Why You Should Start Drawing

Why You Should Start Drawing

Let’s say you have never drawn before, used paint, or held a pencil. Why would you start drawing? Well you could really start for any reason. Maybe you want to make fan-art. Maybe you want to make your fantasies come to life. Draw your own characters and develop a story, or unleash your questionable imagination. Any reason is really good enough. As a kid I had an interest in art but I never really drew anything. And instead I would go on places like Deviantart to look at what other people were making. I didn’t really see myself as a creative person and I was often too insecure to make anything Because what if other people think it’s bad? Though later I did pick up drawing at around the age of 23; And although I can’t say I’m an amazing artist now, what I can say is, I have learned a lot just by pursuing drawing as a skill for example. Number one: Kids are stupid and any adult can learn to do what a kid can do within nanoseconds because all children are dumb! Adults seem to be particularly afraid of picking up new skills and although I can’t speak for every case, why I can speak from my own experience It’s easy to think man I used to wish I’d started drawing Five years, ago because by now I would be pretty good at drawing, but now I’m an adult and it’s too late, and I only have 60 more years to live, and I can never learn anything new again. (So Sad) But here are some things to consider: first off most people will try out one thing, and then when they fail, they quit. This is where the line is drawn for most people. Drawing is valuable, because you’re going to make a ton of failures. In fact, every drawing you make will probably have some sense of failure to it, but only because you are growing through that failure. As a complete beginner, you can probably look at your drawing, and tell it is a bad, but maybe you’re not sure what, is wrong with it. But if you continue on you’re going to get some clues. “What if I did it like this instead?” and suddenly every failure starts to feel less and less like a disaster and more like a learning experience. And I know I would much rather have a drawing that turned out, bad that I learned from, than a drawing I was afraid to continue on because i was afraid I would ruin it. And here’s one thing, as a complete beginner to drawing, you can actually have an upper hand over people who have drawn for a long time. In art there are things called the fundamentals of art: anatomy, perspective, color theory, etc. What if you took one week every day to try and draw a human body? Well, no matter what you’re going to know a lot more about the human, body than you did before. you can You can approach drawing, using direction. Why not tackle things like, anatomy, perspective, and drawing forms? Although, some people can say,”I have drawn my entire life.” That doesn’t mean they’re actually good at drawing. Because they might have just never tried to actually improve. And if you start drawing as a kid, something like drawing anatomy in perspective might not just sound fun so they never do it. But tackling a skill like drawing as an adult, as an adult you can look at things more objectively and say so this is what i have to do to get better So let’s say you start drawing today, and try something like perspective you’re already going to be ahead of a lot of people who have drawn for a long time and never tried it. If you’re an adult who wants to learn how to draw despite no experience or creativity, you can do it, it’s a learned, skill just like anything else. Number two: Finally you can learn how to learn. What does it take to be good at something? “Well,” someone might say, “we are just naturally born with it.” people are just naturally good at art, music, sports, and whatever. But they might not be as inclined to say people are naturally, born knowing how to play guitar, or how to speak foreign languages. Someone might be naturally talented at picking something up, but they’re not going to inherently know something. Actually what it sounds more like is that these people have a genuine interest in something and they are willing to continuously pursue it. The end result might be something, like playing the guitar or speaking a foreign language, but to us it seems a very sudden because, we don’t have to see the struggle or thought process that they go through with learning it. I wouldn’t say natural talent doesn’t exist But I would say, no one has ever gone far with just natural talent. Anyone who practices something is going to go further than any initial spurt of,”Oh yeah, I kind of get it.” Along with that I would probably say that all skills are “meta skills.” For example, someone who has already studied a language before, they’re going to know how to approach learning another language or a new skill, like music, or drawing. There’s the secret about all those artists and creative people you look up to they are not gods, they are human beings like yourself. Meaning if they can learn to do it, you can learn to do it too. But, here’s the issue, it’s going to take time, and work, and studying as hard as they did Number three: You can learn to see with your, eyes because your brain will make you blind. This might sound strange to a lot of people or, stupid? But there’s this thing the human brain naturally does where it quickly processes information around us. So you might look out and quickly see things as trees, road, grass, rocks. This