XP-PEN Artist 22R Pro Drawing Display Review by Ross Draws

XP-PEN Artist 22R Pro Drawing Display Review by Ross Draws

Hey guys! Welcome back, we have a really cool video today because my friends at XP-Pen let me try out their new Artist 22R Pro Tablet. This tablet
literally went live today, I’ve been reading up about the specs and details
and it seems like Wacom Cintiq may finally have a legit competitor. I’m
excited to kind of try it out and see if it lives up to the hype.
I’m sure a lot of you guys know that I’m religiously working on my book Nima and
so maybe I can paint a piece from the book with you guys. So usually I give a
tablet away at the end of the video but- Aaah! [PANTING] Milo! XP-Pen knows that I’ve recently
reached a million subscribers, they’re super generous and so Christmas came
early! I have three Artist 22R Pro Tablets to give away Stick till the very end of the videos to learn how you can win. So this is the Artist 22R Pro, first impression: it looks really really sweet.
Look at this artwork! And it’s pretty light, you know? No, usually I start with an
unboxing video but I feel like packaging is generally the same and I got kind of
excited, and so I unboxed it already and this is- Here is the XP-Pen 22R Pro. My favorite part is always the removal of this plastic film. Oooh, ahh! [Sparkle noises] I feel like they really improved and
upgraded the quality, versus the other XP-Pen tablet I reviewed last year.
This one definitely feels like a more premium product. So the screen display is
21.5″ and the screen resolution is 1920×1080 which is
standard in a lot of screens today. I think you guys know how I feel about
express keys — I personally don’t use them but if you love express keys there’s a
whole bunch of them! Brought the tablet over to my setup and this came with the
tablet, it is a box of wires! Aahh gross, I definitely feel like they could put a
little more effort into their packaging especially when you have a beautiful
product like this, it doesn’t really correlate. But you know what? As long as
this works and performs beautifully then I can forgive this. We have our pen, also
comes with a really cool glove, yeah and this was the main feature that I got
really excited for: is that it requires one cable to hook up to your computer!
My last XP-Pen review I had a critique about them having way too many wires.
Thankfully they improved and implemented a USB-C, it’s one wire and let’s hook
this up. Oh snap! Right when you plug it in it seems like it works right away, it
looks crisp, but maybe you don’t have USB-C and it’s totally okay, there’s an HDMI
cable inside the box for you. I mirrored the displays, let’s open up my Photoshop. This is a character in my book named Amé and you might have seen her from
the Master Course Series, this is Faye’s master and I love the quality of it! Oh, it looks so
great, look at that! So this is the piece that we’ll be working on today, I don’t
really have a background figured out so maybe we can like spice it up, we can
make a really cool background and set the mood. I’m sure if you guys are watching this you are deciding which new tablet
you want to buy, is this one the right one for you? Is this better than the Cintiq or vice versa, you don’t know. I researched some side by side comparisons on a basic surface level. So the 22R can be directly compared to
the Cintiq 22 I recently reviewed. For the most part they are basically the same,
you know, they both have 16.7 million colors, it’s the same
amount of pen pressure (8,192), has the same exact screen size (21.5″), same exact resolution (1920×1080) And getting into colors and display,
the Artist 22R Pro has better NTSC at 88% and better sRGB at 120%. That’s a lot of numbers, I know To be honest, I think they both look
great, 1-2% isn’t gonna make much of a difference but if you want to get down to the nitty-gritty, like, “Which one is 1% better?” there
you go. Here is why I feel overall numbers-wise, the 22R beats the
current Cintiq model, because one: it has USB-C! And you do have the options of
these express keys on either side, where the Cintiq doesn’t. To be fair, the Wacom
Cintiq Pro does have USB-C but it retails for about $2,499. Ugh! Which brings me to the best part about this tablet is the price point and it retails for $699!
That’s insane! $699 compared to the Cintiq 22 which is
$1199. Also I think there’s like a 30% off deal going on so that’s even a lot less.
So spec-wise, overall, on paper, as of November 2019 this is the best
all-around tablet you can get! Which I feel brings super healthy competition to
Wacom. Wacom is like the king of tablets, right? They have all this
competition and forces them to innovate and it forces them to kind of like,
develop something new, maybe a wireless Cintiq! Ahh! I’ve been waiting for that but
hopefully, I don’t know. All that doesn’t matter if the drawing experience isn’t
good and so let’s give it a shot. Amé is an arcane mage, just kind of like a
vampire. She’s deadly AF and she’s awesome!
So maybe today we can come up with some really cool scenarios, some really cool
background to help amplify her character. One really big improvement about the 22R is the pen. It no longer requires batteries, that was something that I
didn’t like in the previous one. Some tablet pens these days require you to charge your pen I’m like, ggurhgr! But now they’ve caught up on Wacom’s level, you know, this pen does not require batteries or any power to use.
I’ve mentioned on my channel before of having a folder — a reference folder — and
this is what I call my second brain! I’ve collected some of these over the years,
it’s just endless inspiration and reference for me to use. Yeah let’s try
to find one of these stock images that kind of helps us with our mood! You know what, let’s have her in the clouds. I’m just kinda gonna drop it in and see what we can come up with- oh wow! And now she’s immediately in the sky! Let’s try another
one. This one was another one I was thinking, kind of like, maybe like a
purpley cloud that’s kind of cool. Ah that’s gorgeous! Look at that, this really helped me find the mood. Sometimes we can’t come up with moods all by
ourselves so we just need something to help us. This one works as well too! Maybe I’m gonna try to add this cloud back in I really like it. Somehow, you know just
maybe like a little bit? Ahh look at that! That’s perfect! Now it feels kind of like,
like a bright midnight in a way — is that a thing? Bright midnight? I just spent a few
minutes trying out different things and the possibilities are endless, you know.
You can keep trying new things until you find the mood that’s right for you. She
kind of uh, appears with bats and so bats are her friends and so maybe we can kind
of uh- Do you know what bats look like? I don’t think I’ve ever studied what bats look like And I have this hand on another layer,
and so we’re just gonna give it a glow- Oooh! You see that? That’s contrast between warmth and cool. Oooh! Arcane magic! Oh look at that.
All this cool, you know, and then we have this focused point of warmth which
really makes Amé pop. And now it’s dark! I feel like as I introduced the
background for Amé’s piece it also effected my real-life environment! But I
think no video is complete without some color dodge! Let’s do it! [MAGIC NOISES] So let’s see how
well this can color dodge. Ooooooohoohoohoo! That is so juicy! And then one awesome
big light bloom- Aaah! Welcome back! This is Amé, I really
enjoyed this piece. I think it came out really well. Will I use this on a daily
basis for all my work, all my paintings? I’m not sure, I kind of like my style of
working for the last few years. It would take something significantly different
for me to kind of jump ship, but overall this is a really solid product. Best
thing is its affordability, it is significantly cheaper than its
competition. The best way you can find out for yourself is if you just try out all
of them! And see what’s the best one for you. Read their return policy and if you
don’t like it, you can return it. And although putting everything in a box may
seem practical, it could look a little more aesthetic. But some of you guys, you know, don’t care about packaging and that’s totally okay, you’ll throw it away
anyway. Now the moment we’ve all been waiting for.. The giveaway! Aah! Don’t, don’t fall! Yeah, so you’ll have
three chances to win: one on my YouTube, one on my Instagram, and one on my
Twitter. The YouTube one will happen today
and then the Twitter, Instagram will happen next week. Rule number one: follow XP-Pen on Instagram and Twitter, rule number two: answer this question! If you could
draw anything and have it come to life, what’s the first thing you would draw?
I’m kind of diggin like a smoothie right now, right. Woh! Oh my god! A smoothie! Good luck and I look forward to giving three lucky winners a sweet
tablet, so don’t forget to subscribe and remember: every day is a color dodge day! Milo! See these guns, milo?

