Yandere High School – PAINTING OUR FEELINGS! ART CLASS! [S2: Ep.33 Minecraft Roleplay]

Yandere High School – PAINTING OUR FEELINGS! ART CLASS! [S2: Ep.33 Minecraft Roleplay]

Funneh, Funneh were late for school its already 10 o’clock wake up! Gold stick the pop tarts in the toaster i’ll go down in a sec. If i’m late, i’ll get double detention! Got it. I’m on pop tart duty. Okay, i’m down, i’m down! And.. Time. That took you a whole 3 minutes and 57 seconds to get ready. It’s only 6am! Now you can go back to sleep. What! I got ready for nothing?! When is she gonna start class? I don’t know. Hey, Funneh? What? Did you hear about that rumor? About somebody chopping of Senpais hair? Are you serious? Is that even a real rumor? I mean, that’s why they’re called rumors, right? They’re fake! No but, you, just if you look at his hair you can see its kind of missing. But don’t ask him about it! Uhh.. I can see him over there! Dont even mention it. Ok, I won’t I won’t! Today in art class, I want you all to express yourselves. I want you to paint your feelings on the canvas. That is why I requested you all not to wear your uniforms today to express yourself So like can we paint mine bucks and like? Flowers, what kind of question is that? Brittany you can paint anything you feel any more questions class? Oh Can we paint people like I said to Brittany gold paint anything you feel! Did that answer your question? How about you eating Ants? Very funny Brittany. That’s a detention for you now get to work class Hehe. She got a detention. Ooh what are you Gonna? Paint funneh? I think I might paint some trees something similar to that one because it will get me better marks. really that’s so boring [ah] what about you paint something like Modern-day, Mona Lisa. I don’t think I can paint Mona Lisa so you can try going ahead for or a pop Diva Medusa that would probably get you a lot of marks, okay your idea. It is crazy You guys a like chiron. What are you guys gonna paint? Are you gonna paint a pop Diva Medusa like [gold]? [I] think [I’m] going to try painting something unique with a little bit of an edge no one, but you say Well, I’m going to be [drying] Sakura my 2D girl Your 2d girl. Why are you still playing that game? Because this game is waifu fun. How about [we] all go get art supplies? Yeah, great idea come on. Let’s go so I guess we need to grab some [paintbrushes] and art supplies Yep, and you got to make sure to get the water. [oh] Yeah, and in the paint. Oh yeah, [cool]. Can you get the water please? Yeah? I think [you] have a motor you everything and we got [okay] Let’s fill it up with water Perfect. I got the water for our paint come on. Let’s go now I’m excited wait wait before we go back Can I ask you guys something? So Gold was telling me there was a rumor around school saying that Senpai’s hair was cut [off] like in the back. You could see like his skin a little bit but Yeah Really? Yeah, they said some creepy person took his hair like they were. It like some kind of stalker he didn’t say anything to me about it or maybe cuz sometimes not as close with you guys But it’s a rumor and we’re not sure if it’s true – do you see Senpai in the class I See Senpai he’s over there. Ew loser Get off my Canvas. You’re wrecking it! okay So did you see the bald spot Kyran or you can’t see it from here? Remember if we do see him don’t look at it. Don’t look at it. Yeah, don’t make it obvious Okay, we won’t make it obvious what happens if I just keep staring at it. Don’t stare at it. You know the Rule I Wouldn’t show up to school. If I were him Um I Couldn’t see anything Maybe the rumor was just a big exaggeration. Maybe everyone was just lying. That’s True we rumors are always exaggerated. Maybe he’s wearing a wig. Yeah, let’s go pull it off no, I think he’s wearing a wig and And plus Look at it. It looks like it’s normal his normal hair Shh stop looking at him before he thinks were weird Whoa, why is there so many people huddled over there? Wait where?, near Senpai’s table hey, we should go check up. Maybe their painting is something super amazing Yeah, I want to see maybe you will get inspired off their painting. isn’t that copying No, it’s called inspired true. We’ll find inspiration after painting One at a time girls one at a time Everyone’s looking at his picture. [oh] How does [it] look it looks? Like Stickmen oh my Gosh Prince I love your painting it’s Amazing gorgeous. [I] love your painting More It’s even better Thank you. [oh] hey, gold like my painting hey Prince ah let me [see] it’s very uh Family-Oriented right funny super pretty Its stickmen not the best Huh, you’re not a big fan of it. Oh well. We still up for the date this week Yeah, of course I’m looking so forward to it Excellent. I will see you then bye bae Bye Hey, why is he calling you bae? Are you doing official or something? [oh]? No, well, I’m not sure he never asked me anything yet. I think were kind of going casual Not like I care. just asking for a friend