makes sense because no one would ever want to go to a Beach and be like,”Hey everybody stop calling it sand, we have to account for the unique individuality of each mineral!” So most of the time most of us see the world like this. Because we don’t really take enough time to perceive things as they really are. Have you ever looked out over the horizon and seen that shadows aren’t always black? Look at how blue these shadows are. But a beginner artist would draw them as black. That colors like black and white really are quite hard to find in nature and even the white in an eye is not completely white. Or look at how weird feet are. Feet look really dumb. I don’t like feet. This plays a role in drawing, because this is how A lot of us first approach drawing. For example, if a complete beginner were to draw a hand, a person, or an eye right now, odds are it would look, like this. But this is not what things actually look, like. These are used symbols of objects that exist in our heads. So instead when you start drawing, really try and look at what you are observing. Treat a hand like you have never seen one before, like it’s an alien being from another planet, and then draw that. Of course you don’t need any of this to be more perceptive, you don’t need drawing. But I don’t think I would appreciate the colors, and forms, and environments of nature without drawing and painting, and I wouldn’t appreciate the art that others make as much. I like looking at a lot of art where it’s drawings, comics, animation, or video games. And being able to express art also helps you with analyzing the art that others make. Number four: A sketchbook, is like a visual journal. I particularly like drawing as a skill, because you have your own improvement visualized before your eyes. Of course you’re going to see improvement with other things, like learning a language or getting fit. But it’s also quite nice to have a trail of progress behind you. A drawing is going to show all of your skills right there before your eyes. Which might be harder to approximate with another thing. Drawing has played a huge role in my own personal growth. Because it does require changing yourself a bit to be able to improve. You’re going to learn, how to deal with critique how, to give critique, how to approach problem-solving, and rational thinking. And it’s also pretty great to look back at the drawings you’ve made. Even the ones you didn’t like. Because you can still remember how it made you feel, and what you tried to communicate with it. In fact, that’s how I started drawing I didn’t have any big goals of big environments or portraits every, day My first goal was to doodle things and eventually I would have a collection of daily doodles; so don’t be afraid to start small. Because if you went to be gym for the first time and you were pressured to lift the heavy weights you would probably never come back. First off, just get acquainted with drawing comfortably. Can you make straight lines? Can you draw over those lines and make both lines just as straight? This might sound like small stuff but it’s actually pretty important if you, have, never drawn, before then, you’re probably, going to need some time just getting comfortable with drawing with a pencil drawing freely and drawing with confidence even professional artists regularly practice this kind of stuff A final chapter: It’s not really just about drawing. You don’t have to pick up drawing, but in my view having a hobby is very important. Hobbies and interests are what makes you an interesting person, and without them you’re just kind of bland. I can personally recommend drawing because that’s what i have experience with and it’s because it blends into mediums I enjoy. Like art, and animation, and games. I can’t promise you will immediately be good at art. In fact it might take several years. Th– I would consider drawing to be a meta skill that’s going to improve on a lot of things beyond just drawing. It’s going to teach you how to teach yourself to solve your problems and how to develop as a person. To deal with failure, to progress, how to handle projects. You can try out drawing and if you don’t like it then no big deal, try something different. But no matter what hobby you pick up there’s not going to be an easy one or a shortcut that gets you good. They’re all going to be different kinds of difficult and even tougher if you have, no interest in them to begin with. But I would also like to say when you pick up something new or different, you’re not going to immediately fall in love and be passionate about that hobby it’s actually, going to be tough for a first few days or weeks or months. And sometimes it takes learning how to love something. At some point you will just know; having learned what I’ve learned so far, do I actually want to keep doing this? Seeing what others are doing with it, is that something I want to do? What could I see myself doing with this, and knowing how far I want to reach, is it worth it? I can’t answer those questions, But make sure you keep moving and not just ponder the possibilities all day Just do something, and figure it out as you go along. Hey, thanks for listening, if you enjoyed this content, then you can support me on Patreon, and I also have a second YouTube channel where I do more lower quality content like play video games. There will be more videos in the future and not just about drawing, just whatever I feel like, but see you until then!

