Won Tiger : DX 1993 VS Super Sentai Artisan 2018 ( English sub )

Won Tiger : DX 1993 VS Super Sentai Artisan 2018 ( English sub )

Hello guys. As you can see this is a very familiar toy Won Tiger (White Tigerzord) I'll not introduce it. Today I'll spot every difference between these 2 versions Left is DX 1993 Right is Super Sentai Artisan DX 2018 Released in late August, 2018 Take a look. These 2 boxes are almost the same But they have some minor differences Bandai of Japan did not bring 100% the old one to the new one. Bandai just redesigned to make the new looks more alike the old one There're few differences. Moreover, the box's material is different too DX 1993 outer box is a thin paper DX 2018 outer box is thick paper. Back of boxes. As I know, DX 1993 version has a retail price is 6500 yen And Super Sentai Artisan DX 2018 version has a retail price is 14400 yen Let's not talk about escalation of prices and exchange rate I think this price is kinda high for this toy Super Sentai Artisan 2018 version Okay then, let's take a closer look inside see what makes this toy's price so high and what's it different to the other. Here's what inside Left is DX 1993 Right is SSA DX 2018 Open it up. Here we have a catalog DX toy in Dairanger series in 1993, a sticker sheet. features of toy in 80s 90s Introduction sheet here is DX 1993 toy it's tray is styrofoam and small details are in runner we have to cut it out and assemble to robot and weapon here too Here is SSA DX 2018 version we have a bag contains a introduction sheet and a background board. This background place it behind KibaDaioh (Mega Tigerzord) it's background when perform a finish move in Sentai version Pretty cool. and behind it is background finish move for Dairenoh (Thunder Megazord) it looks like a lacquer painting in Chinese style. and 2 boards stand these will be a stand for a background finish move we will place a background to stand it up I'll show you later… talk will not make you clear. And inside A tray is pasteboard it costs less than styrofoam. a sword we have 14 orbs 7 orbs below have a Chinese letter on each orb 7 orbs above have none Chinese letter they have nothing on them we can choose whether we want And 1 Jewel It's called Lai-Lai Jewel Just llke SSA version Dairenoh when we reach a minimum number pre-order vote Bandai will give us this Jewel. I don't remember a minimum pre-order vote for Dairenoh But Won Tiger a minimum pre-order vote is 2000 if reach Bandai will begin to manufacture this toy. But if more 500 votes, means 2500 pre-order votes total Bandai will give us this Jewel and of course there's no way we can't reach that vote right? And every details been reassemble we no need to cut them out runner moreover we have 2 mini figures let me take it out 1 is stand still. Serious and strict. another 1 poses looks so lively. DX 1993 gives us only 2 stand still mini figures not looks so lively. Here are 7 orbs, stand for 7 elements in Chinese cultrue there's Chinese letter on each orb too bad I don't know Chinese I just only know they are Fire, Water, Wood, Gold, Earth, Moon, Sun They stand for 7 days of week in Japanese Culture Take a look at this orb on this orb's painted inside but a Chinese letter's not painted This will make Chinese letter more clearly to see much clearer than DX 1993 Now put these orbs on Recently i showed you every accessories come with each version You know how they're different Now we'll see details on each version Though they look like the same They're almost identical if we don't look carefully This Super Sentai Artisan a.k.a SSA is supposed to be the upgraded DX 1993. But it's not completely the same Their form may look alike but details are much different. Because SSA version use a completely new mold, not re-use DX 1993's mold. I'm going to show you know. But I just can show you some spots that we can see easily. 'kay here 2 these screw holes on DX 1993 SSA DX 2018 has none DX 1993's paw has this screw hole right here But SSA DX 2018 has none right on this spot. SSA DX 2018 there're 2 stripes on back on hand. 2 stripes DX 1993 has just 1 stripes on back of hand Next up, color's differnt We can't see clearly on clip but in real life they have differnet color. SSA DX 2018 is completely white (milk white) White with cold tone DX 1993 is ivory-white white with hot tone not because of long time makes its color yellow or faded just it's own color. Clearly there're some difference in color between 2 versions Beside, SSA DX 2018 has pre-paint details all details were painted DX 1993 used stickers for details and some details were not painted at all. like mouth and teeth SSA DX 2018 got painted mouth and teeth mouth black and teeth gray. and a mane was painted gray DX 1993 none paitned Chrome parts on SSA DX 2018 slightly thinner than chrome parts on DX1993 and a whole place 2 buttons are black and joint that place minifigure is red and on SSA DX 2018 You see the difference. looks cooler than DX 1993 and mask for KibaDaioh head (Mega Tigerzord) has some details painted gray pretty cool but DX 1993 has none lack color Here're 2 mini figures come with SSA DX 2018. and here's mini figure comes with DX 1993 DX 1993 has 2 mini figures like this but I did drop 1 somewhere in my house… This mini figure is new mold Just like 5 mini figures come with SSA Dairenoh still not painted. I feel bad about this. this is upgraded version but still not have details painted in 2000 and 2001 mini figures of Time Force and Wild Force series had been painted then there's no reason this figure could not be painted like this. I don't like this. Okay you guys see it? looks so lively. White ranger hold a sword standing on White Tigerzord and on DX 1993 when we put