Wood Burning and Painting | What tool and tips I use | Wood art | PART 2

Wood Burning and Painting | What tool and tips I use | Wood art | PART 2

Hello guys! If you haven’t seen my previous video, check
it out, there I prepare the wood slice for burning on. Today we will continue working on this piece. I will be using this rounded tip for wood burning,
I believe it is called the flow point. Correct me please if I’m wrong. For me this point is really universal, I use it a lot. If you have never tried wood burning and are
planning to, you might be interested in how it differs from drawing on a piece of paper. And here is what I can tell you. It is really
slow. You can’t rush it. Otherwise, your lines won’t be clean. And now you can actually see how it looks
when it is not sped up. I’ll just give you some time to enjoy it. Now I need to change tips quickly. I use pliers because the tip is hot. Make sure to switch your wood burner off and
have a dish, for example, a ceramic dish, to put your hot tips into. I will be using a calligraphy point. It has a sharp end, so for me, it’s perfect
for cleaning some lines and making them straight. Yeah, now I see that some lines are definitely
quite shaky. I need to be slower with burning. I haven’t decided yet how I am going to
shade the mushroom, so this is definitely not the end of wood burning for this piece. I want to change this piece a little bit,
I don’t want it to be completely the same as my previous work. I made some basic lines which will help me
to separate wood burning from painting because I never burn on paint. I’ve seen that some wood burning artists
do this successfully but I don’t like the smell of burning paint, it’s quite chemical. So I always start with wood burning. But it’s obviously just my way of creating
the art and it is not necessarily the best way, so if you plan on starting wood burning,
just try, make mistakes and learn what works for you. Ok, so see you in part 3.

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  1. Beautiful video! Can't wait to see the piece to be finished, but also hope it will take few more videos like this to achieve it. 😍

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