100 thoughts on “Whimsical Tree Goddess Step by Step Acrylic Painting on Canvas for Beginners

  1. Its BEAUTIFUL again Jane..Hope you will have a great 2017 with LOADS of paintings and inspiration for all of us!!. You inspired me with this one because i realy like Art Noveau i will try to make this one on a big canvas and show you the result on you FB page..for now Loads of LOVE from the Netherlands xxx Danielle

  2. I just love you, Lovely Jane! I can't wait to try this. My version will probably look like a hot mess. But, I will give it my best. Thanks for sharing. yeah!

  3. happy 2017 and be rest assured… you'll get a lot of ' I love it and amazing ' replies from me lol! I love this one soooooooo much <3 xo

  4. Sie ist sehr elegant, und ich mag die Farben. Du siehst sehr gut aus und wir können beide intelligent aussehen 🙂

  5. You have captured movement, magic and grace as you brought her to life. Each detail adds to the enchantment of her dance, her joy of being alive. The vibrant background is like the glowing embers of the night captured in those wonderful highlights. A work of art a joy to watch, thank you.

  6. Sweet, very sweet Jane

    and btw who is the butt Lady in this group ?

    she will have to give this one a butt…….lol

    had to throw that in….

    excellent work Jane

  7. I'm so glad to see painting see the new painting what is blending White liquid I know a lot of people put it on before they start painting why is there a reason

  8. A very interesting painting it looks as if it would take days instead of hours thanks Jane you really inspire me I am going to have ago
    you have changed my style from landscape you have opened my mind to painting other studies
    Thank you so much Denise

  9. Oh Jane! I love her! <3
    But I sure hope she is not shaking her leaves off… I chose to see her as a spring tree, and to me your little berries are flower buds! The way she waves her "arms" they almost create a sircle… She could be mother earth – or the spring godess waking up after a long winter…
    Yes, I long for spring – and with this painting I kind of think you are longing a bit for spring too…
    Winter hugs and love and light from Norway

  10. are you going to do anything valentine themed? I need ideas, cause my boyfriend keeps asking me to paint him something

  11. Jane, you use a paper plate, and obviously you work quickly, so paint drying on your palette isn't a problem. Did you ever use a stay-wet palette?

  12. I love it, Jane. It makes me think – LADY GROOT! 😀 Not sure if you know who GROOT is, but I'm sure Lady Groot would be all flowy and gentle like this. 🙂

  13. looks great Jane. haven't painted in a while. my dog died and I've been really depressed about it. but will paint this as a therapy project. I think it will help name express some of my feelings

  14. Great tutorial … I hard a hard time making smooth lines with my little 3/0 brush but I'm sure practice makes perfect. Thanks for making this tutorial for us all to enjoy. Happy New Year!

  15. Hi Jane, want to wish you and Vince a very happy and prosperous New Year. LOVE your tree goddess, reckon she lives in the magical woods near the painting mansion 🙂 and many grateful thanks for all your time and patience spent teaching us all last year. Looking forward to the next painting xx

  16. Love your calming video instructions and the relaxing music . Thank you Jane you are a huge inspiration. LOVE your work. Looking forward to seeing more.

  17. Just did this one tonight! I believe this is number four I've done along with you….it's an absolute pleasure to learn and paint with such a patient and knowledgeable individual. I need to start tagging you on instagram with my pics to see what you think 😃

  18. hi jane my english is not so good i make this the witch the cat and the waterfalls with fool moon i want to ask you something i cant do the rocks on the sides what else i can do?thank you anyway

  19. I have always liked to draw ladies and feminine type of looks but do these really sell? you make me want to follow my desires which my fear overrides them because I think they're not going to be value by customers. but I do want to tell you I think I love everything you do!

  20. you are an excellent instructor, you say just enough to help us understand your process, and your voice is very soothing. Thank you so much for sharing, your work is beautifully inspiring.

    If possible, make hummingbirds in a garden, my granddaughter and I are fascinated by this bird, thank you.

  22. I love this painting and can't wait to try it! I'm new at this … so I hope I can paint the same beautiful lines you created!

  23. Finally found a artist on youth that takes their time with their tutorials. thank ou so much This was my first of many videos that I will be watching by you.

  24. New sub here. Just a huge thanks 2 u 4 being such an amazing teacher & 4 sharing ur knowledge with us. What u do is incredibly generous. There's only 1 other I've found 2 be a great teacher of art on YouTube. I'm very grateful. Thanks again!!!

  25. well I was going to share my painting but I'm not signing up to do so. I don't see why I can't just like the page and be on it.

  26. I miss your painting tutorials like this. I wish you would continue to show tutorials like the ones that we all fell in love with.

  27. I’m new to painting and have watch several videos and by far she is the best. Jane explains as she goes and explains everything. Hope one day they turn out as good as her does lol.

  28. Thank you for doing this, Jane! Today I shared your YouTube link with one of my “art as therapy” groups on Facebook. I was sure to suggest a subscription and thumbs up to show support. Thank you as always and from my group, we are gracious. 🙂

  29. From Naples Italy, I want to thank you Jane. I have no knowledge about painting but your tutorials are so useful that now I am able to make a picture! Again, thanks a lot . You are a really good teacher.

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