Your Best Meta-Movies

Your Best Meta-Movies

so a bunch of you really like Deadpool like a crazy amount and when I asked you guys the weekly Twitter question for this week about what the best meta movie is or best meta movie moments pretty much all of you guys came for this one but I knew some of you would also come up with some really interesting ones some good recommendations out there so yeah the question for this week is inspired from Deadpool I have a whole video on mr. Reynolds and in Steitz coming up a whole theory video on that pole coming up but for this one pretty much I asked on Twitter what the best fourth wall breaking movie is and what I love about the Friday episode is that I not only get you guys involved who you guys make up the show but sometimes you guys bring up movies that I haven't thought about in the longest time for those of you who do love Deadpool which is a lot of you if you're not aware of these movies you're about to run out of ink as you write a list for all of these movies that may become your next favorites starting with the Godfather the dot the person who pretty much owns the whole fourth wall breaking concept in all of his movies Mel Brooks as some of you guys write up the space ball scene obviously the VHS scene when they're watching themselves watching themselves in the movie the ending to Blazing Saddles I personally my favorite one that Mel Brooks has ever made it is complete it's dumb it is idiotic I don't agree with the 48% around tomatoes but to me Robin Hood Men in Tights is the funniest one it is ridiculously dumb it is up there probably top five of my favorite parody movies or not imperative but fourth wall breaking movies that makes fun of other stuff and I just continues to show that literally any Mel Brooks scene makes it to the top a list lend me your ears that's disgusting da darada when Denny says Tommy instead of Johnny at the end of the room when Johnny shot himself I hear ya nee Gordon Miller I would say are the new generation versions of Mel Brooks like I believe they would be the ones who get the mantle passed on to them obviously 22 and 21 Jump Street were the ones that popped out to you guys a lot there's this one right here any joke in 21 or 22 Jump Street this department has no originality so it just rehashes things from the past they know how to handle it perfectly like there's always that thing when it comes to menace right for example best movie of April in 2018 truth or dare where it thought that by saying that it looked like a dumb snapchat filter that that would be okay for them to use the snapchat that no it's not so like they do they they know how to border the line between when it's okay to acknowledge the fact that you're rehashing something but doing it in a way where it actually feels authentic right it actually is funny it actually delivers same thing is not only for these clips but you also got the other one where they did the lego movie the third act a lego movie still stands I know some people don't like the following ones I still love Lego Batman which there are producers on the weighed whole don't wait just die sex the superhero genre through the toys that you step on in the middle of the night even the Ninjago movie which is practically just about parenting you've ruined my life that's not true I haven't even been a part of your life how could I ruin it wasn't even there I also got a couple of pretty cool ones dealing with some action movies and one of the ones that stood out to me was this right here this double went what about when Dwayne the rock Johnson rock bottom Jason Statham in Furious 7 and then as his following over here another great metal rock moment was and welcome to the jungle where he was walking into the nightclub only to pass Arnold Schwarzenegger leaving as he says have fun like a passing of the torch from one action star to another I personally would connect that a lot to a movie if you haven't seen this is the one you add to your list Last Action Hero I saw this like when the craze of fourth-wall breaking movie was coming out this is probably like a little bit before Deadpool had dropped and I had seen it for the first time and it's a movie where Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a an action hero after this kid goes into his ticket or he goes into the movie screen and he's in the movie and they're interacting with other movie Katie's it is crazy if you are into fourth wall breaking movies the last action heroes got to go on your list that's another top five for me the scene in Annie Hall where they're standing in line again another classic one I love it I just don't know if it's still okay to say that a lot of people really like the big short one because you know all the fourth wall breaks and then the fact that this one didn't just do the fourth wall rig just do the fourth wall break they they took the time to have celebrities speak to you I'm the very important issue that was going on within the movie of the crisis that was happening and and it really spoke it had it had Margot Robbie drinking champagne a bathtub that also stood out all of the purposely introduced horror tropes throughout the cabin in the woods it's honestly my fav when it comes to meta my the most metal point for cabin in the woods to me was the fact that Joss Whedon had practically sat on that movie since it had some avenger stars in there and he he sat on it just a little bit until they were able to hype it up with Avengers coming out which he had also directed but yeah that movie does it fantastic if I'm going to talk about horror right here a lot of people are talking about Wes Craven Wes Craven is the genius when it comes to that in scream when Randy is yelling at the TV saying the killer is right behind her and to turn around while Ghostface is sneaking up behind him this right here the entirety of Wes Craven's new nightmare for those eye maybe some people have preferences for the the older ones the more original ones Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street new nightmare is a movie it's a horror movie that's being written in the horror movie that you're watching about the horror movie that you're watching and all some of you had said Zombieland and that one's also good but gee if we're talking about horror fourth wall breaks Wes Craven gets all the credit for that and again that's another one I'm not sure if I've already overfilled my top 5 but new nightmare gets up there as well as some of the best fourth wall break movies in funny games when this BS happens if you haven't seen funny games there's two versions of it there's there's the version that was done in Hannah Keys original language and then there's it's literally these same exact certified copy version of the movie in English done exactly the same way they're both fantastic they're both great it this that scene right there that was right up I'm not gonna spoil it go watch this movie you're going to feel the way about maybe you're gonna come you're gonna completely hate it maybe you're gonna love it but it's definitely one that's worth watching when it comes to fourth wall breaks nothing beats the holy mountain absolutely I don't want to spoil the one in the holy mountain but it comes right at the end it Podolski who I don't know if I'm able to deem him as my uncle I think he might be from jail he can adopt me he'd be another one of the uncles that I give a shout out to this man creates some of the most trippy stuff honestly if you're tired of like mainstream stuff go watch a topo go watch the holy mountain it is some of the trickiest things out there if he was ever