Well, are you guys official? He didn’t ask me anything Funneh so usually I don’t think we are yet, right? Okay, I guess Prince and Gold sitting in a tree. Hey, I Hey stop people are listening funneh stop it! Hey funneh You want to go after school with me to the mall to pick out my new perfume I want to pick out one that smells Super nice for the date. Yeah of course Hey, where you going anyway, you got in the movies ah oh [what] [a] pizza shop. I don’t know he said it’s going to be a surprise [or] maybe a Romantic Boat Ride [oh] That’d be super nice Wait, but he didn’t tell you No, he said it’s a surprise. He said that he loves a surprise girl wait [wicked] I was just go She just left the classroom I Didn’t see him did he yeah he did Funny Alec is always leaving for phone calls he really needs to learn how to text my something and he needs to learn how to turn off his phone Because yeah annoying. I’ll add a couple of blues here and here How was your date anyways was it the best day of your life or a major fail? Well, it was going really great until he left me because of an emergency call What a surprise, Mr.. Redhead ditches again? Wait, what do you mean by again? Oh? Nothing who likes chocolate Oh talking about chocolate. I love chocolate cookies I Like the chocolate with with a caramel [inside] those are my favorite too. I always give them to sakura Hey, do you think we can meet your 2D girl one day? I want to see what the all the rave is about. Maybe one day, but for now we paint Wow Felisha your painting looks great so far I totes Mcgoats LOVE it Really Girl? I’m not even finished yet I’m still missing a TON of pink. So what you want more pink or something? #Nodoy Go get me some pink paint. I’m like totally the Picasso of this class Hey, girl Some blue here looks nice. ima Take this. what no way Brittany. You step back from my pink paint You just can’t take it. You can’t walk up to our table and take my pink paint. I am actually using it I Pff I don’t need to ask an ironing board now give it to me Okay, oh come on Brittany you just wrecked my favorite shirt. Gold do you see this! Oh No, she wrecked your clothes. I think your outfit looks totally better now I mean you wear too much blue oh Say something to her! Funny I’m going to whack her with going to get some pink paint. I will go and oh no no no pink paint brush. I knowknow Brittany is Super annoying, but don’t wack her don’t stoop to her. Oh don’t stoop to her level of pinkness Okay, But look at you! What eves that’s what you get for not letting me take the paint? Whatever Brittany, just get out of here, okay, and uh We’re not cleaning up this paint or do we have to the teachers Gonna. Think it’s me. Yeah, clean it up right after. what about your spot? Yeah, it looks pretty bad. You know what Brittany. Just get out of here now That was clumsy of me. What the pink you ruined my favorite shirt Oops, sorry didn’t see you there Are you calling me short? Why you handsome little , WHAT is taking you so long Brittney taking you so long Brittany You Are taking hashtag forever? This isn’t over Hoodie boy Alec was that actually an accident? I mean you spilled Almost the whole water bucket on her Nope that girl. Had it coming. Are you okay? Yeah, you know I find. It’s just a little paint. It’s not like I’ve been shot or something. I’m totally fine though I guess we need to clean this up now. Hey gold Wanna help? Yeah, sure. That was a lot of drama funneh for an art class you can call this drama class Come on. We better hurry clean this up Funneh, I have a plan a great plan wait. What’s your plan? So after class will be sneak up to Brittany and dip her hair into great paint yeah And then we can make Brittany look super old and I’ll be hilarious And then it’ll be a true rumor or gossip yep, exactly [but] sh waitI don’t think it’s a good idea are we just stooping down to her level ah [that’s] true. Why are you always trying to be so nice I know [some] [people] get revenge on them I know you want to make it even gold, but I feel like today is not the day. Maybe next time fine, it’s Presentation time students, please come up [here] and explain your art to the class oh me me Okay, [I] didn’t think anyone would volunteer first, but Miss Felicia Okay, Felicia is up first Go ahead I Call this Shades of pink it Expresses How pink is a fab color I’ve used pinky pinky for the top and sprinkle pink for the bottom. I don’t think in real colors I Don’t know she’s so except with pink yeah, her paintings doesn’t even look like anything you mean I could have took blue and just shaded the whole thing and when I Get them in Port Blue all over this yeah clap everyone Well, I think your pink speaks to us Felicia. Well done yay good for her Even though your world may be dark Do the shadows of the woods [I] see happiness This painting is called happy [whoa] that painting looks kind of scary don’t you think that’s a weird way to express happiness

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