YOU ASKED FOR THIS | Doki Doki Literature Club! Pt. 1

YOU ASKED FOR THIS | Doki Doki Literature Club! Pt. 1

Oh Shane how long you been here oh just chillin hey that's not an answer to my quite a few guys there's another Wednesday Damian and Shane show but it is also the fifth and final episode of the Damian is sick Chronicle yeah we're hoping that after this he will inexplicably get better it's not a joke he's really not okay I'm I don't want to be here because I don't want to get sick but I'm definitely getting sick currently yep just breathe it on in so this is a doki-doki literature Club you guys keep pitching it I've never heard of it I've never seen it this is the first time I've ever seen it since it said at the very beginning this content is not for everybody or those disturbed by disturbing images I'm assuming there's gonna be either murder or given the length of those skirts probably some butts in the boobs yeah so I hope you're not offended please Audrina but sometimes I catch myself in the mirror after Dane there you go I catch myself as I'm walking out of the shower I catch myself in the mirror and I see my own but I'm Scott yeah I've seen an annoying girl running told me from the distance waving Rob's in the air like she's totally okay you acted out on their aid waving her arms in the air like she's totally oblivious to any attention she might draw for herself that girl is Sayuri my neighbor and good friend since we were children you know the kind of friend you'd never see yourself making today but it just kind of works out because you know each other for so long we still walk to school together on days like that boring boring ha ha I've ever sucked a gun but I caught you this time this is clearly a visual novel style like where we're meeting these girls if it's anything like dream daddy who are gonna be friends with them yeah oh god no if it's anything like dream daddy okay it's Rob ibly not gonna be like dream daddy we're gonna be someone come for a bowl cut I guess stop it in you to be mean if even if you want to whatever you say say Orie that laugh was more I think was eh eh I look for don't forget the eye hi there we go that's the saddest thing I've ever seen one that's we all know say Ori by the Weda have you decided on a club to join yeah a club huh I already told you already I'm not interested in any joining any clubs already I've even been looking already uh that's not true lies you told me you would join a club this go I'm sure it's possible that I did in one of my drunken rages is she wearing like quilted armor by the way yeah she's wearing scale mail yeah this is really important to me you know I know you're happy now but I'd die at the thought of you becoming a neat in a few years because you're not used to the real one meet Annie don't you become a neat dude you trust mildly a racial slur whatever can we say can we say neat I don't think I feel like I can but you can't give it our makeup yeah the Italian it's the Italian German it's the axis of evil we can just sort of do whatever because we're already bad what oh she wants me to check out some clubs all right so did you ever join any clubs in school I was in Chess Club in elementary school really I was in Chess Club for like a year that's actually how we became friends when we started playing chess fun fact one of our first times hanging out on set we started playing chess there was a chess board we just start playing and a randomly I just start going going into seals kiss her and ship is born literally at the same time we just went into it yeah good job Dane we're going to the anime yeah I kind of told the club yesterday I would bring a new member and Natsuki made cupcakes in every lansky hi oh that was dude you've been practicing don't make promises you can't keep final stop by for a cupcake okay and dusted in works today I sold myself for a cupcake – bro Wow Satan got you for a cupcake it's pretty rough what's what would you like yeah you Kingdom all the women in the world one cookie I bet you the devil's gotten a couple people for something small like that everyone the new members here I told you don't call me a new member oh that's seriously your brother boy where to kill the atmosphere today what a surprise doo-doo-doo-doo I see trees and bees it's me Louie a strong mechanically it's full of incredibly key no with incredibly rough voices oh no all these cute girls and it's just just the one boy just me Dane what's that I'm not interested in dating oops walked into the locker room I what are you looking at you want to say something you say sumimasen that's Kate the girl with the sour attitude his name is apparently not ski is one I don't recognize this ignore when she gets motive sources are quietly in my ear and turn back to where the other girls don't you hate like when people like whisper hot breath in your ears nope uh well it's nice to meet both of you oh yeah I'm gonna change my Louie Armstrong for a girl too – uh you're you're curious okay are you ready tada couscous whoa I had no idea you were looking so good at bacon