able to see maybe some of you know him from Colorado skis dune where he was this close to making that movie and these crazy ideas read his comics this student makes some insane stuff and the holy mountain was like one of the first to do for my knowledge this specific thing in a movie and it still stands for this day a couple of the quick ones here in a fast round some of you guys had said Emperor's New Groove one of the things that stood out to me specifically for this one is Emperor's New Groove is full of them from the narration the waterfall to the villain transforming into a kitten considering she's voiced by Catwoman the entirety of Tucker and Dale vs. evil where it's these kids who think that these Hillbillies are these like murderous guys who live out in the woods when really it's them accidentally killing each other while they're the nicest guys in the world you have to check this out Allen's hooks in it and I believe it's still on Netflix so you're able to check it out there some of you guys had even said magnolias see this is the scene of the movie where you help me out the entirety of Jurassic Park – they spend so much time wondering whether or not they could they didn't stop to think whether or not they should to me its Jurassic world that stands out there's some like behind the scenes stuff with the director was talking about how the whole movies about consumerism and it's it's kind of like making fun of the blockbuster he puts the product placement right in your face when it comes to the Jeep's and everything else and that goes back to the first movie where one of the most interesting parts about it is how my dudes always saying we spared no expense and literally the reason why everything goes bad is because they didn't pay the guy who causes it to all go amok one of the best has got to be Tarantino patting himself on the back for his masterpiece and inglorious basterds I've said this I ain't glorious is not my favorite Trantino film but obviously I think it's the best most well crafted in according to him cuz he literally ends the movie on the shot with him saying like this just mine this is the end meta joke's on the cast worst films that's probably the best part of the movie cuz I'm always a big fan of actors or like literally any celebrities any comedians writers any creators who are able to like look at themselves and have a laugh about it and I think this movie does it perfectly all of their like flubs and and and flops that they had in this movie some of you had mentioned Ferris Bueller which is obviously a standout that one's a given but literally only one of you mentioned the best parody franchise of all time and that is a Naked Gun series for those of you who don't know Leslie Nielsen is he's the like if no Brooks is the the head honcho like the top of the top when it comes to directing like if he is a director that deals with Metin is the best Nielsen's niels is the best actor when it comes to it the man's got the best delivery some of you may know him from the scary movies franchise where you played the presidents he's fantastic there but in the Naked Gun series it's like the consistency of the franchise I mean I have like a standout movie but the consistency of the franchise and like the lines and the quotes that they give nothing beats it surely you can't be serious I am serious and don't call me Shirley the points in Synecdoche New York were you noticed that there are actors playing actors playing the theater director played by the actors playing the director with a real actor playing a director being directed by a real director I am NOT going to explain this movie at all this is a Kaufman film so you have to go into it have absolutely no idea what you see the first time watch it again again again again then kind of get it a little bit it's a crazy movie it is insane Hoff and gives a fantastic performance in there but if you like Hoffman I would say watch adaptation which was also brought up here adaptation is these two brothers they're both played by Nicolas Cage their twin brothers to writing a script and Kaufman himself invented a fake twin brother who he credited as helping him write the script then he went on to get nominated for an Academy Award and so did the fake brother who doesn't exist thus that means that there is an imaginary person out there that has more Oscar nominations than some of us do literally every single Christopher Nolan movie this there is a whole thing going on I'm not even kidding like literally if you watch every Christopher Nolan movie like right here the prestige where Michael Caine is explaining the magic trick and it's actually him explaining the plot of the movie and he does this for a lot of things some of you are now catching on in this inception thing right here I'll put it to you this way one of the theories that that's been around with inception is the fact that replace the whole idea this whole cast of the people who help create a dream and think of dreams as being movies dreams or movies movies or dreams and you have the director you have the screenwriter you have the production designer and they're they're kind of representative of each other the same crews that you have on both sometimes even noted this little poster right here looks a lot like Christopher Nolan so it's like him saying yo hey these are the suits that I wear when I'm directing this guy would be the director of the crew but there's a little running one right for those of you who have been very keen to it every single one of his movies in my opinion no majority of them at least are kind of like a meta love letter from Christopher Nolan to his kids in Inception it's all about him getting back to his family in the Dark Knight it's about him being able to settle down and stop traveling to have that family and in such an interstellar it's him trying to get back to his family I'm just saying we got these bags we stand walk over here you follow the clues finally there's Danny who says that one video where you made a joke on how your videos end on a slow dramatic statement they do don't they thank you guys for checking out this video as always a big shout out to the patrons they help out on a monthly basis and it really does help out the show bunch of I don't know if you guys don't follow me on Twitter which is where I ask these questions weekly as well every Friday I some of the craziest copyright things I may be making a video on that because like I got copy written for music that wasn't even in the video twice but a big shout out to the patrons and for just a dollar that that helps to show out a lot and a big shout out to Marcus theaters like I said if you really like to show and you wanna help out in an easy way go like them on Facebook go like them on Twitter let them know that ATZ sent you and that I told you guys that it is the best theatre in the Midwest I've been working on a deal with them and especially to hook you guys up with tickets if you're in the Chicagoland area you can go down to the link below I've mentioned it every Friday this week is obviously for Deadpool so if you're in the Chicagoland area I'm here to hook you guys up not only with that movie knowledge but try to help you guys get some free tickets so if you're in the Chicagoland area definitely go check out the link down below if it's not for Deadpool you know every week I'll bring up another one maybe a bigger movie and yeah let me know your favorite Matt a movie down below your favorite fourth wall breaking moments any of that anything dealing with movies down below in the comment section until next time I'll see you guys later

