Why Artists Get Depressed...You'll Be SURPRISED!!!

Why Artists Get Depressed…You'll Be SURPRISED!!!

peace and thinit waters diving deep once again we're out here we're nature baby I got some leaves kissing my neck feels good whoa breathing in that good ass prana baby why artists get depressed oh you'll be surprised and we even had breakfast yet can I get a hello there we finally got on snapchat what is it good ass prana what say it again good ass prana huh say it again ah good ass prana seven day vegan challenge I'm going to be putting tons of what I eat kind of stuff they're like mangoes papaya things of that nature but today let's talk about depression I say if you are depressed put your hand up if you are depressed right now you don't want to put it up do you you you you think it's not cool okay put your hand up if you've ever been depressed no goodness gracious I'm not gonna judge you okay I've been depressed I get depressed from time to time do you know what happens when you say depress what it means if you say depress phonetically it means depressed so I always tell people if you are just taking a break you're depressed you're depressed and you don't even know it depression in fact is perfectly healthy in fact I tell people it's a key ingredient to helping people become their greatest versions depression is a great time for reflection tuning yourself but moreso thinking why did I just do that now there is healthy depression which we will all experience and it's natural but there is also what I call prolonged deep rest or prolonged depression which does not serve us in helping us become our greatest version now a lot of artists suffer from what I call prolonged oppression and I got a question in why all of these celebrities these artists a lot of people you see who they appear to have everything why they so depressed why do they have this prolonged depression so let me give you the five main reasons why artists get depressed and it all starts with this let's start with the first one see a lot of artists they identify with their depression they forget that they are not their depression so a lot of artists when I talk of an artist I'm not just talking about someone who sings or writes or draws I'm talking about you because we are all artists but a lot of artists who are involved in the creative process they identify with their body of work it's what I call the masterpiece and a lot of artists can't get over the masterpiece so if you're a singer for example you might write a song and then you might have to sing it a thousand times and you might be you might be saying I'm a terrible person and you're repeating that over and over and you start believing that not realizing it's just a phase it's just like a cloud is just passing through and you are not that depression which you are singing about mmm slow motion that side a lot of people say I'm like this I'm never gonna change once again if you say I am depressed whatever you say you will become if you say I am taking a break now you start to become your greatest version but you see a lot of artists get depressed because they identify with what they put out maybe their material their content also their words when that is not who they are you see I'm not my videos I am infinite energy having a human experience can I get a hello bear and it feels fantastic second reason why artists get depressed is because let's face it they're eating a lot of processed foods you see along my early journey I was there I was at Burger King I was at all of these fast-food joints eating a lot of beef a lot of chicken and I felt terrible in fact I was in a prolonged state of deep rest why cuz I was on the toilet couldn't go anywhere you see so what happened with me I realized that there's a science to this you see and it's all about eating more serotonin boosting foods 7 day vegan challenge what am i eating right now let's talk about the bananas high in tryptophan which produces the serotonin you're gonna feel better let's talk about the cacao once again high in tryptophan you're gonna feel better gonna release all of these powerful endorphins let's talk about the leafy greens watercress most nutrient dense vegetable in the world you see a lot of artists maybe you're an artist right now where you are an artist but let's just say this you see you're so busy all the time you're rushing you don't even have time to take care of your body temple vehicle and that was me a lot my early journey I was rushing I was studying I was working so much working like 12-hour days so I didn't even take time to see what I was putting into my mouth and then when I realized that okay how I was feeling had something to do with what I was eating well I got some strawberries and put them in my mouth and then I got up and the rest is history right now a lot of artists get depressed the third reason because they sell their souls a lot of celebrities you've had people like kW Kanye West say I sold my soul for a crappy deal all I got was a few toys and a happy meal now this is art so people can say whatever they want but I do know being a producer but also being also in the music industry early on my career right not career we don't even have a career just my whole early life right that you see a lot of artists they sign a deal and for that deal they are promised lots of riches lots of treasures I was given a deal they said Ralph if you sign this deal I'm gonna make you the richest man alive do you know what I said I got nature baby whoa I got a nature baby and they were like that's right Ralph let's move on to the next person because when you are in nature you realize you got everything you need when you are around the right people you realize you've got everything you need you see Jim Carrey said I wish everybody could get rich so they would know that money having lots of money is not the answer you see so a lot of artists get depressed because once again they can't the fourth reason say what they want what happened to the artists like 2pac Bob Marley Lauryn Hill John Lennon all of these amazing artists Julie Garland who had a message in their songs who one afraid to speak their minds nowadays a lot of artists are scaredy cats don't worry I used to be one too do you know that it took me a lot of courage to really speak my mind to say actually do you know that the world we live in is not what it appears to be so I realized that and I said wait a minute a lot of people are meeting also feel this way and it has something to do with your third eye so I started to talk about the third eye right a lot of people were like oh my gosh but you see I made it popular but not only that that's what an artist a true artist will do and now you're not not is your wizard because you don't just talk about what people want you talk about what you want but also what is the truth – you see a lot of artists once again they hide their voice okay the fourth reason let's talk about it they hide they can't speak their voice is silenced that's why a lot of artists they get tired of just creating and playing it safe so everybody claps oh that's a good job now I'm gonna tell you about the third eye DMT marijuana also about seven day vegan challenge that I'm a vegan that over 64 billion animals are killed every single year I'm not afraid why because once again I didn't sign on the dotted line but more so this is what a wizard does you see a wizard 50 zijn why a lot of artists get depressed is because they say to the audience are you not entertained and the audience kindly replies no I'm not entertained and the artisans don't you love me it's like requiem for a dream see the old woman looking back when she was famous and stuff you are already a star you don't need to be validated externally to you now a lot of artists that fifth reason a lot of artists create for an audience let's talk about the four levels of awareness consciousness you've got the drone which is an individual who is under perpetual mind control and external distractions right they're drinking the kool-aid let's talk about the artist someone who is now speaking about their experiences and then the alchemist someone who is healing themselves by sharing with the world and then the wizard who basically creates their own rules that is the highest level of creation you see a lot of artists what they do is that they create solely for people to observe their masterpiece and that is why they are pressed a lot of people say Ralph I love I love you video I say which one because you see when you become a wizard which is the highest level of creativity you might just create five things at once and put it out there right you might just throw five coins at once and say catch one but the artist only throws one up and says catch it but the artist is looking to say okay did you see what I just put out if it doesn't go well like a lot of singers don't get a number one hit what happens they feel the press they feel tired they feel unloved you got to realize this the greatest relationship you can have is with yourself and that is what all Wizards know if you are depressed right now it is beautiful because guess what everybody gets depressed because all depression means is depressed but if you have prolonged deep rest or depression the five reasons are once again you think you are depression solution depression is like a cloud it passes away second reason you are consuming junk therefore you will feel like junk solution 7 day vegan challenge eat your leafy greens third reason you're selling your soul you're not doing what you know you came here to do solution break free of all contracts become independent fourth reason why artists get depressed you are hiding away your powerful voice solution start talking about things that even the cat down the road is going to be like now right just say spill the beans you know you want to fifth reason why artists get depressed because they want people to say I'm so entertained by you realize this you've gotta realize happiness starts within and you've got to learn how to entertain yourself first and foremost create for yourself first and you will be well on your way to becoming your greatest version we're out here baby whoa breathing in that good-ass prana baby infinite waters diving deep once again stay well stay healthy peace you

