yourself right Yuri of course I'm used to it after all that that's good even though Yuri is being melodramatic it's a little hard not to feel bad cloths everything riot anything else to talk about no I think that's it are you guys excited yeah everything is stellar performance it's gonna be awesome I don't think that really counts what about you honks Enya puss me I guess you could say I'm interested to see how it'll turn out that's good enough for me what about you Yuri Yuri she's still sucking dot dot dot that's key start spouting to its nah I mean it's not that big of a deal or anything well it might not be just that I think that Yuri might just be feeling a little underappreciated in general having to come up with something for her to do and then nobody offering the help that doesn't mean that's key glances back and forth between everyone with a worried expression look masky goes over and puts her hands down on your shoulders Yuri you really are the most talent come on hair and and you're gonna make that and you're gonna help make the event a lot more fun and what me I mean the cupcakes will probably have a lot to but you're gonna make the atmosphere special that'll be really important for the way people feel during the performances so you need to stop being dumb and give yourself a little more credit dum-dum you big dumb cunt you you stupid bitch stop being a stupid little dumb bitch cunt and fucking realize your potential Netsky releases her hands and turns around to face the other direction you you didn't really mean that did you and – not really but URI isn't the only one surprised Monica and I always have taken aback by not Sookie's words that's key of all people to be saying something couraging things but I begin to understand nos he was trying to sound like CRE and even if it didn't work out perfectly I can tell that she tried to say something sir II would say at the time at a time like this because CRE always helps everyone smile and feel good about themselves I'm sorry for being dumb and a stupid cunt bitch and all those other things you said I'm going to do my best and all of us are going to make it really a great event yeah yeah yeah I hope to see everyone do their best but with that there's nothing more for today so I guess it's time for us to head out okay but I'm staying here a bit longer I barely got to do any reading today so I'll fair enough there's nothing wrong with that everyone packed up their things I start to follow Monika and Yuri out the door as they chat between each other man I've been on this game for like five hours and nothing really super weird has happened yet I mean fuck man I can't be taken I'm not I'm not even like like maybe an hour of it but I thought like an hour of wasting time we'll call it an hour of wasting time but like four hours and Jesus okay I mean I don't mind it listen I'm I'm fully prepared this I'm gonna I'm gonna stick this through and see this through but whatever um where are you going mmm but still a figure out our plans for this weekend it literally would have gotten home and realized he didn't have even a way to contact me oh that's true I have no idea how that slipped my mind jiae's they I stopped you I'm giving you my number okay you better not make it weird right why would I do that that's kuvira number okay I'm coming over on Sunday I'll bring all the ingredients wait you're coming to my house well yeah from that I mean I just figured that since I'm the one helping I would be going to your house alright like how a guy over in my house a doubt kill me really that's kind of strict if you asked me yeah how do you think I feel I can't do anything with my dad a song I can't even like flick my bean like even a little bit cuz he's like Watson all the time like he caught me it's like horrible anyway I just needed to complain for a second we have each other's numbers now that's all I needed from you I guess I'll text you when I'm coming over all right fine I mean that I'm really gonna show you why I love baking so much you better look forward to it Oh didn't you say you were just gonna give me the dirty work Wow I was saying that it's not gonna act like in front of everyone I was looking forward to this wait really what kind of that's cuz I never got to bake with someone else before that's all it is so all right I get it sorry for overreacting anyway I'll be heading out now see you on Sunday and here's the thing you know something I just thought of whenever like like I'm playing a video game and some woman says psy says something like I'll invite you over to bake something with me and like all of chats like oh yeah bake I'm gonna bake with you it's like that's why that's why women are so like apprehensive of all men we got to stop thinking like that guys like take baking at face value and then if you have the sex that's just – happy – happy surprise for you take it at face value take what a woman says at face value and then if sex happens good for you doesn't die never mind no right Scott that'd be great right I can't believe this house keys gonna be coming to my house on Sunday even though I would have preferred to do that do this with Siri by anxiety still shoots through the roof see just reached a white knight level hey Ren pool