William Painter Sunglasses Review | The Hook | Doctor Eye Health

William Painter Sunglasses Review | The Hook | Doctor Eye Health

so have you heard of William Painter
sunglasses? They’re a new trending pair of sunglasses that are made of titanium,
have polarized lenses and have a lifetime guarantee! Sound too good to
be true? well that’s why we’re doing the William painter sunglasses review. its
frame Friday! let’s take a look hey this is dr. Allen here from the Doctor
eye health show helping you learn all about the eyes, vision and finding the
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today on frame Friday we are reviewing William painter sunglasses and chances
are if you’ve already heard of these sunglasses it’s from their YouTube
William painter ad. William painter! they look good in board shorts and heading to
the boardroom. now the real value and William painters comes from their sales
promise that they are the most high quality most durable pair of sunglasses
that you can buy that come with a lifetime guarantee so if you somehow do
break them or even lose them they will replace them for you so I thought what
do I have to lose so I went and ordered a pair and now let’s go over
some of the pros and cons first thing I like is the different frame options they
have a wide selection different frames and they’re all very similar to other
popular famous brands on the market this frame just happens to look a lot like
ray-ban new Wayfarers this frame is actually called the hook and it is a
patented design that actually includes a bottle opener in the temple and yes, it
works. now this party trick works because the
temples are made with titanium which is very strong they’re certainly not the
only company or the first company to come up with using titanium in their
glasses but it does add to their durability the downside is that titanium
makes the glasses a little bit heavy however I do find that they’re very well
balanced and when you’re actually wearing them you can’t really tell that
they’re that heavy and they’re actually quite comfortable now yes the temples
are made of titanium but the front face is actually made of acetate so it
actually does have a little bit of flex to it and so when you’re wearing them
you can actually make adjustments to make them fit a little bit better but
honestly just taking them straight out of the package and then have to adjust
them at all they fit perfectly now when it comes to the lenses of William
painter sunglasses these ones are made of nylon which are actually better for
reducing your chance of developing scratches or
in breaking the lenses plus the lenses do offer 100% UVA and UVB light
protection which is really important to me as an eye doctor and the lenses are
polarized so it does a great job of reducing glare now as you see here I
ordered a red mirror lens they do have other options including blue and the
standard gray lens if you’re getting value out of this video smash that like
button for me otherwise let’s get back to the review now one of the downsides
is that this pair of sunglasses does not have a backside anti-reflective coating
very high-quality sunglasses usually have an anti-reflective coating
on the backside to prevent any sort of reflection of your own eye or any sort
of sunlight maybe coming from behind you otherwise it just bounces off that lens
and then go straight into your eye again I think if the William painter brand was
looking to up the quality of their lenses they’d simply just add an
anti-reflective coating and hey if you’re not true anti-reflective is or
how it benefits your glasses then you can check out my other video I’ll link
up here or in the description below about anti reflective lenses one more
downside to these frames is similar to a lot of other brands they include a logo
stamp of the logo in one of the far edges of the lenses it just happens to
be the William painter logo is rather large and while I’m wearing them I can
actually see this like distorted kind of blurry image up to the side and I find
it very distracting especially while I’m driving it’s almost like a bug is way up
there or maybe I have a large floater or something like that I suppose I could
just scratch off the logo or spray paint the whole thing and make it like a Casey Neistat frame. it’s certainly not a deal breaker but I do find a little bit
distracting but other than these two things the only other issue I had was
actually when ordering the lenses they actually sent me the wrong pair it
wasn’t really all that big of a deal it gave me a chance to maybe try out a
different frame of theirs which was sadly a little bit too big for me but
the quality was pretty much the same but now I can test the William painters
customer service and they were easy to work with and they got me the right pair
of sunglasses pretty quickly but honestly despite a few just minor flaws
and a few bumps in the road getting them I actually do really like these glasses
I do find them very comfortable I find them stylish and they do protect
my eyes plus they even have that lifetime guarantee which is pretty
attractive considering how expensive good-quality sunglasses can go the price
of these sunglasses has been changing I think almost a year ago they’re only
about $100 now they’re approaching 2 hundred so if you want to see updated
prices I have included a link in the description below if you want to check
them out so why ask questions the day what do you think of William painters
sunglasses have you tried them yourself and what’s the next frame
I should be reviewing? comment in the section below hey thanks for watching if
you liked the video give me a thumbs up and subscribe otherwise keep an eye on
it I’ll talk to you soon

44 thoughts on “William Painter Sunglasses Review | The Hook | Doctor Eye Health

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  3. Nice quick review. Thanks. Good to hear about a new brand – William Painter. Yes, anti-reflective glasses should be for both – the user side (inside of the lens) & for the outside. That big logo needs to shrink.

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    London calling , your fan from London !
    is IT ok with you to ask your advice,opinion and your thoughts BEFORE I get my glasses ??
    Let me know please

  5. Is there any recommendation for glasses always sliding down your nose? I’ve had many adjustments made to my glasses, but they still keep sliding down my nose.

  6. Nice vid, have you ever tried fuse lenses, they make replacement lenses for a bunch of sunglasses out there and they seem to have great lenses at least through my eyes.

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  11. Hey doc, havent checked out my eyes in a year or so, i've been using these glasses and i think that my sight has worsen. Im 17 and my eye sight is terrible.. i can even go as far as to say im probably an 8 or something, not sure how those are read but i have bad vision.. any tips on getting better eye sight without glasses? And is it possible for someone as low as me get 20/20? I really need this information

  12. It is interesting that the frame is such good quality but that they don’t offer the backside anti-reflective. It’s a deal-breaker for me – I’m a lens snob 😂 A video on diplopia would be interesting and helpful! I’m a licensed optician at Indiana University in the department of ophthalmology- double vision is always problematic and frustrating for both doctors and patients it seems.

  13. Thank you for your review! We apologize for sending you the wrong pair to begin with however they did look good on you 😉 We hope you keeping rocking our shades and we will definitely pass on your feedback.

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  16. Hey. I was thinking of a cool video idea you can do. A list of ways on how you can protect your eyes while gaming. I personally play on a pc and have to use a monitor that is really close so I think that video could be beneficial.

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