100 thoughts on “Why You Should Start Drawing

  1. Stopped painting for a while because I could never get what was in my head on paper.

    This video was what I needed to start back.

  2. it's really strange, I know far too many people who just stop after the first few attempts at something new. I'll admit I used to be like this until I did an experiment where I wanted to see how long it takes to improve a skill little by little. In reality, we all have this ability to continue learning even as adults. If you want o learn something, just do it. You will fail, it will be uncomfortable, but over time you will improve.

  3. I started drawing at the beginning of this year, and I am shocked how far I already came, and the fact that this is the first time in my entire life that I myself genuinely think my drawings are good, makes me feel confident for once.

  4. 4:50 can relate to this because once, I learned how to juggle and my teacher said just do it, don't use your brain 😂

  5. I love this video since it's on point, and also relatable xD

    The one thing I don't like, and this is about people who draw a lot, and mainly the ones who are on youtube; when they're showing old sketchbooks, and with every single drawing it's always like:
    "Oh this one is sooo bad… what was I thinking, my god?!" etc. and I'm like: really? This was your skill at the time.
    Every single time when I hear something like this I can always imagine their passed self looking from above (just bear with me here), holding that specific drawing
    feeling so proud of it back then, but now: having that one tear after hearing their future self talking about their own hard work.

    I find it unfair towards themselves. Drawing is a skill, you progress, you learn and you grow; I hope that one day, when I have progressed with drawing, that I will never forget where I came from.

  6. I fall into the category of someone who drew ALOT when I was young then like abandoned it for like 17 years (I drew on and off). I quit art school after a year to pursue a more "guaranteed" lucrative career and that had a lot to do with me avoiding doing art over the years. It just reminded me I abandoned my dream. I can do some great art, problem being, they have to be in my comfort zone. Anything out of it and its shit. So I would always stick to my comfort zone. Im 37 now and dedicated to bringing myself out of mediocrity in terms of art and starting over from the beginning. My wife is like, why did you buy this stack of beginner art books? Youre a great artist! It's like yeah, Im a great artist compared to you and there are ALOT of things Im really bad at I should be good at.

    Another thing that can screw you up, is PRAISE from non-artists. I was convinced I had some rare innate talent that can't be learned and I would just magically get better and better with age. The latter is true to a point. I think it just has to do with having more visual information in your brain over time. When I first picked up a pencil and started seriously drawing again recently, I was like wow, I am better than I was before with no practice. Then it hit me, how much better would I be if I was drawing this whole time and working on the things I wasnt good at? Now with the internet in full swing, Im seeing people who never drew at all, then after 5 years are friggin amazing and far better than me. Its a big ego hit that brings you down to size. I realize I never had a talent..I just drew since I was little so was just obviously better than my peers because I consistently did it and they didn't and since I rarely drew from my early 20's to now and when I did, I stuck to my comfort zone, I never improved the fundamentals, I just got a little better at what was already in my wheelhouse.

  7. "Feet are really dumb" while Satie plays in the background is the most artistic and emotional editing choice since the dawn of YouTube

  8. Yo siempre he intentado dibujar porque me encanta los dibujos realistas/animados pero me frustró y al final lo termino abandonando para hacer esto debes tener mucha motivación si no, no sirve de nada 🤷

  9. Why would any human being draw? Because… that's one of the things that human beings do. People have been scratching in the dirt, making impressions in clay, and painting on walls… since there have been people, it seems. Just as people learn to talk and may never be great speakers or voice actors, people learn to draw who may never draw anything other people care to see. People don't stop talking because most people don't care what they have to say. Children all draw with little regard for who has the best work. But as people grow older in many cultures they stop drawing, mostly. People should draw because the act of creating symbolic representation is a fundamental human trait.

  10. awesome video. very inspiring. I thought about this points for some time and considered drawing for a few months now. I really needed this video to recap on all the reasons and the tips you gave on starting are awesome.

    In my opinion there is one exception: singing. i know it goes against everything you said but 99.3% of the population will just never get it.

  11. Oh,
    This is directed towards people who are interested in doing art but don’t feel like they can (or whatever), not trying to convince people who aren’t really interested in it that they should do it anyway.
    That explains why I was confused.

  12. Look at how weird feet are
    Feet look really dumb
    I don't like feet

    This genuinely made me laugh because I hate drawing feet
    there so many good things in this video

  13. Look at how weird feet are
    Feet look really dumb
    I don't like feet

    This genuinely made me laugh because I hate drawing feet, they just never look right
    there so many good things in this video

  14. Well I am not an adult yet so I can not learn as fast as them 🙁
    I wish I had a better art style

  15. How did you feel insecure as a kid? When i was a kid i didn't think of anything i just draw and draw. Nobody motivated me nor told me bad stuffs though

  16. I started drawing quite a while ago, but I was still eager as hell to watch this.

    Love your videos, I always learn something I never realized before!

  17. 9:36 – "I also have a second YouTube channel where I do more lower quality content like; play video games."
    How to roast all gaming channels in just one sentence 😂

  18. 5:35 I always found animals who walk in four paws with two different pair of them weird, until o realized. COMPARE HANDS AND FEET OMG WAT

  19. Thank you for this video. This goes well beyond drawing, and goes to the core of learning anything new. I am teaching myself guitar as an adult, and also drawing again. To all of you that are thinking about starting something…START. To all of you that have started something, CONTINUE. To all of you that have fallen, GET UP. Love to all of you.