Natsuki oh yeah she's sneaking glances in your direction she's waiting for you to bite dude is it gonna be poised on oh she's got a crush on today oh I thought you technically did I already said well baby butt up for you you know you dummy all right blushing I give up on a weird logic huh girls are weird I'm in high school I don't understand the situation you keep the whole t-shirt in this classroom don't worry just give us permission that's it oh my god yeah up your enjoy yeah you kind of sound like um lumpy Space Princess mixed with tree trunks you sounded a little bit like Renee Zellweger you did okay girl of your dreams super gorgeous great super smart a great personality super funny has literally bad boys has Sam Elliott's voice oh if she's as you described that's fine I mean what that's gonna be the one thing that like oh it's the perfect girl in my dreams but she like chews her food weird you're not gonna no no no no oh that's a gilbert godfree's voice even better but it's like always that Aki always high-volume yell never can whisper it literally is incapable of whispering like you're in bed you're in bed you're like looking at each other all sweet you're like about to go to bed you're just like I love you know then let me ask you this girl of your dreams perfect beautiful smart Tom has three penises what do you do nothing's happened yet but we're talking they're all just like wait Jane we were paying it seems oh now for like we literally take sama they just asked if you wanted to kiss us all and you just like ignored us just like yeah great so far is awesome where the words people planet were not sexist we just have said that Sephora joke several times um maybe this is a dating sim because we're talking to URI and she's sort of like the quieter one and she's just like don't you think reading is so neat Oh see we're trying to relate at a minimum level that's true at this rate she might as well be having a conversation with rock Dwayne the rock Johnson oh not Sookie's madigan oh she's got a little thing she look like me I'm not you write down your own poms oh well I guess sometimes why do you get i think that's impressive why don't you share them sometime you wouldn't uh wouldn't like yeah that's a good feel sharing the level of writing makes more than just confident Jews form writing is writing to oneself yeah I guess it's the same for URI guess she's feeling a little cold guess she's URI on ice I wanted to read everyone's but all just cry now that we're back to the original topic me join a club i bluntly come forth what's been on my mind the entire time I never said I would join this club how am I supposed to make it clear a decision when it's like this if that is if writing poems the price to be paid in order to spend every day with these beautiful girl okay so he's not oblivious okay I've decided that I'll join the literature Club Wow all it takes is to get looked at doe-eyed you're about to get me in trouble you've got to get bit by those one fighters one buyer limb biters on a Mason official was a little literature Club now first things first she just all to read remember tonight's assignment write a poem girl your dreams everything about her is perfect right she has another mouth on her back yes the dream so it's just there and if she's ever turned away and she's not wearing a shirt so you can see it if you're in line of sight of it it will talk or just screams okay so she'll just be like she like I'm gonna go I'm gonna go use the restroom she like gets up out of the bed she's not wear shirt and you just see the mouth and she's like like I don't know I feel bad because you've given the qualifier that this is the girl of my dreams but that's the one thing that's wrong so like if she is so perfectly attuned to me with that one thing wrong if I can't love her who can yeah but they also just revealed this probably dating sim because they're like I gotta go closer to one of these girls I'm doubt for any of them so only in the context of a videogame would I ever say anything like that I would never I've never once in my life looked at like more like two or more girls and just be like yeah I'm cool with any of it whatever you all want to do I'm just I'll just be yeah whichever one of you wants to just come forward so we get to write out we get to write a poem about these girls we got to pick one of these girls and then just choose I feel like you and I were definitely the ones like in high school or any like social situation we'll look at like a crowd of a hundred girls and be like maybe one maybe one a full brick you know for me in high school it was just like I can't get to the front door all of you stop trying to tryouts each other to be my one true girlfriend I'm just kidding high school was rough hey let's look at this doll alright so alone let's pick the girl that we like and then okay so the only reason I like Natsuki is because I do the Patrick Warburton voice for I do like that boy and the Yuki is gonna blow me out and Yuki was my first choice so it's either so yeah the purple hair is definitely