Woman Creates Tiny House Cottage and Eco Village from Adobe Brick in Morocco

Woman Creates Tiny House Cottage and Eco Village from Adobe Brick in Morocco

Hi, I’m Linsey and you’re at Assilah
Eco Village in Morocco. I love this country. I’ve been coming to Morocco for 20
years and I always came back to this area. I really like Asilah. I was a
Community Development Manager in the city area of Sheffield and my job was to
initiate community development ideas so people were actually neighborly and
looked after each other. In Morocco communities are still fairly intact. I
learnt to manage, I learnt to manage people, I learnt to manage budgets, I
learnt to project manage. I met a man in Asilah who was a friend of a friend
and he said, “you must come to see my land.” I stood on the land and I, I knew
straightaway this is where I want to live. A week later I sent him the money. I
didn’t send the whole money, but I secured the land not just with him, but
also with me. I didn’t want to go back when those doubts come in. I just decided
that I’d build a village and I’m not sure where it’s going, but I know I need
an infrastructure. That people can stay, where I can do group things, but I’m
not sure how that’s going to go. I don’t know how it’s going to evolve. Welcome to Assilah Eco Village. I’ll give
you a small tour of what we’ve done so far. This is what we call the English
House or the Boathouse. This was actually built mainly by a volunteer, Jack, who
came to stay with me for 11 months. We finished it in this style, but it’s like
traditional English A-Frame house. Roof is made with bulrush, thatched with bulrush, which is harvested 2 kilometers just down the road and picked by local
people and we paid to do it. It’s adobe brick. Adobe is mud bricks, but
we couldn’t use it everywhere. Both ends are done with a wattle and daub with
bamboo as the structure and then in fills and plastered with the mud so it’s
several styles. It’s a really cozy house. I had this idea because I wanted to have,
I’ve seen old films like medieval films when they batten down the gate so
because it’s made mainly of two boats we were gifted in Asilah. This is the oar of the boat. So welcome to the Boathouse. it’s
really small. This is the keel of the boat, I think. See the shape here. That’s
the middle part of the boat and then all the wood is the recycled boat wood so
everything’s natural or recycled. I make all the cushions and do the seat coverings
myself. I’ve got a background in textiles. The plaster is particularly
fine and this is mud mixed with the fluff of the bulrush to make a really
really fine finish and then it’s painted with lime. The outside’s also rendered
with lime. All the construction is A-framed with no nails or screws in this.
It’s just wood very like medieval. So this is the outside bathroom with
traditional Moroccan toilet and we were growing vines up here so we’ll have
grapes in the bathroom, why not? Help yourself to a grape while you’re going to the loo.
This is my house, the main house. The first house I designed and when I
designed the house I was sort of influenced by Muslim and Christian
cathedrals. Also adobe bricks with a tile roof. All the
woods is eucalyptus, these big trees in here, locally sourced eucalyptus trees.
And the mud that we use is from beneath our feet.
I wanted the idea of stained glass when the Sun comes in in the Cathedral and
how beautiful that is and the back has sort of like next to something that
looks like it could be an old mosque, the shape of it with the dome. The
electricity is luckily municipal along with the water. It, in time, we will think
about being self-sufficient, but I really believe in supporting the local
community so I want to be part of the society. I don’t want
be self-sufficient and apart from it. I want to contribute to it and I want them
to contribute to this. It’s a really important principle of mine so I’m not
looking for self-sufficiency. So the bathroom which is a bit like a hammam.
The idea is to sit on the edge and bathe and not just plunge into a deep bath. I
rarely use it like that. I go to the local hammam. This is a cold shower. Our
water’s heated by a solar spiral water heater, which means you can only get a
hot shower when it’s sunny, but that’s a lot of the time in Morocco. I have
volunteers help me all the way and also Bashir, who’s my ex, who is a master
builder. He didn’t work on this house, but he’s been working with me for
the last 18 months. This is a cob oven. I built this like three
years ago and we’re still using it almost everyday. The base is made up
of two tractor tires, which I actually got for free, and then it’s built with
six months worth of plastic garbage. A layer of beer bottles and that insulates
the heat from going down, just made with mud. This year we’ve built this new house.
This is the volunteer accommodation with a zinc roof and this sleeps four
volunteers. Again it’s made with adobe but the bottom of the found we
ran out of adobe bricks so this is rammed earth at the front and wattle and
daub at the top. Sometimes you have to use everything. Guys, I’m coming in. And
welcome to the volunteer house. This house only took me 13 weeks to build.
This is a bit of fun. I just built this because I had an idea one morning. I kept
seeing these cable wheels and I thought maybe you could make a house of these.
At the moment it’s not being used. It leaks a little. We need to improve it. This again
is made from everything recycled. This is the new exciting build. This whole area
is going to be the new community hub. At the center of the hub there’s going
to be a hammam. A hammam is a Moroccan bathhouse. It’s going to be a 4 meter tower
with a glass dome on the top. The bottom 2 meters is going to be a small
room. The entrance is going to be here and a changing room here. Over here
there’s going to be the fire. This is going to be a cob oven. It’s
gonna heat the water for the hammam, but it’s also going to put in hot air so
there’s going to be, this is seating. On the outside there’s going to be a
communal kitchen and then it’s going to be ten meters across. These are the adobe
bricks that we made in the summer. You can’t make adobe bricks in November. This
particular brick mold has made every brick for every house that I’ve
built. Ten thousand mud bricks have made to be made two by two with that. This is
my favorite house. It’s taken two years to build, but the idea of the house is
that it’s based on yin-yang and you move through the house from the light to the
dark and the view here it’s particularly amazing at sunset. So we’re going to have
a look at the interior and this is the grand entrance. Welcome to the yin-yang hobbit
house. The design it’s circular built into the outside. It feels to me like a
very feminine space. There’s no right angles. It’s all in the round. I’m really happy with it. I sort of
designed this as a female space but also with the idea that it’d be perfect for a
honeymoon. This is the perfect place for your honeymoon.
It’s all organic. It’s locally sourced and a perfect retreat. Here’s the bathroom. And here is the book nook. I designed
this not only for guests but also for my family to visit and I have one
grandchildren, I’m sure I’m gonna have more. The romantic dream is to sit here with
my grandchildren and we do stories in the sunset. It’s got a very special light
that a volunteer designed for me. Not only is it magical in that way. So this is just a
little sweet corner. In the evening this is a space to sit, the salon, sort of
designed for families and also for honeymooners, hopefully. I just think it’s
a really great party space and my granddaughter really loved it because
it’s also a play space. This bed, it’s designed for a three to six year old and
then under here, just for three year olds, there’s a hiding space. And then at the
end of the day you retreat to the bed cave. And I just wanted to build a really
romantic space and I painted it red just to increase that romantic vibe. I had
this crazy idea that from the outside it would look like a spaceship. It doesn’t really
look like a spaceship but it just gives it a little bit of an ethereal look from the
outside. Next year we’re planning on running a
program with holidays and courses on natural building, but in the meantime
we’re renting out both the boathouse and the yin-yang house through my Facebook
page Assilah Eco Village. If a 61 year old English woman in a fairly
regular job can come to Morocco and do it you know, you’ve got nothing to lose
really. You can revert to mainstream life. You can go back to that, just give it a
go, and trust yourself. Trust your instincts, trust your instincts to build.
We’ve all got it in us, we can just do it. You can actually do whatever you like.
You create your own barriers, but you can do what you want. This is an important
message really. Don’t let bastards get you down. Is that alright? *laughter* Can I say that? You can say whatever you’d like.

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