34 thoughts on “Your Best Meta-Movies

  1. Dasepo Naughty Girls and the movie Flower Boys are two Asian films that master the fourth wall break. They also both play on common Korean and Japanese tropes and social issues (at least at the time they came out).

  2. i know that its not a movie but the one community movie where abed makes a film about him was ssssooooo meta

  3. Oooh, hard to pick a favorite 4th wall break; but, the ones I loved as a kid and still love are in WB comics like the Road Runner (without even using words) and Buggs Bunny dryly commenting on social issues or logical mistakes, and most of Animaniacs. Since those were usually TV shows, I'd have to pick most Mel Brooks films, Monty Python movies, the Naked Gun series, Airplane, and The Princess Bride.

  4. I'm late to the party but I would include every episode of the Netflix show Blazing Transfer Students. It's pure meta in every frame.

  5. My favourite instance of a meta-moment was in the movie “in Bruges” at the end where there is a shoot out and the two can’t meet eachother because the pregnant woman is sitting at the stairs to prevent anything from happening as one is up stairs and one is down and the girl says “why don’t you put the guns down and go home” and the harry says “ don’t be stupid… it’s the shoot out”

  6. South Park, Bigger, Longer and Uncut dealt with themes that we are seen nowadays, like censorship and ratings… it's just awesome

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