I guarantee you my tactic gets me laid way more than yours and it's not a tactic my way of thinking gets me laid way more than you than that other way so white knight or no my dick getting wind actually listening and not inferring anything and into what women say to you it works crazy enough anonymous gifted a sub to Bob Ross who now has happy little 4 months a happy little forints but you pay escort that's kind of cheating we just still counts in my head my bugs still counts I don't like to turn white knighting for standing up for what's right what's correct what's morally like on the bun the light side of the force I hate that term like oh you're white knighting yeah because it's good it's like what a good person does I fucking hate that like oh you're standing you're white knighting for the women or gays or whatever you're like why would you dismiss it like that that's just be a good human being anyway we're getting off topic we need to get our dick wet though let's go let's bake and then maybe we can get some high school pussy don't flip that do not click that don't clip that [Laughter] I mean most people lose their virginity in high school right I mean my four years in high school I had sex about a total of two times until I graduated it was two times until I graduated high school stop digging yourself deeper what digging myself deeper by saying I lost my virginity in high school like I would say a majority of people do that ever lose their virginity there's a 30% virginity rate up to age 30 now what's 30% of people are virgins till the age of 30 that is not true that cannot be true it will take three weeks for the FBI to reach that foreign disease hon hey listen hey FBI if you are listening hey yo FBI if you're listening come on over you can search all my hard drives you can search all my phone conversations I don't give a fuck all the all the fucking I've done and all the porn that I watch it all legal all adults period come on over I got nothing to hide don't go in the top drawer top right-hand drawer of my of my dresser though cuz it's you're not gonna want anything in there there's nothing in there if you do bring bring some wet-naps possibly and some maybe some Lysol [Laughter] J lang thank you for 300 bits by the way appreciate it okay I guess I'm I've gotten pretty used to handling her at this point but who knows what might end up happening we're outside of school she even told me she's looking forward to it I shake my head why do I feel nervous that sir if that sir he finds out about this it's not like we feel that way about each other besides like Monica said this is about the club I have nothing to worry about if I just go with it then I'll have a good time the FBI comes over sir how many butt plugs you possibly need you know the funny thing about that is I do have quite a lot some were sent to me some were left here like I'd say you're probably got like a baker's dozen okay no I'm not even joking all right it's already Sunday I've been getting increasingly anxious about nuts not skis upcoming visit I keep telling myself there's no reason to be nervous but it doesn't help much I wonder if she'll act any different when it's just the two of us meanwhile she's been texting me a lot we set each other 1 after exchanging numbers to double-check but it turned into conversation she's almost a different person a different personality on the phone using tons of emoji and cute language gels what really likes complaining about things but I kind of saw that one coming but putting outski aside I haven't heard a thing from Sarah I said she left club early the other day it's not like we text each other all the time or anything but I've been worried about her in the back of my mind between what CRA said and what Monica said is it really okay for me to put serious feelings aside when she might need me you should put them in a glass display case get out of the light time and do a professional photo shoot well that's the thing like I might have a lot of bum of an ordinate inordinate amount of butt plugs only like three of them's ever see use I mean you I mean it's like having it's like having 13 cars you're only gonna drive like two or three of them on a regular basis okay I decided I decide to visit Surrey before Natsuki comes over rather than asking I simply tell her I'm coming over much like we've done in the past once I reach the orys house I knock on the door before entering it Zeke has three buds three at the same time you guys you guys are honestly you're chatting like ranked fucking sexual amateurs right now like seriously you don't know why three different butt plugs would get youse I'm not gonna explain it to you I'll let you figure that on your own children you'll get there you'll get there Santa Claus is and then maybe we can get some high school pussy this is no scoffs god no no no no better learn that's a bad alert Scott don't that is a no-go Capcom no-go we are not go for launch Capcom take it down here said we have a problem abort a barge and then maybe we can get some high school pussy bleed purple 300 bonus 30 oh man and don't put bleed and purple in there dear god it makes it all the worse FBI FBI open up let's bake and then maybe we can get some high school pussy bleed