  20. Seeing things as they really are is why I love weed. When high I see every detail in everything and can get “lost” staring at something simple like a wall

  21. I'm 24 and I just starting to learn today! I bought a sketchpad, pencils and a cheap drawing pad to get me started. I just made an instagram to record my progression if anyone is interested to come with me on this journey! – @krisuchan_

  22. Some weeks ago I had seen this show up in recommended, but I didn't click on it for some reason. Guess because I am already dead set on my reason to draw.
    It's been about 4 and a half months since I started drawing and it's a lot rougher than I thought it'd be, not just in terms of how hard it is, but just the mental. Seeing amazing pieces gets me thinking "look how much is going on here, I couldn't even get that eye shape down if I tried, let alone the rest of the body and the crazy colour work". I have a few doubts (which is a normal thing for all of us really) but start regretting not starting sooner really really hard. For some reason I feel like I have to get to a level I consider 'good' to myself within a few years because I don't want to be "old" when I get good. I know its stupid as all hell but I cannot shake that feeling. I don't think I ever will. Makes for a great motivator though.
    Hearing another person who started at 23 just makes me a little happier. I guess just seeing so many 18 year olds and 21 year olds make these god tier pieces just boosts my regret even more, but just to hear of another person starting at 23 is just nice.
    Really pointless comment, that's all I wanted to say. Thanks for this video, it's kinda helped a bit lol

  23. Pre-Video Comment: I really dislike arty things. But hey, I'll give this a chance.

    Post-Video Edit: Alright. I'm convinced. I'm gonna find an online art fundamentals course and start drawing.

  24. Great video, man. I love this message, it’s so so important. It’s truly never too late to start something new, and no one is automatically a pro at anything. Thank you for making this.

  25. Somehow the first time I watched this my earphones decided to only let me hear the background music
    Me first time watching video: I don’t understand what’s going on
    Me after replugging earphones: OH MY HE TALKS

  26. "Kids are Stupid and Any Adult can Learn to do what a Kid can do Within Nanoseconds because all Children are Dumb"

    Languages: Am I a joke to you?

  27. i started learning about perspective when i was 8 or so then i started learning about anatomy when u was around 11 but my art is still shit because i have a bad habit of drawing a lot for a few days then getting burnt out for a long time

  28. I love that last line. "Just do something, and figure it out as you go along". It holds so true. Ive wanted to be able to draw since kinedergarten, and now im 19 an i just started to doodle stuff while watching youtube, and now Im not very good at it, but Im still seeing improvements. Thats just the most motivating thing

  29. Why you should start drawing?
    So the eraser can erase more lines 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭

  30. i like how you talk. you made me realize i was being hard on myself for not getting better at art soon even though I picked it up at a later age. Thanks

  31. 0:48 Excuse me, um….I am a “kid” my dad can’t learn how to turn the FRIKIN air conditioning on, I figured it out myself. Fight me if you want to.

  32. I used to teach IT to beginners. It was a 65+ class.
    We had a lady who picked up IT at the age of… 99.
    While the 65 y.o.'s were whinning at being too old lol

  33. The ironic thing for me is when it comes to drawing, I started drawing because I was a huge fan of van Gogh/nature, but I can only draw how I want to draw when i truly stop analysing with my brain and paint with eyes by drinking win. Not vodka or any other kind of alcohol just red vine. It's like it stops my brain from analysing after 3 glasses, and I can finally see what am drawing and not what I think I'm drawing

  34. You know, I am a mathematician at heart. I have no interest in becoming an artist in the sense that that word is usually used. I would probably never use any of these skills if I were to learn them. The contents of this video are of no practical use to me in any way.

    But they inspire me to keep improving at what I'm doing. Well done and thank you.

  35. I can also say that don't forget about sleep.
    When you sleeping, your brain works with information and because of this, you can find that after sleeping you become better at somethx… Don't need to thank me, that Lesson 0, which known by eweryone. yep, eWery, but every too.

  36. I have been drawing since I was a child, but it's only recently I learned about perspective lol. Really interesting. Also I had been thinking about (finally) studying how to draw proper anatomy but school had me busy.

    Edit: Yeah, I sometimes just stare at stuff around me and notice colors and shapes. Trying to memorize how shadows fall on things in case I later want to draw them. And sometimes I stare at my hands and feet and think of how weird they are if you think about it.

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