my favorite that's Yuki but we can't do her because the voice well let's do Natsuki okay so Natsuki she's a little unstable she's a puppy like she's kinda like a puppy puppy puppy cheeks desire hop special if he cheeks oh we got her again are we trying to pick words that that appeal to the ones that we we like I think so so then she was really like apparently like earn I'm growly and I'm upset but kawaii means cute cute yeah nicer nice pure I wouldn't say pure I would say I wouldn't say hope smile may be pure no oh wow we're doing good bubbles kind of a pink pink pink we're nailing this got sweet oh we got sweet ah whatever we we nailed who did it we nailed oh yeah I'm sick get away from me this might be a little strange for me but at least I keep my word well I'm back at the literature Club how did I do it you can just change it's a new day thank you for keeping your promise Dean that's not good she's kind of shy so just kind of like do like a moody one hey that's perfect what oh come on like he deserves any slack that's not a sweet puff say I told me I didn't even want to join any clubs this year and last year too I don't know if you plan to just come here and hang out or what but if you don't take us seriously than you won't see the end of it soon as i unstaple my aunt's from the side of my house they're very much stuck here nan Sookie You certainly have a big mouth if somebody keeps your manga collection in the club room oh she reads comics you got called out dirty crap manga is literature they say Orie that's cuz your room is so messy it's distracting and you almost set your house on fire once they're all the purpose oh is that so ha ha hi your laugh is getting away better I know thank you oh you ain't gonna come a good friend still not when you read our poem Yuri thank you all I'll definitely read this you basically take the book all right we're getting settled in it's time for some conversation about books well when are we gonna get to read our forms I just farted how does that make you feel no frickin Monica she never puts my stuff back in the right spa what's the point in keeping your collection organized as someone else is just gonna mess it up that's key slides a bunch of stacked books and boxes across the shelf Baga how did you know anyway oh boy hang in there chipper besides it's kind of written on your face you dummy / God down below if you guys want me to for one episode actually crunch shame only stream yeah it will be our last over should let me know I stare at the cover futures girls and called for a tackle striker and made a feminine poses its excitingly exceedingly mo a mo I think it's Momo from Simpsons oh yeah what do you want oh she say that it'll make me feel weird about it oh dude an inch away still not that far she still wants to be right next to you wasn't it fun like being a kid having a crush on a girl that would be like Oh what are you doing and just like just a little bit closer and you're just like crazy it's crazy it just sucks as you get older stuff like that just doesn't like it's just like it always is like fun when you're grab a crush on someone but at 26 when you have a crush on someone it's not like it's the same is like oh what's up so you got goals me too cool kids so what do you see yourself here's great wasn't your kid it's like it's like you're huh maybe like staying in the same room oh where do you see yourself in five years having a four year old kid great let's get cooking remember that far from earlier big I gambled and lost I don't think it was a fart shame can you confirm I'm crying I'm crying we're still listening to her talk about not for those of you watching I hope you get what's going on cuz I don't I'm just pressing the spacebar at random intervals I hope I'm giving you enough time to read I gotta admit in a lot of ways this is very comparable to what it's like to be a boy in middle school or high school when you have a crush on a girl cuz it's just kind of like you're so nervous that they're just talking just like I haven't like you're just tuning back yes yeah that's awesome if you have anxiety like me you're just like what are they thinking what are they thinking I'm thinking what if they think I'm in a jerk or that I'm thinking being a jerk what am I wearing where's my breath how's my don't scrub don't scrub scrub don't scrub bro don't say poop oh no oh crap see she's got a little thing like me just got a what bang look a pointy thing oh it's for opening cans okay girl of your dreams perfect literally so perfect her head is 1/3 size too harsh oh the heads the best part more of it is just at it oh we're having our first little awkward like my friends don't read manga but you do but you do so we should make out well it's not like that solves any problems yeah are you listening to me I don't even know if I care what's obviously you're enjoy you're enjoying yourself right yeah you having a good time hahahaha this party's great we are alone in of literature room yeah the rest of the class is just like over there as we're like in the corner like there's