38 thoughts on “Whitney Houston RIP. How Great Thou Art .

  1. No one can sing this song like Whitney Houston ,she is Totally Beautiful and a Angel voice ,God little angel .

  2. Amen to the song and all Glory to God, honoring whitney is well. Honoring Gods word through that child, i make this point as a 38 year old man that was hindered by the truths of spare the rod and hebrews 12:10,11 and thatvdavids rod in psalm 23 is nathan for all ten broken. If christian parents taught and walked in faith instead of santa first before ever memtioning sin……she sang of belief for the system she sang in. That song is laced with scriptural truth. I have faith rhe chilren are the future raise them up right in the word and they will not walk away.
    If you use the hand and don't teach scriptural lessons you are a bad parent. That is in her song and the scriptures and christs mouth. Hinder not the little children unto him.

  3. Darling cannot go to sleep not hearing you heavenly voice , love you my dear 💕💋🌹💞❤️Francis

  4. Darling hope this voice us being used in heaven. Till we meet my dear love U ❌❌❤️💕💞🌹👄❤️💋

  5. This lady was the greatest RIP every time listen to this the sound of her voice remains with me for days so sad yet so comforting

  6. Wow, great thou aren’t. You are a “beast of the field” and not in Heaven. This is a man.Take that information and go look up 10 pictures and see for yourself.

  7. Not cool to use Whitney Houston to get views for your personal enjoyment. I did not like this version, it is not Whitney Houston as led to believed it would be.

  8. An angel with a voice like hers, a God giving gift.The Lord will be happy that you sing for him Witney.I loved her voice.Did she ever sang more Christian songs??

  9. Withney darling you are just like Diana you left us but you both will be with us may my love reach you both. Love Francis 💕💘❤️👀👄💞🌹

  10. Please get help, when life’s problems overshadows your talent . Don’t delay. Be courageous and ask for help. Miss your beautiful music Whitney.

  11. Whithney darling I hope this beautiful voice is being heard in in heaven on our behalf, love you dearly pray for us💕💋💞🌹

  12. Hermoso gospel, interpretado por una maravillosa y bendecida voz… que hoy debe estar en el coro de ángeles Q.E.P.D.

  13. nic song for the lady rip but her snap's looks ugly not suitable for this song this song has his own respect

  14. Damn DRUGS well God gets to hear Whitney, Elvis, Michael Jackson and other Great Singers all the time Himself always/Fore evermore no more Drugs.

  15. Oh lord my god wen will you help me i beg and plead forgiveness my soul and hearts been torn into shredds xxx

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