16 thoughts on “XP-PEN Artist 22R Pro Drawing Display Review by Ross Draws

  1. Answer: I would love to draw my realastic imaginary planet. Where everyone can happily live together with harmony. There would be no pollution ,no poverty. Where everyone can fly without hesitation. Also I love the version it improved a lot. Ican't wait to get one…

  2. I would draw my character they just like my soul and everything. They're part of me from all of the time which that all of the emotion happens. Even I grow I still feel the connection from me and my childhood from them.

  3. @ Xp-pen: Hello! ๐Ÿ™‚ Is there only one type of stylus for this tablet? I know it's the same type as the one that you get with the Cintiq, but there is also the less bulky classic pen which i prefere 100 times more. Picture:
    Thx in advance for your answer. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Very difficult question. After much thought, I finally realized that I would draw in the first place. It is a modern and powerful computer. Graphics workstation. And then you know somehow frivolous to have such a gorgeous tablet and experience the inconvenience of slow operation of the computer. The creative process does not tolerate delays.

  5. Rule#1 i follow XP-PEN on Instagram and Twitter already
    Rule#2 i will draw a tacos cuz i want to try it ๐Ÿ‘Œ
    (Followed in 5:18PM -5:19 PM)
    I really wish i can get the giveaway… Cuz i want digital drawing..

  6. The tablet looks wonderful and comfortable for illustration ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐ŸŽจ I do not lose hope in the future to work with a tool of this version ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’ซ Congratulations to XP-PEN for its innovations ๐Ÿ‘ Great tablet! ^^

  7. Answer: I would draw money so I can buy the tablet knowing how I definitely wonโ€™t be one of the winners of the giveaway ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  8. I would try my hands over XP pen Mascot because we gonna be like Pikachu and Ash or may be a Gaga Illustration as I just love her creativity.. Hehe…. #XPPen

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