Worst Reviewed Makeup Artist in Your City (ASMR Roleplay)

Worst Reviewed Makeup Artist in Your City (ASMR Roleplay)

49 thoughts on “Worst Reviewed Makeup Artist in Your City (ASMR Roleplay)

  1. " I said thank you I designed it " lmao idk but I just wanted to make a comment saying this, you're welcome!

  2. Watching this with my lovebird on my shoulder and when the cockatiel flew in I felt personally inclined to give this a thumbs up

  3. The bird just came out of nowhere and he just kept rolling like nothing happened 😩😂 respect 🙌🏻

  4. i’m going to say something. he deserves so many more subscribers. his videos are creative, relaxing, and funny at the same time. he’s talented and has good taste for asmr. i’ve currently started therapy after my parents divorce and I love watching him, it relaxes me and lets me know everything’s ok and gives me a little laugh every once in while. thank you Tony ☺️💜

  5. Poopsie eating seed and cuttle while you read facts about the species would be cool. Maybe even have any feathers she has molted and crinkle them?

  6. My grandma has called me “poopsie” since I was a lil bb. Needless to say I was a lil shook to see ur merch. Defs want to get us matching shirts now – great video as well. 💗

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