Which Martial Art is the Best? The Perfect Ratio for MMA

Which Martial Art is the Best? The Perfect Ratio for MMA

it's going on machine here another fighttips quick tip so I'm gonna ramble a little bit in this video these you guys the focus today talking about traditional martial arts where TMA versus mixed martial arts MMA because the question that I probably get asked more than any other question is Shane does blank work in a fight does Taekwondo we're gonna fight this kung fu we're gonna fight this boxing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu wrestling do these work in a fight my answer to all of these is yes and now and I'll explain so mixed martial arts MMA I feel like is that a transitional point right now people don't realize that it's an umbrella term they kind of see MMA as a martial art of its own and I understand why when you watch UFC or even The Ultimate Fighter or Bellator you watch these events and these fighters look very similar to each other right they have pretty good boxing they have good round kicks knees in the clinch takedowns like a pretty good wrestling and then you see arm bars rear naked choke and guillotines a lot and people think that mixed martial arts is just that and it sort of has become that in a way up until recently up until guys like you're right Hall and sage Northcutt and even Anderson Silva started incorporating other things like Taekwondo into the mix and like I said I understand why people call MMA or see MMA as a martial art of its own because when you go to a mixed martial arts gym they'll teach you probably a little bit of boxing Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and that's three martial arts that's not mixing all of the martial arts right but when you see guys throwing linear kicks like front snap kicks like Anderson Silva knock Vitor Belfort out with years ago that's a Taekwondo kick it's right up the center and actually just did an article on fight tips calm and if you guys haven't checked out the website a lot of people don't realize fighttips is a website I write articles on there every once in a while and we have an email list on there if you want to sign up pretty much we know when I'm inspired write an article send it out to you guys so no spam or anything like that but I just wrote an article about how Taekwondo works in mixed martial arts especially because the predominant striking style in mixed martial arts is Muay Thai and think about my time right this round kicks it punches its elbows but what linear strikes are done in my tie besides the front team and a straight knee right there the only one right down the center but when you block when you think about blocking against kicks in Muay Thai you do this right you bring your knee to your elbow and you block this whole side this rounded side or if it's the other side then you come here but when I do these movements what's open when I do that right down the center now I'm not not going to wait I've done wait time for years I fought in Thailand up the openness respect for it but think about that if these guys are very squared off with their hips forward and a Muay Thai stance or boxing and then that round kick comes or they see a round kick what they think is a round kick coming but then they fake it for a front kick right up the center they're not used to blocking the face with kicks right the only one that comes down the center like I said is probably a straight knee to the body sometimes a flying knee or a tee to the face but they're not used to blocking the center or even even angling out stepping out to the side but we're starting to see more and more of that we're starting to see sidekicks down the center starting to see the front snap kick up the center hoppings front kicks lyoto machida right spinning back kicks all these are linear kicks right down the center so in that article we did I put a bunch of animated gifs on there of guys using it successfully the wheel kick right not a linear kick but very deceptive and you don't often see people spin and turn their back like that usually it was a spinning backfist or an elbow but now we're starting to see that longer range wheel kick or the spinning heel kick knocking people out so it's an overall term MMA is an umbrella term you got to understand that the same way kickboxing is an umbrella term right underneath kickboxing is Muay Thai is Taekwondo is kind of cushioned karate and people say what's the best you know why not why not train a bunch of them and another question I get asked to is change should I train to martial arts at the same time that's up to you I mean if you feel like you have the time and you can focus on both and learning both but that's also like learning two different languages at the same time you know it's it's a lot of information you don't want to mix them up maybe master one first then move on to the other one unless you feel comfortable or maybe do a stand-up and a grappling art you know that way they're not too similar and you won't mix them up there was one other point I wanted to make – UFC one was more so it made more sense back then to where people would ask questions like this because it was who is crazy who was Brazilian you got right you closed off the distance even take you down here with our barrio and you go against a guy who had one boxing glove one or something like that it's like obviously he's going to be a boxer obviously he's going to be throwing that punch he's not going to try to shoot in for a double leg and take you down but now it's it's much different we're starting to see the sage Northcutt the Uriah halls and all these guys throwing spinning kicks so when people ask these questions does this work in a fight yes you know ultimately the whole thing of this video is take what works from certain martial arts mix them so it makes martial arts and do what works for you right maybe kung fu may be Wing Chun isn't going to work predominantly but maybe if let's say you knock someone out with a with a kung fu back fist you can't argue that it doesn't work but you're not going to see a guy become a champion who's standing like this and it's very limited footwork you know it's you have to be able to incorporate each of it and make it work for you a little bit of a rant but hopefully this answers a lot of people's questions and clears things up share this video if you agree with me alright subscribe if you haven't already to get the fight tips before your opponent does follow me on Twitter links are right here in the description below if you want to get shirts like this and support sweet science links are also in the description below until next time i'm shane with fighttips self defense for the underdogs

