Will Mr. Bean be back? – BBC

Will Mr. Bean be back? – BBC

What about Mr. Bean, have you drawn a line under him no more Mr. Bean? I You know, I doubt that he will reappear but um, but you never know you must never The people have spoken yeah, quite quiet But you know, you must never say never again film, as Jeff mentioned So you must never say never but I you know you There does come a point when you feel as though you’ve done most of what you want to do with it And because it’s not based on language because it’s so physical mr. Bean it simply it’s popular everywhere Yeah, it is it has what we might call the global outreach. So are holidays a misery? Can you go anywhere? I can’t go to many places where you’re not recognized and It’s the yeah, the thing I find most tricky is when people don’t Recognize you particularly but half recognize you, you know, that strange thing where they go is that? Because it means they stare. They stare a lot and they just look Feeling I wish that person wouldn’t stare at me so, you know, I’d rather just you know, hold the flag saying yes yes, it’s me Few years ago there was I was in a Land Rover parts department near Peterborough the kind of place. You find me almost. Yes and waiting for car parts and car parts you guys hang around a lot because You know to get a part the guy has to go half a mile to the back of the warehouse and then come back again And he brings it back and he says this is — this is a left-hand one. Oh you wanted to right-hand one. Sorry. I’ll go… It takes forever. Anyway, I was standing around with with a group of guys and I could see this guy doing that And he came up to me after a while then he said, excuse me, I don’t know I never told you But you’re the absolute Spitting image of that. Mr. Bean. I Said well, actually, I am the actor who plays mr. Bean and he said I bet you wish you were Our conversation in which the more I tried to claim that I was the person Whom he thought I merely resembled less he believed me But what was funny was? How was how close he thought I was? He said the resemblance Have you ever thought of doing any and you know look-alike work Long as mr. Bean, he said cuz you could make an absolute fortune And I could tell after a while I had to bring the conversation to a close because Clean not only was he not believing me, but he was getting quite annoyed. I Was pursuing this line. I am Rowan Atkinson when and clearly he thought I was this total ass Bit like mr. Bean goes around the country actually claiming to be me

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  1. I can't imagine that the person who make us happy when we are sad, is getting old now….

    Pls. Stay strong for us😔

  2. They haven't explored an elderly Mr. Bean have they? It would be hilarious to see his take on that – and even having an elderly spouse to play off of as well. Plenty of geriatric subject matter to be explored.

  3. My family used to have a Mr Bean VCR when I was a toddler. I enjoyed and always stuck in front of the tv when they play it. Miss those days.

  4. Well I'm not nearly as famous as Rowan Atkinson: but I had to get to our concert and pas through " backstage security. Forgot my backstage pass but I'm with the other musicians and on the list so no problem. Apparantly the security guard had the instruction: no pass, no entry even its the pope or queen of England. But there was this huge board announcing the concert: so I pointed to the thing and my name and face was on it. Said to the guy: look there THIS face is printed in 20 by 10 meters and hangs on a poster on the concert hall. If you want that everybody in there waits another hour untill I get home, bring this bloody badge and show it to you. Well fine, but I'm calling the organisation to get me in. A lot off fuss organisation not possible to reach…. so no get in. Only after I showed my passport with my name and picture on it and a technician that passed that he probably knew said, Hi and my name and asked me " you can't get in" . He finally believed it and I got through.

  5. OK but my little brother is autistic and is OBSESSED WITH MR BEAN. He's been obsessed since he was a toddler, now he's 10. If he ever met rowan I wonder how he will react 😂😂 still waiting for that day to come

  6. To many shirt lifters on tv now, if you like this sort of rubbish then keep paying your illegibly enforced TV license.

  7. Mr. Bean was okay but Blackadder was comedic gold! I laugh just thinking about Speckled Jim. Thin Blue Line was another great one. The guy is a legend.

  8. Because we're reminiscing about our childhoods:
    Who of my British bros remembers Grandpa in my pocket?? 😂😂😂

  9. Out of 5m views, just 1k dislikes. Thats how people love Mr. bean. He made our childhood awesome. Love from India 🇮🇳

  10. Wow! I've never heard him speak (a whole sentence) until now! He's just as funny with words as he is without them!

  11. Cant stand the humour style of Mr Bean yet Blackadder is almost the opposite side of the spectrum , testament to his skill I guess but Blackadder all day for me.

  12. How can you possibly thank someone for bringing such joy and genius to the world while remaining humble? No words could ever suffice.

  13. wow rowan atkinson and jeff goldblum in the same interview. god damn graham has the best people together for interviews I swear

  14. Oh my god, this absolute madlad grew up so much, I love the memories when I watched the movies, omg im so happy, and crying at the same time :,)

  15. Those 1k unlike are not from his haters . those unlikes are from his lovers and fans who r frustrated hearing "May be Bean won't come again"

  16. Literally one month after this video he was kinda back as mr. Bean on the mr. Bean Youtube Channel to accept his diamond play button 😁

  17. Rowan Atkinson completed my childhood. I would get excited whenever my Papa puts the CD on the DVD player. He is the best and he never failed to make me laugh.

  18. i think he needs to pass the torch to someone whos younger than him or look for apprentice that will continue his legacy as mr. bean

  19. My childhood brain chooses old Rowan to be in new Mr. Bean "not-animated" series again.

    But my logic brain contradicts that it's time that he should let that go and be in his peaceful merry way while he still can.

    It's not like he's gonna pull off the "Robby Rotten" style of redoing his infamous work.

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