Why I’m Shaving All My Hair Off!

Why I’m Shaving All My Hair Off!

k i’m going to put it on. oh my god. oh my god. psych! no yes! psych! i am going to shave my hair. but i’m going to shave it on April 24th, 2013 so i had a few more weeks until that happens umm. I’m shaving my head. and a lot of you guys are probably going to freak out as to why I would do something so stupid light keeps changing because it’s daylight behind me. yeah! I’m shaving my head. i’ve always wanted to. it’s on my list of things to do. and basically my bucket list. i don’t know if you guys have a bucket list of things to do before you die but i’ve had one for a while and I like checking stuff off. for those of you who don’t know who i am i’m Shameless Maya you can watch my first video right here now you’re probably asking himself why
would she shave all that gorgeous, voluptuous, hair. of her head. and i’m doing it because we as women especially women place too much of our self worth who we are, our femininity in our hair and this whole shameless journey of mine is overcoming my shame, my embarrassment of who I am and what I have to offer. and since starting this chanel, I got a lot of attention thanks to this (points to hair). I feel like this hair is a crutch. i feel like a lot of people define who
iam by this and i’m not my hair. i’m not my hair. my hair is not me. my hair is a part of me i love myself i love my hair but i wanna prove to myself that i am enough being fearless, being shameless, i’m going to do it, i’m going to cut it all off. oh and another reason another reason that sparked this whole bald eagle movement was a comment that I got on a YouTube video. my first curly video that i did and she must have been 12 or 16 years old but anyways, this young girl had cancer and had to shave off all her hair and go through the chemotherapy and i thought to myself, while she was writing me, admiring my hair meanwhile she’s been through i don’t even know I could not believe this young girl
has been through so much cancer is a huge weight to cary but on top of that losing your hair and as I had mentioned before a lot women define being a women with their hair. It took me back and I said to myself, WOW! and then i watch an episode of Fear Factor Joe Rogan, I love you boo one of the challenges was the couple had shaved their hair if they
wanted to advance to the next round and it was a woman and a guy and the guy had no problem but the woman she was having a huge moral dilemma because she has to right there and then shave her head. she was tempted to walk away from the challenge but she said, “what lesson would I be teaching my girls at home to walk away from something because i’m afraid of losing my hair so she shave her hair shaved her eyebrows and i thought it was so empowering and i remember when i watched that i said to myself i am shaving my head at the end of my one year shameless anniversary. so yeah, it’s all going to come off April 24th, I’m going to film it live and you are all going to see me. i might laugh, i might cry, i might even have a wrinkly prune head i don’t know. no, i don’t think my head is wrinkly. but we’ll see what my head looks like. oh my god it’s going to be so scary! so yeah. i’m shaving my hair off, I’m going to donate it to an awesome charity. i was thinking of Locks of Love donating my hair there because it’s going to be coming off April 24th i am going to be completely utterly hair shameless for you guys. so every Thursday, make sure you tune in i’m going to try and upload those every thursday, so look forward to videos every Thursday and I’m going to be posting a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot of hair stuff, so that’s coming your way and what’s going to happen when I’m bald? what’s going to happen to my channel? For my curly heads i will be bringing other curlies on like i brought my friends on, i’m going to bring on other people i might even bring you guys. i’m going to have you know, an open call, some auditions, for you guys to come on my channel and share your hair tips with the rest of the world there’s still going to be curly. i’m going to still “spice” it up for you but i’m also going to do more stuff, photography, umm…i want to do artists feature so i’m going to bring artist that you know, watch my channel, feature them here, i wanna put a lot of new york “cats” (people) on my channel and yeah! i just want to spread the love and for now I’m uploading every thursday for
sure with a bonus video sometime when i have free time during the week (thinking) Monday? is that reasonable? Maya? you’ll see a second video sometime during the week so yeah! that’s why i’m shaving my hair. It’s a testament to myself to prove something to myself i like doing things that I’m afraid of doing because, once i get over the hurdle, it’s all good! and fear is crippling, fear holds you back fear is a piece of shit okay so i don’t think people should live in fear i especially do not want to live in fear i’m going to be bald. but i’m also going to wear my wigs. for those of you that don’t know i have a crazy wig collection. (searching) some of my crazy wigs i still keep them all in their cases, two, three four, my purple one my lace front, oh shoot! i have like twenty oh you remember her another blonde. i’m going to be sporting more wigs on my channel, not because i hate my bald head but because i love wigs and figure out who the hell you are figure it out you know develop a relationship with
you, yeah sure go buy some makeup and some nice clothes because that is important and i’m not going to front and lie and sit hear and say that it’s not important because boo we are living in the world of the material and these eye balls like to stare and look. yeah do all that but also read a book you know, go live your life go do something you’re afraid of doing how do you expect to grow how do you
expect a better yourself better the world, better your life do you think it is going to happen you actually have to put in some work and develop your character and develop
who you are because relying and being comfortable and sitting back is not cute it’s lazy that is not growth that is lazy and you know pay your dues i’m going to be lazy when i’m like eighty your life is meant to be lived. your life is meant to do the things that you need to do because guess what, you’re going to die you are going to die! i am going to die
and it will be over life continues you know i believe in God and the spirit and all that stuff. it will be a different experience but while i’m here on earth living in the flesh, yeah i want to live yeah i want to overcome my fears, yeahi want to like live it up so just keep that in mind the next time you say to yourself i’m afraid guess what boo? you’re going to die! so… live it up. don’t do anything that’s going to hurt yourself or other people get to know who you are okay because once you figure that out you are good you are all good, okay! so peace love and happiness and do you baby boo the t-shirt is coming out everything is
coming out let me know what you want. give it to me, give it to me give it to me i miss and love you stay shameless okay! music by Jay Ellyiot check out some of my previous videos yo! make sure you subscribe and i love you i love you