purple 100 bleed purple 100 bleed purple 100 bonus 30 game over man game over all right once I reach story's house I knock in the door before entering it myself again we used to play so often that we'd made it to heaven I'm just simply coming over to each other's house like we've like we were family the house is quiet let's bake and then maybe we can get some high school pussy um I like baking listen most of the senior class like half of them turn eight Limoges anthem of majority turn 80 in some high school totally legal totally legal most of them turn eighteen by the time they get out of high school so it's fine that's what I meant [Laughter] okay let's continue on with this game alright let's bake okay and maybe I'm gonna show you get some high school pussy I'm gonna shut this shit down I'm gonna shut this shit down if it keeps going like this cuz it's ruining my immersion of the game okay it is ruining my immersion of the game face melt the con thank you for 22 months welcome back and thank you J Langan for the 300 bits face for the 500 kiss glue for the 300 think you guys alright jewelry isn't anywhere on the first floor so I assume she's up in a room it's already strange of her not to run down and greet me I head up to her bedroom on it where I finally find her oh this is gonna be bad I'm just let's bake and then maybe know we can get some high school pussy listen 9 less lives 100 bleed purple 100 bleed purple 100 bonus 30 Zeki up okay I'm gonna mute the alerts for now because this seems like something bad something real bad is gonna happen I mean they've already been talking about suicide shit I'm not looking at chat cuz I don't want to know but they've been talking about suicide and depression and shit so I mean it could be anything sorry they Christ hi Han Xin you puss I sit down in a room so every forces a smile but it's easy to tell that she's different there's a minute of silence between us you haven't come over like this in a long time have you I I guess you're right it has been a long time not much really has changed has it serious room is as messy as has always been I also recognize the same stuff animals a wall decoration that she's had for years now yeah hehe if you get him over more often it wouldn't be such a mess that's because I end up cleaning it for you how come you suddenly want to come over it would come over today are you supposed to see Natsuki today yeah but wait how did you know that she already already left by the time we decided that last meeting Monica told me it's only natural for her to keep me informed about the festival preparations right now that's true what about you are you going to be helping Monica today of course but I'm just helping her online we didn't plan to meet up or anything oh so it's just me and Natsuki then yep tilled there's more silence between us don't summon LTE by accident see don't say Shamala three times what she's she's a tell oh I didn't know that was a thing oh now I get what you need three buffaloes why is it when people stream anime games chat gets weird in their topics it's the same reason when we stream games about like like if we were streaming do right now we'd be talking about metal music and killing fucking demons cuz these games are fucking weird you Jewelry stairs and around it hasn't been weird yet though maybe what we're gonna get there we're gonna get to something unless I was trolled like hard everything about her behavior is really uncharacteristic I finally get to the point I just wanted to see how you were doing after you left on Friday but something's wrong you can't hide it from me I know you too well so CRE smiles shaking your head that's no good hon Xenopus huh wait can it just be like it's always been this is all my fault if I didn't get so weak and accidently express my feelings if I didn't make that stupid mistake then you wouldn't have been so worried about me at all you wouldn't have come here you wouldn't have even been thinking about me right now but this is just my punishment isn't it I'm getting punished for being so selfish I think that's why the world decided to have you come over today it just wants to torture me yeah hey sorry I grabbed Siri by the shoulders when her that he's saying are you listening yourself right now I know something happened to you there's no other explanation for you to be like this so tell me already until I know I won't be able to stop thinking about it Terry gives me an empty smile you really put me in a trap Hans in your puss but you're wrong nothing happened to me I've always been like this you're just seeing it for the first time seeing what what are you talking about sorry hehe you're really going to make me say it aren't you bond zinnia puss I guess I have no choice this time the thing is I've had really bad depression my whole life did you know that why do you think I'm late to school every day because most days I can't even find a reason to get out of bed what reason is there to do anything when I fully know how worthless I am why go to school why eat why make friends why make other people put their energy and caring to waste by having them spend it on me that's what it feels like and that's why I just want to make everyone happy without anyone worrying about