Wood Bowl from Mahogany and Cocobolo – Art, Woodturning

Wood Bowl from Mahogany and Cocobolo – Art, Woodturning

You know, I was working on this and I realized,
wait, I am not filming this. Why not? Yesterday, I got several pieces of this mahogany. It is very, very pretty wood. Unfortunately, this one piece had a check
that was running nearly all the way through it. Like the bowl surgeries I have done in the
past, I cut it with the saw. Then I took the hand plane and I planed these faces flat. I have a piece of wenge, I think. I am not good at recognizing wood. That is my best guess based on what I found
on the Internet. I am going to glue this piece of wenge in
here. I have to say, I think this turned out pretty
nice. Like the last few things, this is made from a piece of mahogany that I got recently. Very pretty wood. It has a nice shimmer in
the right light. This is a piece of cocobolo that I had lying
around. Because this piece of wood had a check in
it, I decided to do a bit of bowl surgery and glue that in there. I am not necessarily sure if the two colours
of wood compliment each other though. It adds some visual interest, at the very
least. The feet on the bottom are made from off-cuts
of the mahogany bowl I posted yesterday. Overall, a very nice piece that would compliment
any home. It will be up on my Etsy shop soon, so check
it out. I hope you will stick around for more interesting
projects from Cammie’s Garage.

13 thoughts on “Wood Bowl from Mahogany and Cocobolo – Art, Woodturning

  1. muy bueno,,, sale rapido en 4 minutos ,,,ยฟcuanto tiempo real le llevo terminarlo? very good ,,, comes out fast in 4 minutes ,,, how much real time did it take to finish it?

  2. Another really nice one, Cam! Love the shark fin feet! How sure are you about the Cocobolo? The grain structure and color at the end reminds me more of Bocote.

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