100 thoughts on “Why I’m Shaving All My Hair Off!

  1. I found myself watching again your videos posted 2 or 3 years ago and still enjoying them. Maya : i love you. You are such an amazing woman, inspiring, authentic, true, generous and above all beautiful. Extremely beautiful. I Love you. Rose from Paris 🗼❤.

  2. LOL…Wow..you do have really great head of hair..I 1st saw you with short hair. Few years ago I cut of a beautiful head of hair that was down my back..not bald tho..just very short..I loved it! People who knew me FREAKED but once they got over the shock they liked it..and I was still ME..lol

  3. I'm really glad I found this! I've been envying my husband's shaved head for sometime and have contemplated doing this and everyone discouraged me. But I decided I'll do it. And Internet land brought me to this and confirmed my decision. We are women and we are beautiful despite long hair and make up and whoever decided we should worry ourselves with that stuff! No hate to women who wish to express with long hair and makeup. I've been that girl and undoubtedly be that girl again, but it's nice to try all the options ! 😚

  4. omg why are you shaving all your hair of????? also you have lovely hair are you sure you wont to do that?????????????????? also please oh please sub to me!

  5. i want to cut my hair off but i don't wear makeup and i really don't want to lol and i don't want to look like a dude. idk yet

  6. Easy for some to say 🙁 my hair is thinning/receding (probably from my old diet of not eating much/good) and I feel so depressed because I loved my hair :'( and it's not gonna just magicaly un-recede, that's not possible without hair implants 🙁 and i'm so pissed. I don't want to wear wigs/weaves because that isn't MY hair 🙁 I can't part them, go swimming, or feel my scalp in the wind with those on… I'd rather go hide in a corner than go bald. I'm not shaming women/men who have no hair, but MY hair is important to me, I love it, style it, etc and if I lose it I think I might go insane and go through dark times.

  7. I want to buzz my hair to a #2 but my mum won't let me. I'm a 15 year old girl and I own some clippers that I use for my undercut. Should I just buzz my hair off? My mum will get over it soon. And it's hair it grows back. I don't like having long hair it's annoying for me. And last year my mum made me grow out my pixie cut. What do you think I should do? I know I'm being stupid by asking you this question but I'm desperate.

  8. Shaving your hair as a women is a highly spiritual journey. It is highly valued and celebrated in many Afro Caribbean religions.