me I'm in shock I can't even figure out how to respond how is it possible that Sarah kept this from me the entire time that I've known her she really wants so badly for me to just not think about her why sorry why is it that you've never told me about this it almost feels like I've been betrayed as your close friend because if I knew I would have done everything I could to support you even if there's only so much that I could do I would have tried a little bit harder to make every day a little bit better for you that's why I'm your friend all you had to do was tell me so you don't understand it all Hans in you puss why do you think I didn't tell you because if I told you then you would have to waste effort caring about me instead of doing important things I don't want to be cared about it's bittersweet when people try to care about me it feels nice sometimes but it also feels like a bat being swung against my head that's why I wanted so badly for you to make friends with everyone else helping everyone be happy together is the best thing for me but then I discovered something else too seeing you make friends and get closer with everyone in the club it feels like a spear going through my heart so that's why that's why I decided the world just wants to torture me every path leads to nothing but hurt you're right I don't understand I don't understand your feelings at all sorry but I don't need to understand what it whatever it takes for me to help you stop hurting that's what I'll do no Han Zenith was there's nothing nothing at all the only thing that could have helped is if everything could be like it always was but I was selfish I finally showed you what a horrible person I am tears streak down Sarah's face I made you join the literature club because I was selfish and I was punished by my heart hurting in a way that I couldn't understand and now you came here and I made you hurt too I'm just weak and selfish that's all I am Zeke what would you do in this situation well first of all not assumed that I could help in any way do not assume that I can make anybody's hurt go away that's a big mistake I probably would just sit there and just listen just sit on the bed maybe hey maybe roll J maybe roller J you that's all I am and that's why I'm going to accept these punishments because I deserve every last one without thinking I once again grabbed salary shoulders this time I pull her into a tight embrace Oh pons and you plus sorry I don't care if you feel selfish I'm really happy that you convinced me to join the club seeing you every day makes it worthwhile enough if I make friends with everyone everyone else that's just a bonus but please never underestimate how much I care about you I wouldn't have it any other way Hamza you pose Shiori isn't hugging me back despite my arms being wrapped around or Saros so you're his arms remain at her sides she starts sobbing next to my ear no don't do this to me please don't do this underneath us Cerie barely managed to speak between her sobs I don't know if I'm doing the right thing but all I want but all I want is for her to know that I care I care man you I thought this was gonna be some goofy ass like tentacle porn anime shit Jesus alright if you have it in you to call yourself selfish then you have have to let me be selfish too no matter what it takes I'll figure out what needs to change I'll make these feelings go away see that's you say something great and then you fuck it up by saying this dumb shit and if there's anything that you need me to do then you'd better tell me I'll get mad if you don't wow that's perfect but I don't know I don't know I don't know gently Surrey finally puts her arms around me in return I don't know anything it's all really scary I don't understand any of my feelings the only time I'm not feeling nothing is when I'm feeling pain but your hugs are so warm and that's really scary too sir he lets me go as she does so I let her go as well the festival is tomorrow yeah it's gonna be fun right yeah how would you like for me to spend it all with you what I want I promise I I think that would be nice then yeah Shiori wipes her eyes if I could spend the whole day here I would of all days this has to be the one where I have other plans maybe I should cancel no don't please don't if you did that that I really wouldn't forgive you but it's almost time for Natsuki to meet me at my house at the very least you want you want to come along and help out it would be fun to my surprise sarah shakes her head I'm sorry I don't know if that would be very good for me today you understand right it's kind of hard for me to fully understand their that that's good just say that that's fine just keep saying that shit be honest I don't understand I don't get it that's perfectly fine and then she asked what's in the bags he says nothing and it's especially not at least three bucks Wow I was having I was having an emotional moment mr. Jojo and you ruined it you totally ruin it but I'm trying my hardest it's okay don't worry too much about it I'll see you tomorrow okay all right I'll look forward to it I say goodbye to sorry and I eggs at her house on the way home I find myself feel still feeling uneasy but it's hard for me to keep thinking about it when