like are you guys gonna join the rest of the was your first day guys have been there for 25 minutes oh come on good your timing Betty worse you little bastard oh man now I'm gonna share my Oh am I gonna share my poem with netsuke about Natsuki okay let's let's do this thing let me let me read it okay I feel like I'm giving you my opinion Oh what's the point of sharing in the first place what this when I could have been doing other things oh I remember how I said I wanted to read your poems that's what I had mind when writing this I want I hope you feel comfortable enough to share yours oh oh well I would be more comforting my poem if yours was really bad oh she likes it she likes them so cute oh now she's mad they showed her a good book so in other words you're saying you liked it Birk already told you you don't have to go announcing it to the world like you're all self-important she seems to really hate me I don't understand why very funky skin climb crickets can leap horses can raise Alice can seek cheetahs can run Eagles can fly people can try but that's about it that's actually kind of funny good job Natsuki what he was just like oh but the other nice thing about simple writing is that wait hold on where you're making fun of my palm no it's just I guess that arrived at the end but then I made it fall flat on rhombus that was on purpose I've never seen giraffes doing anything so it's like that why did you I smell that one hard enough [Applause] wait do you know what this means Chang what does this mean we have successfully completed episode 5 of the Damien is sex up you got to get better now you just have to get better I hope so and you guys think I'm sick all the time but I just get sick in cycles and it's like you can't really work with me that's probably it Oh cuz you hired that illness right I hired the illness pray draw the illness bright and tweeted at us yes the illness sprite well guys time for it's time for a bit in this little batch yet we're trying something different we're not title in the episodes anymore but we still need your suggestions cuz we're gonna we do little of Hammad's you okay yep that was a lot point loca we do little skits in a little bit so based off your scene suggestions so what do you want to do you Fluttershy kitty at flutter laser cat just said you are a cat in a cafe oh my god here's one of them oh hey welcome oh my god you can talk I'm just as surprised as you are sup I'm a cat wow you got a lil paw oh my gosh that's such a cat move Wow so what are you you're like what are you like for Dan can't use but I'm pretty much fresh birthed like you're you're a New York it mom still cleaning up back here my fresh you're very large you're arguably eighty pounds I am indeed what can I get you man we've got cappuccinos we've got a Americanos Wow so fresh out the womb and you're already working came in the world stuff out here yeah that's awesome what's what it says your name's Oh mittens mittens yeah because I don't know if you tell this for me but the bottoms of my feet are sort of like white and you know that's indicative of my breed but everybody who sees a cat like that it's just like all his name it mittens boots or socks so Here I am my brother's boots and socks should be here pretty soon oh well that's awesome zooming mom doesn't eat them oh wow this is so cute well you got a little like nice little setup here and you got all these other it must be tough because I don't think any of these other cats can talk Wow but you've got a very strong handling of the English language very quick thank you I got some bad news though for you bro what's up hit your head on the way in here cats can't talk you're bleeding Wow so did my son have any good things to say before passing out doctor I know ma'am I'm afraid that uh he walked in the cat cafe gambled and lost slipped in the aftermath ate his head and was eaten by cats before anybody found now he's in a coma a diabetic coma because he also had diabetes which we just found out but I'm proud of him no I thought that wake him up hey guys I'm gonna go home and I'm gonna die you're gonna literally die how am i hot and cold at the same he's gonna die I'm not getting like a hairy saw we'll see you next time when Damien's hopefully better oh my god I really think that's the same hey guys thanks for watching us play doki-doki literature club we hear there's a big twist coming up so we're probably gonna keep playing now if you think Shane is just a silly little baby bop click the video on the left otherwise if you think he's just a suyo tummy sire click this video on the right

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  1. In Elementary, I had a crush on like 2 kids, and It changed each year, but now that I'm in Middle, it's like why the hell did I even like anyone, like EVERYONE is so ugly here; go find something to do. I'm not pretty either, but I'm 99% sure moves have attempted and they have been either ignored or super blocked 😂

    Also I can sooooo relate to Damien at 16:27

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