  9. Thanks Maya for making this video and motivating me. This was exactly what I needed 3 years ago when I decided to do the big chop.😊❤

  10. This video was so needed. I'm planning to chop my hair next year and I've been watching a bunch of videos in preparation. A lot of them scare me and almost make me reconsider. This video reminded me of why I'm doing this chop: To LIVE. I don't want to let this life pass me by without really experiencing it. I know this video is old, but thank you Maya ☺️✨

  11. Maya,

    thank you for sharing. i suffer from alopecia areata (an auto immune disease that attacks my hair folicles) i used to have thick healthy hair and edges and now theyre both thinned out. seeing my hair fall out in the shower in clumps has been really devastating and traumatic. but this video and your i shave off all my hair video kind of gave me hope to keep on. when my body recieves the right signals and my hair finally grows back i will shave it off. its just hair. it shouldnt define me as a person. thank you.

  12. I wouldn't have shaved my head either. Takes some people forever to grow and certain people feel certain natural features complete them…..

  13. Omg . Since the day I saw your video I loved your shameless, you made me think about all the things I'm capable to do but because of fear i have not done yet , but after this video all make sense… thank you so much for your. Beautiful words 😍😍😍😘😘… my inspiration to start living my life the way I want it

  14. Would you be able to talk to someone who was thinking about shaving their hair? I'm tired of getting my hair cut and crying after because I hate how it looks. I hate that my hair has that much power over my emotions.

  15. I'm 15 yrs old & I've honestly thought about shaving ALL of my hair off but I just don't know what's holding me back. Your video is trully inspiring & I wish I would have the courage you have. My hair is just as curly as yours but I can't imagine myself without it. I believe if I do it I'll definitely learn more about myself but honestly I'm scared.

  16. i have trichotillomania and i badly want to shave my hair but im afraid that i might judge by the people around me help me please

  17. When a black girl has the courage to over look The racism and critics about black hair, and and say fuck European standards of beauty and become natural that's powerful !!!! You fit the European standards of beauty (light and loose curls ) and u have not been told from birth that ur hair needs to be mixed to be beautiful. So of course you can say it's just hair! It's not just hair!!

  18. I remeber when I shaved my head in 2nd grade. It sucked I got teased a lot. People treated me differently. Update: I'm in 6th grade now.

  19. I have a disease called alopecia universalis, which means I don't grow hair anywhere on my body. I have been bald for a long time and for a while I wore wigs, because I was self-conscious. But just recently I stopped because I loved myself and knew that my baldness was a huge part of my personality. Hairstyle can define a persons personality, and the way I was living was not me, so I stopped wearing the wig and now I'm so much more comfortable with my life. I also don't wear make up, not that I think it's bad, just that it's also not me. I do sometimes wear mascara and I'm trying to get into the habit (my eyelashes are still there but my natural hair color is blond) and I always forget to wear it, because I don't think it's an important part of my personality. Wear what you want to wear and be who you want to be, just like she said, you're going to die, don't waste most of you're life thinking of you're appearance to others. I believe in God and that he made us the way we're meant to be, so stop worrying about others and more about yourself! Thank you for reading this and I hope you love yourself.

  20. hi i just subscribed …. i love u already …. you're on my top 3 of favorite yotuber's OMG NO SERIOUSLY. i shaved my head and im white so of course ppl had a weird outlook on my style and was made fun of then others loved it and i seriously agree with you. now i know my face is gorgeous and i discovered new beauty about myself. you are so beautiful iside and out girl. im about to watch a ton of videos lol =]

  21. you are so inspiring I LOVE YOU!!! I love watching your videos girl you are a WAKE UP CALL in human form. You are beautiful. thank you and i love you #beshameless

  22. It's been a year since I watched this video for the first time, and I was wishing I could be as confident as you, thinking like you. In a couple of days, I'm going to shave my hair and you're part of this. You're so inspiring, thank you so much.

  23. The first video I wached with Shameless Maya! I am so happy I found this video one year ago! This video inspired me to shave my hair off to! 🙂

  24. I'm going to be shaving my half of my hair off and seeing you do this to your hair I don't feel so nervous anymore so thank you so much 😊❤️💯

  25. Came here cause I want to cut all of my hair off again. I love having hair but I'm just tired of managing it. It was kind of liberating not feeling devoted to it. Will definitely cut it off and just wear wigs again.

  26. I'm cutting my hair and my hair is silky curly it looks exactly like yours in this video gave me confidence that I would still be pretty

  27. I’ve wanted to do this for months but didn’t have the nerve when I first began wanting to do it.
    So I dyed it blue, then pink, then it was grey, now it’s kind of green.
    and I still want to shave it all off…
    Guess I’m shaving my head

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