Netsky is about to come over – I think she Ori is right it shouldn't be worrying too much and we're definitely going to have a great time tomorrow I should just focus on what's ahead of me I spend only a few minutes back at home anxiously waiting Nats keys about it that's it he's a rival before I know it text me to let me know she's outside the front door without delay I opened the front door to let her in sod hey I don't know what I was expecting him is he not skating something other than a school uniform totally threw me off senior and such cute clothes makes the uniform seem totally unfitting in comparison jeez don't let me feel awkward already why does check you try to hug me you crotch goblins keep it's not covered hands okay it's gonna be a long afternoon so don't be weird just because you're not used to seeing me outside of school anyway I'm coming in I see you brought a lot of stuff oh wait I see you brought a lot of stuff that ski is carrying a large bag that is probably full of baking supplies well I didn't want to come all this way and find out how your kitchen isn't equipped for the job you bought everything I asked you right yeah I did what's going on anything anything I need to be aware of we good nobody's fighting or making we're all making love not war again yesterday nazi asked me to buy a bunch of ingredients I didn't if I didn't already have them at home good glad I can count on you to do your part well of course friends here Natsuki suddenly say that rather than something snarky like she usually does could it be that she's a little different outside of school after all anyway sorry let's go to the kitchen what you're not even gonna offer to take this heavy bag for me where's your hustle hospitality harms in you puss come on since when do we need what did I need to be a gentleman I grabbed the bag Natsuki holds out to me this is ridiculously heavy I carry that all the hair are you impressed I see now yeah I am impressed not skated it seems like I always underestimate you it's because I'm so small isn't a jerk that ski hits a fist into my chest hey hey your size has nothing to do with it size is only that mean size doesn't matter right right I mean it's it's the sugar in the cookie or some baking metaphor [Laughter] do you really hate being small that much I hate it I mean sometimes I like proving people wrong when the only thing I'm worth my size it's fun when I get to be small also better than other people but Jays never mind what are you making me saying don't think he made me talk about weird things it's cuz we're not at school Irina started or what stuff I gotta teach you hahahahaha what there that's a little bit more like you you're more fun when you just speak your mind like that ha H – hey now you are treating me like a cat I was trying to be a little nicer to you now just because I don't have a mature and sexy figure like Yuri doesn't mean you should treat me like a – that ski catches her words and her face turns red that's key forgotten and sang I should apologize I appreciate that you were trying to be nicer I should have been a little more considerate – but also if that's what you're thinking then you should know that there are tons of guys who are antibody types of yours how's another any lab because there's categories on pornhub for all body types skinny girls fat girls big tits small tits small ass no ass small girls tall girls one girl to girl red girl blue girl how would you know that how did you know it anyway just trust me on this one oh those are they thinking the same thing I think they were hey was that to me who else nightmare tricks holy shit thank you for the 50 months welcome back let's just get started already you get all sour when a girl calls you gross finally find your witness Hans in your purse that's a big one for me too I'm sure I've been referred to as gross by excuse me I have been referred to as gross by women but probably a lot more behind my back and it hurts like that's a big one that's like he's gross I'm like I mean you're not wrong but ow my feelings I am a little gross oblivious to me with the five gift subs land I end wreak cardiac super bra cat COO 89 and Boop filbert thank you so much and thank you very much and space cash gifting a sub two octave octogon oh yes octagon oh hello goofy girl I am a woman I don't think you're grossie oh no I'm not saying like everyone thinks I'm gross I'm just saying like it's a fair that first statement compared to other guys but also like when like when you overhear something like that when they don't mean you to overhear it like you'll be walking by or standing at a bar or something they don't think you're listening and though you'll overhear them like you'll eavesdrop and you'll over here then be like what do you think that guy back there and you'll hear and go out gross and you're just like you just sit there and you're like [Laughter] but that's a big one that's definitely a big one it's the gross one I don't think I'm gross I'm loud obnoxious some kind of an asshole like all that kind of stuff totally fine but gross I'm like oh that means like she'd rather like jump in a sewer than even touch me that kind of a thing to go through my head I finally found your weakness that's case smiles