Woodturning a Bowl, Pinecones with Epoxy Resin

Woodturning a Bowl, Pinecones with Epoxy Resin

well I’d dug into the firewood pile
again as you can see I didn’t pick out the very best piece I like to think
there’s potential on all these old rotten chunks of wood so I took my
chainsaw sliced off a chunk so it would fit in that little mold and eventually I
find a way to fit those pine cones in there and then it was all about mixing
up some resin I just used a couple of different color blues there… sea blue
and sky blue added some pearl and it took about five of those cups to
fill up this mold once I had it all set up I taped it all
down and stuck it in the pressure pot for 24 hours I had charged that pot to
about 50 pounds of pressure and it dropped to just over 40 overnight I had the fire going in my shop it was
still kind of chilly in there and that resin had that came off in those big
long shavings as it coated my arm it felt pretty good it was nice and warm you can see all the tear out on the end
grain there maybe I could have set that wood up better inside that mold here I’m
drilling a hole for the wormscrew just taking my chainsaw to it to make it
flush and all I was doing here was I just
reversed mounted it and put it on the worm screw in order to cut the mortise
onto the bottom side kind of an extra unnecessary step but nonetheless I did
it it worked sorry about the distortion in the
background hit the sound is just a fan that I had turned on to blow the resin
away from my face causing some disturbance on the
microphone on the camera well it’s time once again to take a look
at what some of you very talented people in the audience have been doing Gerald
Moore made this beautiful salad bowl set out of walnut and ash and then made this
amazing piece of art out of pecan just beautiful Brett O’Keefe has been busy bottle stoppers and bowls… I like this square
Bowl especially that grain is so beautiful good job Brett Bruce Jordan
from Jordan Woodwerx and Robert Dedinsky of Cross Cut Creations sent me
stickers I sent some back hopefully you got them by now both of them have
YouTube channels that you might want to check out I want to take this time once
again to just give a special thank you to all of you that have subscribed to my
channel you know I sign on to check my comments and respond and the numbers
just keep on growing and growing… it just blows me away it’s very humbling
I really appreciate everybody’s interest thank you so much so eventually in hollowing this bowl out
I decided to go with the square nose scraper and just kind of take it out a
little bit at a time that way seemed to work out pretty good of course I went back in with a bowl
gouge to clean it up first across the bottom and then up the
sides and getting towards the end of the process here I decided to reshape the bottom of the bowl a little bit kind of round it
out to match the top it was about 8:30-9 o’clock at night time to go in and I
wasn’t done so I decided to soak that wood with a nice heavy coat of shellac
because it was kind of soft kind of punky as usual and then this is the next
morning before I took the negative rake scraper
to it I had to repair a couple of cracks that had formed and
what I did was I took five minute epoxy and mixing pearl into it and filled the
cracks with that really thin cracks and I’m really happy with the results of
that so it gave the whole bowl a thick coat
of shellac and I let that dry let that wood soak it all up again and then
I hit the whole thing with some OB shine juice courtesy Cap’n Eddie Castelin’s recipe well those pine cones just pop I’m real happy with the pearl pattern
inside the different blues turned out real nice here I’m hitting it with that
shine juice a couple of coats of that
and then I hit it with some carnauba wax and a buffing wheel which unfortunately I
didn’t record but this is right after the shin juice was applied and before I
hit it with the carnauba wax and buffing wheel so it’s a little bit streaky
but all that streaking this goes away as you can see here you can see those real
fine white lines those are completely solid but that’s where the cracks had
formed I love the way that looks it’s a very wintery looking bowl have I
mentioned how much I love the winter y’all stick around and watch these
stills there’s a couple of surprises it glows thanks for watching Semper Fi

100 thoughts on “Woodturning a Bowl, Pinecones with Epoxy Resin

  1. please be careful with the epoxy resin, most resin's become toxic after being mixed and remain that way for three days, until full cure.i'm a boat builder in northern michigan,and i have burnt my lungs by working it to soon.remain well so you can keep making these beautiful projects

  2. Beautiful piece of art! I'm a word Carver myself, but after watching your work, I am deeply impressed. I work with epoxy resin at my job seaming granite together for customer's countertops, and I never thought of making art with epoxy resin. Mind blown!

  3. Howdy guys I am looking to get. Into bowl making I was woundering, what supplies should I get to start? What brand and model of laithe do you reckon would be a good sturdy long lasting reliable laithe? Any advice welcomed, thank y'all!

  4. Absolutely beautiful!! I wish I could make something like that. Would love to have one, put it among my plants. My 155 plants. I don't know what we would do without artist like yourself.

  5. That looks awesome. Is it safe to eat out of?
    And such a stupid question, but what is the machine called that you're using?

  6. Hello. I want to say thank you for sharing. I just found your channel and can’t wait to see more. Very nice bowl.
    I am brand new to resin and wood and to tell the truth to wood turning too. I am working with very limited tools. But it’s guys like you on here that have inspired me. I hope to make something beautiful. Thanks again.

  7. Incredible finished effect, oceanic, the wood is very ship-timber looking, the pine cone edges look like fish scales, there's rocks and weird starfish. Absolutely stunning.

  8. For a basic bowl this is exceptionally nice due to the way you mixed the different materials.
    I get tired of the same things that are often done but lately I have seen remarkable results.

  9. I wasn't sure about mixing the pine cones with the wood, but it worked really well….(you can always learn something). I need to mix stuff up more when I cast. Well done and a really nice bowl. Good video, well done Sam Angelo
    Thanks for posting…..
    Wyomingwoodturner  https://tinyurl.com/y2jaf3ss

  10. В целом классно, но шишки на спиле жутко смотрятся. Как какие-то трилобиты раздавленные.

  11. Some people sing, some people paint, and some people write… You make beautiful things with wood. A true artist indeed.

  12. The bowl is totally beautiful it's a beautiful piece of work I'd love to have a lathe to do all this kind of woodwork

  13. This is gorgeous. Made me think of the beach more than winter. I suppose it’s a kinda “mood” bowl. It can be whatever you like. Wonderful work none-the-less.

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