mini figure on it looks like just a dummy mannequin. and 1 thing on DX 1993 if we put orb in its mouth we can't close its mouth let me take this orb out only when we take a orb out, we can now close its mouth put aa orb in again now can't close mouth. But on SSA DX 2018 can close mouth even there's orb inside Now for a belly this part is plastic gray. but here is plastic white There're some paints on these details here none Battery caps almost identcal, but they have different design I'll show you know DX 1993, we just need slice it down take it out 2 batteries size AA and how about SSA DX 2018? I'm gonna open it not easy like DX 1993 1 out, and another one battery cap we have to screw to take it out. Each time we play, we have to do this part. Not convenient at all 2 batteries size AAA Here's a on/off switch. Tiger roars, now time to play. DX 1993 use 2 batteries size AA Let's see what's difference of the sound on each version. I'm gonna turn off some lights to see clear DX 1993 has 2 buttons 2 buttons for 2 sounds effect. This button for tiger mode sound effect. And this button for warrior mode sound effect. SSA DX 2018 has 2 buttons for 2 mode This for tiger mode sound effect. This for warrior mode sound effect. DX 1993 first respect the aged. Sound's kinda low and light's not so bright. we can't see a Chinese letter in it mouth Now let's see all sounds effect on SSA DX 2018. According to introduction sheet,s it has 5 sounds effect for tiger mode let's try this. 1st sound 2nd sound 3rd sound now we can see clearly a Chinese letter in it mouth I'm sorry I mistook sounds effect order. Forgot 1 sound effect 5th sound Go on to sound effect for warrior mode DX 1993 first Simple, right? Nothing more. now for SSA DX 2018. According to instroduction sheet we have 7 sounds effect for warrior mode 1st sound 2nd sound 3rd sound 4th sound Eyes're glowing. 5th sound mouth light up 6th sound 7th sound 5 sounds effect for tiger mode , 7 sounds effect for warriors mode. Furthermore, if we press 2 button together we will hear a Won Tiger theme song. DX 1993 can't do that nothing different These're differences of sounds effect DX 1993 and SSA DX 2018 Now I'm gonna transform it into warrior mode. I'm not transform DX 1993 I'm going with SSA DX 2018 Transformation is the same Won Tiger warrior mode Now we can see more difference between 2 version in this warrior mode. DX 1993 has no elbows joint This elbow joint just turn for transforming it can't go up But this SSA DX 2018 can do that. it has elbows joint right here. And we can do this DX 1993 can't do that. DX 1993 can't turn hands round But SSA DX 2018 really can Hands turn round See? turn round and round we can do this. No way DX 1993 can do like that. This is advance SSA DX 2018 has that I really approve. But this joint is kind of loose and flimsy. I think if we turn it hard, it's may break So flimsy So we have to be careful don't use force when play it if you don't want to break it. SSA DX 2018 has pre-painted details instead of using stickers like DX 1993 and it has more additional paints here DX 1993 none It's wrong If we say SSA DX 2018 is DX 1993 mold SSA DX 2018 used a new mold completely it's mold just look like DX 1993 mold not old DX 1993 mold. Back of Won Tiger SSA DX 2018 has more details painted. This is background for KIba Daioh comes with SSA DX 2018 we'll fold like this there's gel at 2 sides Think carefully, 'cause we can't take it out again if we glue it. Okay done I think this background is pretty cool, but it's kinda small… If this background were bigger, it would be more cooler. Because our robo's covered all over backgroud can't see background This background is used for Kiba Daioh. We turn it around and we have background for Dairenoh (Thunder Megazord) This is Kiba Daioh DX 1993 and here is SSA DX 2018 I have showed you every details on each version to you. I just show you one more thing Here This bird' legs let Kiba Daioh hold it to form a weapon. DX 1993 is kinda loose SSA DX 2018 was remade to make it more stable It's so tight, and if we pull out not careful bird's legs will come out These bird's legs easy to come out this new joint here was remade so our robot can hold it tight Ah, I forgot to show you 1 spot it's Won Tiger robot hand it's hollow under side You see it? I don't know why to this day, Bandai still make collectible toy with hollow parts Not only SSA DX 2018 Won Tiger, but also SSA DX 2018 Dairenoh has hollow parts. just like DX 1993 When I make this clip, I will get a lot of debate and controversy comments. example "You did love DX 1993, now SSA DX 2018 comes out, you begin to hate DX 1993…" or something like that. No way guys, I just spot every difference between 2 version I don't hate this version or love that version more than this ver…. I cannot compare DX 1993 with SSA DX 2018 Because one in 1993 and other one in 2018. They are in different toy era. It's 25 years apart not mention a price of each version DX 1993 is 6500 yen in 1993 SSA DX 2018 is 14400 yen in 2018 Let's not talk about escalation of prices and exchange rate. We still see SSA DX 2018 is more expensive than DX 1993 pretty much And they have a different target audience DX 1993 aims for children audience in 90s. SSA DX 2018 aims for adults audience. those adults audience may were children in 90s. and they just want to rebuy their childhood toy when they were kids. So that any comparison to me is meaningless. I just show you how Bandai did upgrade their toy and this is what we get today What's your opinion about this toy? Leave comment below. I'm off now. See ya on a new clip review toy. Sorry for my bad English… English is not my language. 🙁

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