25 thoughts on “Which Martial Art is the Best? The Perfect Ratio for MMA

  1. Hi Shane our Myanmar Lethwei 🇲🇲 is sibling of Muay Thai 🇹🇭, but big brother, elder one.
    Myanmar Lethwei, Burmese Bare Knuckle Kickboxing, The Arts Of 9 Limbs.
    Dave “ The Nomad” Leduc The Canadian Lethwei Fighter 🇨🇦, I am sure you know him.

  2. I think Boxing, wrestling and BJJ is gonna work best for me because I’m the type of guy to never incorporate kicking when fighting, I don’t fight professionally

  3. Any martial art is good enough to defend yourself against some dumbass in a bar. But if you want to be able to defend yourself and win against anyone, boxing and high school wrestling are all that's needed.

  4. This list is GARBAGE and crazy. Smh. you can give me ya BEST muay thai fighter against MIKE tyson and the fight want last 2rounds no way. any PRESSURE boxer would put a muay thai fighter on their HEELS and take away 70 percent of their game. And if they try to clinch a PRESSURE fighter good luck trying to duck straight left hands and hooks from ANGLES. imagine mike tyson or ANY pressure fighter getting GOOD ANGLES coming with left hands and hooks from angles and a Muay Thai fighter trying to REACH OUT to grab the back of a boxer head that is moving none stop. want happen and if it do itll be once in 20 fights… Boxing and wrestling literally RUNS mma. everything else is last. the reason conor mcgregor had big success on a different level is because those other fighters didn’t know ANYthing about distance, the reason khabib literally MAULS 100 percent of his opponents is because he WRESTLES on another level, the reason why gregor gillespie destroys 100 percent of his opponents is because he at least throws decent punches moves his head sometimes and once he grabs you he easilyyy mauls and out WRESTLES everybody, the reason why george st pierre is top 3 ALL time is because he literally has one of the strongest JABS in mma history, he dont have the best boxing but he does land some of the most strikes in mma history and once he grabs ANYbody he out WRESTLES them and even HIGH level ji jitsu fighters like nick diaz, bj penn etc is not able to deal with his wrestling and top control, the reason why demetrious johnson is top 3 fighters or if not number one all time is because he has super fast hands throws decent punches and out WRESTLES everyone THEN submits them, the reason why tj dillishaw…. well you get the point. This list is garbage. The fight STARTS from the feet and the only good counter for a gooood boxer is a gooood wrestler, and the counter for a gooood ji jitsu fighter is a boxer thats hard to get on the ground, or a gooood wrestler. Aka boxing, wrestling THEN ji jitsu then everything else after those 3. Garbage list😎🤙💪🏿

  5. I Think you forgot to Say Something About Karate, cuz i do traditionel karate gujo ryu and that is the most brutal Martial arts in the World. You Should try it. But karate goju ryu has never bin seen in UFC or MMA cuz it's About Self controle and it's a life style and not a sport

  6. For sports fighting like UFC :
    Combination of BJJ,Muai Thai,Boxing,Wrestling,Kyokushin Karate will be great…
    For real world self defense :
    Krav Maga…

  7. Bruce Lee's philosophy
    Absorb what is useful
    Discard what is useless
    And add what is uniquely your own

  8. The point is whatever martial arts you do, to be effective at implementing them in MMA you need to try them all together.

  9. im a fan of any linear type of strikes. jabs, thrusting kicks. precision well aimed hits are the most devastating in my opinion besides you use full reach.
    everything coming from the sides is too reactable, they got more than enough time to guard/dodge & counter hit you. Im aware arcs cover a more wide space just in case you get danced around

    but thats why you faint a lot with jabs, you are not only fighting but playing a mind game. Faint lows to make him guard his torso, hit up, faint up to make him guard the face, hit lower, etc.

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