deviously oh please spare me well if not ski decides to dish out more insults like that there's no way I'm not fighting back but she's satisfied enough for now finally starting to pull things out of her bag so we can get started never went important really call people out on the show they said behind my back saying here perfectly again then you looked out of your gut and go off fuck yeah thank you waka blitz thank you for that saline absent with the hunter bids well let me just let me let me just be absolutely clear I love myself I have a good self-esteem like I didn't in high school very like a lot but like over the years I'd know who I am I know what I am and I'm not that way Timor I'm just saying like that I'm just pointing out like shit that has hurt me in the past it wouldn't hurt me as much now because if they think I'm gross I wouldn't want to fuck him anyway kind of usually unless like they were willing to like you know put duct tape over their mouth or something and I said willing by the way what if they're into gross that's they'd say it a different way then they'd be like oh alright before long the whole kitchen is the mess wow it looks messy holy shit look at look at that stuff all over the fucking counter spoons dirty bowls flour spill fluid we really have to say that does you have to say spilled fluid you couldn't say like milk or eggs or something like spill fluid okay and plastic bags are strewn about every countertop the mixer isn't big enough to make all the better at once so we had to do it several times meanwhile Natsuki is babysitting all of my movements to make sure I don't mess up her precious baking pawns in your puss where did you put the food coloring the batter is going in the oven student so I need to fill the tray I think it's still I think it's still in the bag next the table what are you using it for to color the batter of course I make a nice tray to have a color that way even if the flavors are different everyone's still pick their favorite oh that's a cute idea are we doing anything like that was the icing no want to you're asking me I don't really have a president proud preference so come on you're not putting any heart to this at all Kylie's try to have fun I am having fun I'm not sure really sure when Natsuki is trying to get out of me meanwhile I see her separate the batter into smaller bills and put a few drops of food food coloring in each that does look pretty cool say it's not a baking it's just about following instructions the presentations where you got it would get to be credit and have the most fun it's like a million times more worth it in the end if it just looking at it makes everyone's eyes light knob like the ones he made my first day huh I recalled Natsuki proudly presenting your cat shaped cupcakes and CRE and Monica's delighted expressions I wonder if I could make Natsuki proud like that too yeah maybe I'll use the food coloring then maybe I will use the food coloring then sounds like you're starting to understand just make sure you completely finish mixing the icing before you mess with the food coloring yeah it's getting there ah so DIAC the eighth thank you for nine months appreciate it we were just using we were using luxury mr. mixer for the batter so I got stuck with a whisk and a huge bowl for the icing is still a lumpy are you even trying well yeah it'll just take a little longer Jess be here all night I could do it like vibe here look that's key grab the whisk for me and use the other hand to tilt the ball back you really need not be a crap out of that after a few seconds conceive the icing has already improved say as if to emphasize that ski sticks a finger in the icing and pops in her mouth I reluctantly start to do the same right that's key something grabs my wrist I don't want your gross fingers in my icing oh you're icing a are you forgetting who did all the work I started to fight back trying to inch my finger toward the bowl don't make me beat the crap out of him next I'd like to see you try I push harder just enough for my finger to reach the icing I triumphantly scoop some with my finger just as nuts keep tugs with all her might – the force of Natsuki pulling me caused me to stumble making her stumble in turn got on my face and there is where we will take a break there's rubble take a break okay we'll take our break right there and we'll come back and play some more don't you worry babies we got another couple of hours left of this broadcast I don't think we're gonna finish this game today did anyone think I was going to be able to finish this game in one sitting if you did welcome to the channel or you're a fool okay stick around I'll be right back

3 thoughts on “Zeke Plays: Doki Doki Literature Club (part 3)

  1. Zeke is loud. Abrasive. At times annoying. Moreso with a chat detracting from the game/s, and the stories they tell. I've never liked that about streamers.
    That said, the genuine heartfelt emotions and honesty shown in the Sayori scene, the Rollplay shows, etc, is one of the main reasons I dig the content and the person you are.

  2. For those of you on YouTube looking for when /it/ begins, you're in the right place by the end of this episode.

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