32 thoughts on “Why Artists Get Depressed…You'll Be SURPRISED!!!

  1. I feel like if People but a label on you and say you Will be like this forever, it stops you from being a better version of yourself. Labels is a snapshot in time, not a forever Thing ☺️ Always be your Best version No matter what People say to you.

  2. Omgggg im that ARTIST Ralph..can be very DEPRESSINGGGG sometime..trying to make it ALL so PERFECTTTT till the end result..but trying hard to CALM it down with NATURE and good DIET Ralph..yes it work..THANK u soooo Ralph..AWESOME video this one here..greetings from SINGAPORE!!!!!!

  3. Being a 'starving' artist doesn't help my depression any. I'm tired of waiting to be successful. I know my art is good enough. But I think I'm prone to depression anyway😣

  4. I’m an artist but I got depressed because of people constantly calling me ugly ignoring me and not caring and I draw and animate to express how I feel about myself

  5. Infinite waters helloooooo, , just wondering what your thoughts and opinions are on using marijuana for spiritual or medical purposes

  6. I was in a prolonged depression and shit it sucked but I feel like I understand my shadows more which I never did. I accidentally created more shadows inside of the depression but I'm on the go again, going to see my family and I feel appreciative. Btw thank you for helping me to write more positive material. I will be receiving a shirt Big Daddy!

  7. im a artist camera professional and many more…but im depressed bcoz step father dont support me in my media work !
    then many more problmes cant write here!!
    only waiting for my Allah to solve it

  8. Hey! Thank you so much for your videos. I really enjoy them and think they are really helpful. Glad to see people who are not afraid to be themselves because it really does take a lot of courage. I am a Scorpio by the way and it is really hard to get out of my head at times but am working on it. I used to be really introverted and shy but now I am learning to love myself.Thank you so much for the inspiration :))

  9. Don't make a video about something you don't know a lot about our haven't experienced it first or second hand. You're spewing a lot of nonsense and bullshit. Find an artist who has some sort of mental condition and question and interview them. It seems like you did zero research.

  10. Artists are under the most pressure to be productive because there is a stereotype about them where they are deemed "unproductive". To fix this, stop focusing on productivity, time and money. If you detach from these things you will find a magic within you that will bring you all those things without even trying! Try and revert inwards for a few weeks to a few months, and you will heal your depression. I get the most depressed from cyclical events happening – holidays, my boyfriend coming home interrupting my spiritual work and reminding me of time and money, my family getting angry at me for no apparent reason and picking on me…those things steal my power. But its good to talk about what steals your power and announce it, so it takes away the power of those things. I am exhausted though, and at the same time I badly want to change my situation. They say if a young girl goes through more than 2 grand life stress events she is highly prone to develop breast cancer, like my Mom. My life has been highly fabricated and synthetically crafted by the wrong people. Its time to take my power back! Whenever I try to do this, I go 2 weeks in a dream state of actually accomplishing it, and then I get smashed down by an obstacle that comes in my way and am stuck with depression for a month or two. Its terrible 🙁 but I hope this helps someone else. I am slowly trying to shake my time limit and fix this, pick up the pieces of the mandela effect that have left me confused about my previous past path. Its making me crazy and miserable, but I need to get a hold on this and correct it. We can all do it! I have hope in all of us getting there. 🙂

  11. I have not even finished watching this video but I am mind blown and this has really opened my mind
    As a singer and songwriter I always write about my struggles but now I will not allow to Define me

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