Woodturning a Mahogany Bowl – Art, Wood

Woodturning a Mahogany Bowl – Art, Wood

This has got to be the prettiest wood I have
ever had in Cammie’s Garage. This is mahogany. This is a piece I got recently. I got a pretty good deal on the wood. That is why I bought it. Long-time viewers might recognize this. I made this about a year-and-a-half ago for
a different project that eventually failed. I hung on to it. I think it goes perfectly with this bowl. This is going to go on my Etsy store pretty
soon, if it is not up already. I am very happy with how this turned out. I am really excited about it. I hope you enjoyed watching Cammie’s Garage.

18 thoughts on “Woodturning a Mahogany Bowl – Art, Wood

  1. I watch a lot of turning videos, mostly just for pleasure, but I pick up tips along the way. I love that your videos are short and concise, you don't show the entirety of every step, just a couple shots of each process. Keeps my incredibly short attention span focused.

  2. I loved it! Very beautiful wood, which just fit simple shapes! Well, the stand is certainly wonderful. I also have some turning jobs, come visit my channel.

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