Your Art SUCKS!

Your Art SUCKS!

the only reason why I'm making this video is because I get so many messages from people asking me to destroy their artwork so you asked for this video is proudly sponsored by audio Bolcom currently I'm listening to the audiobook who is brace and bricks or people – okay for real though if you're new to say be arts I asked my gorgeous people on Instagram Twitter and the Xavier arts fans Amino to send me their drawings for me to destroy using the hashtag roast me as ABO arts and I said that I would pick one so everyone who tagged their art with hashtag roast means AV Arts knows that they will get no mercy so let's destroy some people's hopes and dreams shall we alright let's start with Instagram well we've got some lovely submissions let's go to the bottom uh-huh okay yeah you don't need critiques man do you have a YouTube channel can you teach me hmm okay wait Tyler Joseph 21 pilots this isn't this isn't jacksepticeye it's going to Photoshop well see Jack doesn't have this green hair anymore but I don't care I'm bringing it back fixed it he's a hungry boy and of course the sandwich is has meat inside of it right so we fixed your jacksepticeye drawing say it loves to eat meat you're welcome let's go to another picture where's the lighting coming it's coming from the top left right so let's just do this make this a little bit lighter let's get rid of this quick color balance layer let's just fix the eyes there we go fix your attack on Titan that's so beautiful now you're welcome hmm you look great today so this is the top this is the quality stuff that I've been waiting for it's a great message but I feel like it could be better there we go you're welcome mmm underwear and tentacle sounds like a normal weekend oh it's perfect all right I'll fix this one for you first of all let's change this there we go that's a little bit more accurate so we'll take this whole arm gorgeou lasting what's up with this thing man why would you do such a curl that's not like that in real life let's make a little bit more realistic much better let's just add a little pop of color shall we just a little pop of color there we go it just kind of brings the whole piece together you know what I mean so there you go you're welcome oh my god this is gorgeous thank you so much for sending this in I really like the color variation in this you got some specular highlighting gorgeous but it's terrible let's fix them knuckles and what's up with this broken nail okay come on with this stupid black mark but for real though I like the colors of your skin what's flattening all the shadows you don't have to do details inside the shadows man you can leave the shadows very ambiguous so let's see yeah okay that looks okay it's fix this jawline see ice goes and fractals man also with these shadows are you gonna go soup don't go super black please please we're just gonna make all of the black parts most may gonna make it like dark blue instead yeah you go baby yeah you go let's do a little rim lighting on this one you already got someone going on over here why didn't you continue it go to the big soft brush yeah it's pretty nice actually I kind of like the monochromatic rim lighting over here too there we go you're welcome but of course it can't be complete without and there you go welcome okay this is gonna be an easy one this annoying and irrelevant intermission is brought to you by last week's comment game winner Sara gamer congratulations you win nothing gonna change the perspective on her the other thing is let's fix this shoe okay now we're gonna do is we're gonna take this leg and just completely I'm gonna take this leg and we can fix this shoe I noticed that you're having trouble drawing the hands we're gonna give her a hand cannon see when you have trouble drawing hands all you have to do is just wait let's give it some light oh and I love how her hair is like kind of slimy and stuff you you're on the right track okay with this I'm just gonna change the hue on this a little bit there we go now there's one thing that we need to do at the end and then place just give her kind of you know what now that I look at this the leg is actually not balanced so let's do this just rotate it a little bit before after you won't alright let's go to Twitter I know exactly what you're trying to do with this the head doesn't really match up so let's make it that's looking nice let's give him a nice mouth some nose and then I see what you're trying to do with this little dome on top here so let's fix that yeah and then we'll just erase the parts that we don't need I'm gonna like where you were going with it but you know there's just a few things that you can improve on so keep working you know one day you'll get to this level you're welcome oh my god I like this a lot let's do this let's just do a quick level adjustment okay it's already looking super let's do a quick color adjustment just a little bit of blue in there highlights maybe we can add and then for the shadows will bump up the blue maybe I'll do a tutorial on how to color adjust look at that oh so gorgeous yeah you go before after before after take another one from Twitter mm-hmm my name is potato Phaethon we're just gonna fix their faces a little bit I think that's the one thing that we can work on cuz there's no face right let's see this is their true nature gorgeous but they need some 21 Pilate merch right come on you can't leave him hanging man you're welcome oh wait there is something we can actually fix just let's fix this hood I didn't know I was bugging me so much but it is we're just gonna slope the shoulders a little bit more much more natural same thing with this guy before after before after you're welcome okay are you being serious no this can't be serious it's gotta be a joke this is perfect and you know it don't you know critique here mmm okay I see that this you're trying to make a unicorn dabbing let's fix that all right so there's a number of things wrong with this same mistake as the other one you're dabbing you're having the unicorn down so it's not 2017 this is 2015 we need to get rid of all traces of the dab so what we can do is this that's pretty good man mmm nice like there's one more thing to fix this picture and we'll just grab a little picture of Huey let's see there's something hidden here what is it what can we find yep I knew it he's ripped yep I had a feeling but let's just let's just decrease the saturation so that it kind of fits in with this a little bit better and that is gorgeous see you had the right idea but it was just completely wrong so let's try this one hmm okay well I like what you're doing here I really like the graphic design department over here let's grab this hand just bring it down a little bit next thing is this Hanten this hand man I like what you're doing with the shading here disgusting disgusts me let's go to filter liquify let's just fix this guy's face okay no it's just paint on the top I'm just gonna take out the mouth fix this little eyeball like this wait how did you have the mouth okay you had it like that so let's keep that stop there we go so this is the before and that's the after oh wait forgot about the blasian they had Bader there we go so there's the before there's the after you're welcome wait let's do one more thing let's get rid of these lines right there just color a minute some shading sometimes you don't need lines here we go so here's the before and here's the after you're welcome so we fixed your jacksepticeye drawing say it loves to eat meat fix your attack on titan that's so beautiful now you're looking like a snack today then we revealed salt based true nature you this was I was so disappointed you forgot I mean if you're gonna draw a ship you gotta at least include the other character okay there it is this one we fixed the perspective also made her a better character just in general this one I could see where you were going with it didn't quite have the skills to execute properly that's where I helped you out you're welcome this one right here it's just a quick color balance adjustment mm mm I like it this one your twenty one pilots we forgot the faces also your shadows were all messed up fixed it for you this one we had to destroy the dabbing fixed it you're welcome this one I like the idea you had some cool graphic design elements in the background well BAM there you go you're welcome fixed it for you I really like getting critiques in my opinion this is the best way to learn do something that you put effort into and then have somebody just completely rip it apart and tell you how horrible you are and then after you stop crying you'll be a better person so if you want me to do this to your artwork if you want me to completely destroy your life crush your hopes and dreams all you have to do is post your art with the hashtag roast mise ABO arts and if I do another one of these type of critique videos then I might use your art might not I really don't care well see ya

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  2. Son: Dad? How did you become an engineer?
    Dad: Son… you know, I used to like to draw but my fav— never mind.

  3. That is rude! The whatever you call it video cover thing is rude! Not everyone is perfect!

  4. my favorite part is when he genuinely doesn't care about doing this, but what really stirs my potato salad, is how he ruins the art with dead comedy and gives no actual feedback :D! yay

  5. This is (Family friendly) gold. (FAMILY FRIENDLY) GOLD. YOUR FACIAL EXPRESSIONS WERE JUST 👏👌👏👌👌👌👌

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