Young Thug’s Newest Artist Gunna | Why Is Gunna A Must Follow For 2018?

Young Thug’s Newest Artist Gunna | Why Is Gunna A Must Follow For 2018?

mmm-hmm is an email he says Oh – OH video is the car sold out dates you just like the song this is the show – oh good not know yeah balloons don't we books they should Simon 79036 flats gonna radio DJ cash the fly Haitian kid I'm in the building doesn't anyone sign for the one time this is a big deal going on man I think we were one of the first people to do a real big interview – uh her – did numbers you know I'm saying you didn't ask worked his ass off and grinded putting our records out the records that's a record shouting on his own why cell Gunners in the building you dig I'm here what use is the last time we talked me man everything new Aziz because there's no mana morning news blue man it's a blessing every time it is going my way everything working in my favor yes shows now how do they represent yeah I'm looking at the videos over time Lee you see it comin we're for work hey proud of me matter where I go yeah so I know have you been doing this like how long you been in the game like really been taking music series um our parts are did you really just lacking it down by about three years ago but I've been knowing music yo so what's the difference one like three years ago you said you've really been locking it down yeah I just really just focused every day studio like like planning out what's gonna be the name how you gonna come out what's gonna be your skin like and I'm saying could everybody go everybody like who try to come in you gotta come he got a sitter like what's your what's your mo what's what she's gonna be known for so like from like three years ago I'm really just get down and just been focused on how I'm gonna come out and how I won't need people to perceive precede me so this is this is I think that a lot of people I think a lot of young cats and I wanted to get it twisted they see if they see you change the jewelry though they don't say they see you who you rollin with your crew but they don't understand how the work that you put in like you live damnit live in a studio just love the studio every day young woman so how many how many I was used to be put in the weekend studio cane you came in color I can't somebody else at the tomb so when he and he dug the hole 18 out Wow and when I leave he really does run a bit turbo so is this is not an easy thing I got a lot of people who think your rap is he let me go let me go to the rap so I can get out the trap how difficult is it to just get to where your point where you get right now your career man you gotta you gotta dedicate it you gotta sacrifice you're looking to just stop whatever you're doing be focused this that's what I did so I would say you gotta put your all into it you gotta be really you'll notice what you want to do right one push you over level what made you really decide like you know what a mother lucky and I gotta do this I gotta make this happen just just from receiving good feedback from just working like it wasn't a lot but it was enough to just keep going like fast just people just like what I'm rocking like you're going you sound good keep going I take that in then just I was a son I I lock in with the he bless me just bliss is just coming so I don't take enough for granted so if I get around some music streaming network and I'm saying and just and stuff just kept coming I just kept on there's you know instead of using where I got and stage the house every time well you definitely doing you think is everybody second for you in industry period you know absolute cause this is what last time we had a conversation this is the growth this was the music how you present yourself the video just everything your whole campaign is totally different absolute you own it for sure appreciate it I think you have the potential to be like super next big thing I mean so with that being said with this generation and you have the potential to be the leader of this next this new generation how you feel about how musics perceived so far like people call in your generation of music like mumble rap or it's nonsensical it doesn't you know it doesn't have no substance how you feel about that it that's kept because you just gotta pay attention a lot of us really be saying some really really gnarly like fat we just like everybody else we are humans so in wing some some of us who go I'm saying like take the time in their music it ain't gonna be just blah blah blah it's gonna be something really happened or something they feel that somebody else gonna feel nothing so I just say like you just it's too much music to just say then the music nowadays they ain't heard all the music nothing I'm saying y'all just not hearing me and I've been making music in bet damage I still got good music from back then it just didn't reach out everybody just got a growth you think it's a reasonable thing to because sometimes I feel like people make that judgment against Atlanta rappers but they never really been to a limp like you see we're gonna make this song about y'all girls and their buddy never been to the lane right right so like I think people some people if you come out here and you feel energy come more so understand sir anything you think it's marginal thing for show it like it's like I go to that Lake I got I'm gonna go out there just catch a la by never I'm not just and I just go like not just start rapping like a la person but just just kitchen la vibe like old normal Rodale shopping I'm saying yeah like me I don't put it your Heat cuz I'm the substance with my muse you don't understand I'm trying to break it down to you the best way I can but like I feel like this it's it kind of just like some culture like you go to another town you go getting a vibe from them even if you ain't been out there you just wanted gonna check it out like okay yeah yeah Ronson oh yeah vibes like that like still close he J called it my man and like working with Doug you got as I get his own style he does like he expresses himself in a different way way different than any other artists out here you you ever sometimes feel like people want you to be the same way or you ever have to defend them because you like man what is he wearing when they say he's wearing this or he sounds like this or whatever he expresses himself way different for sure I mean you ever had the defendant or people expect you to be like that no I don't think so he special person coming my own special person we are we are special people Nick he's special so we we are gonna like we are just different ways so you can say like oh man why are you but just like that like that's my what he's just just like that right like you ain't gonna you're gonna knock him for how he just Nick y'all working the same business no I'm saying you somebody else tell you somebody know you if you really own like eight don't mean that ain't then anything got nothing to do with it right that any what we talkin about I'm saying that ain't no conversation yes sir I don't feel like I don't feel like like people gonna do that to me I ain't got that people

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  1. I fw gunna I think he's a cool dude but he was spoon fed far as coming into the game. Dude had every big artist from Atlanta on his first tape and came out of nowhere literally.. Especially thug and shouted him out on IG put his cover as his default pic an allat

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