Wood Turning Epoxy Resin | Board to bangle!

Wood Turning Epoxy Resin | Board to bangle!

What is up everyone and welcome to the channel
today we’re going to be making a bracelet out of some merbau Some time later Well here it is everybody. i had a lot of fun making it. If you liked the video please give me a thumbs
up, subscribe and comment down below what you think and we’ll see you on the next video

8 thoughts on “Wood Turning Epoxy Resin | Board to bangle!

  1. looks like I'm 39th Sub Dude Good video, music could be worse it will do for now, the project was very good edits are AOhKay this could be awesome catch ya later.

  2. You seem to have very good taste in music. 🎶
    What kind of bracelet would you call that? A river bracelet? 😁
    I like it it looks nice.
    Wait, wait, it is a bangle bracelet so it's a river bangle. 😏
    Never mind my goofiness. I am half asleep. Sorry.

  3. Looks like I’m sub #99. Liking your projects! This is just me, but I prefer to hear the sounds of the shop. I think music is good for transitions and prep work, but the shop is the best music to me 😎 Keep em comin’!

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