Why Agent's Don't Give Feedback on Submissions

Why Agent's Don't Give Feedback on Submissions

welcome back to the book ends YouTube channel we are following up last week's video about how we cannot give feedback to every query with a video on how we can get feedback to every submission and if you didn't see last week's video it's below so why can't you guys respond to every submission with detailed feedback honestly sometimes there's just nothing to say I mean you know when I'm reading it I'm reading it like they do a book and I just want to see if I like it or the writings not there or I don't like the characters and sometimes I will say something like that but to give detailed feedback that's really useful to the author takes a lot of time and our goal at that point is not to give detailed feedback because we're saving that for clients it's to get through the queries to find something new that we will then work on right and to be honest it's we're not reading book either most of the time we're just seeing if it grabbed us from the beginning and so I have all of us have sort of set form responses that say I just didn't connect character or I didn't you know plot didn't grab me because that is that is the issue and if I um I haven't read the whole thing I don't really think there's much more constructive I can say this just wasn't grabbing me that's what it comes down to yeah and when i when i read submissions i gave a little bit i like this but i think ii can't really like you said we haven't read the full book so you can't give you any constructive feedback that's gonna help you revise revise if we've only read the first 30 40 pages it's just not big picture and it's not really it's not beneficial at all to criticize what we haven't finished our truth is it's not a job you know the truth is that we work for our clients we get paid on commission after a book assault and even part of that process is we do quite a bit weeks and sometimes months worth of work with clients before getting paid anything for the work we're doing so to do to give that sort of constructive feedback on submissions we wouldn't have time to actually make the submissions or work with the clients or do the work that makes us in our clients money so we need to you know manage our time in a way that works out for everybody and that's why we always suggest critique groups and beta readers and getting involved in the writing community in a way where you can get that kind of people and so find your critique partners

7 thoughts on “Why Agent's Don't Give Feedback on Submissions

  1. I'm about to pitch an agent who asks for one sentence on why the story rocks, and one sentence on why I'm the best person to write it. Any tips?

  2. For a new author querying first novel, is it good to mention you have other books written but not submitted yet to show you have been writing a while and have other stuff near ready to go?

  3. I recently delivered a session at a writer's conference here in DC about diversity in fiction and #ownvoices and I pointed the people in my session to watch your videos! I watched them all write down your YouTube channel name! I hope they're all watching now!

  4. Ahaha James leaves abruptly like he's so done with this topic and Kim and Jessica just kind of watch him go😂 you guys have such a cool sense of humour between you it's such fun to watch. Also, thanks for the insight!

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