When Life Casts You Aside – Christian Inspirational Video | Painting Flowers with Oil

When Life Casts You Aside – Christian Inspirational Video | Painting Flowers with Oil

Welcome to another episode of Art That Plays and Prays. Ginger here. I’ll be working on an oil painting of a
bunch of flowers and this is what it’ll look like in the end. But even as I’m showing visuals of my painting
process, like snippets here and there, what I really want to do is share something more
intimate with you guys. My family and I went to a sunflower farm and
in one of the huge tracts of land, I was surprised to see only one giant sunflower. In all the rows of bushes, there was this
one that stood about ten feet tall. And I’m not sure if that particular variety
already passed its blooming season or if the other buds haven’t opened yet. For whatever reason, that flower was all alone. But as we moved further into the farm, more
than a hundred meters away, there were thousands more. There were a lot more huge sunflowers there. All the bushes were overflowing with bright
yellow faces. It was so pretty and exciting to watch them
sway with the wind. When I saw this, well, something inside of me snapped. Maybe because I’m going through some personal
crisis, but I suddenly felt sorry for that one flower that was left behind. I know it’s silly. But I wanted to talk to the bushes and say,
“Why did you leave the other guy alone, back there?” “Why did you single him out and not keep him company?” “Why are you all here and not there with him?” And that’s when it hit me. Isn’t this so much like our life too? There are days when life casts us aside. We’re put on the shelf or on the back burner
and we’re sitting alone too. A lot of times, we walk through paths that
are filled with beauty on both sides, left and right, all we see is success. We’re surrounded by friends who appreciate
us for our talents. We have families who love us and support what we do. We have all our basic needs met and we’re
coasting on easy street. We’re at peace with the relationships we
have, and we’re happy. We travel the world and get into emotional highs. And we spend money like it will never run out. But there are times too when life takes a
turn towards an ugly dirt road. Nothing blooms. We work diligently on our project, but it fails. It just fails. We work hard for our dreams, but no one applauds. No one appreciates our effort. No one recognizes our talent. We fight tooth and nail to make the cut, but
competition is just so fierce and somebody else gets first place. Or illness shuts us out from the company of
friends and we’re alone and depressed. Money ran out and the bills came in. Relationships fall apart in a nasty way because
of painful words exchanged which we cannot take back. Our life just looks like a modern-day retelling
of the book of Job or Lamentations. Whatever bad turn or bad break we face, the
end result is the same. We’re like that sunflower in the left field. We feel like life cast us aside in an isolated place. But friends, let me tell you this. It’s not your fault that your life turned crummy. So don’t beat yourself up for being in a
dark place. God put you there. And He has a good reason for it. For Him, the place of emptiness is the place
for maturity. God has to plant a seed in you. But before growth happens, He has to make
your soil empty first. Being cast aside is a holy thing too, you know. It’s a place where we learn the best of
life’s lessons. It’s where we take stock of ourselves and
learn from our mistakes. That alone place is the place of healing. It’s where we can shut out the noise of the world. And in that silence, we can better listen to God. For it is only when we’re in pain, when
we’re broken, or when we fail … that’s the only time we’re more attuned to listen. Believe it or not, God speaks and consoles
all the time, that’s for sure. But our ears are plugged to louder music,
so God’s volume is tuned out. It’s only when we’re at the end of our
rope, hopeless and helpless, that’s the only time we’re more open to hear and to receive. So it’s good to be cast aside in one corner,
once in a while. Because it’s a holy place. Don’t despise the moments when you’re
not flowing along with the crowd. God himself put you in detention because He
is working something great in you. And He needs your full, undivided attention. Don’t feel bad. Soon, your path will change. You’ll walk out of the dirt road, smiling
at all that God has done to bless and surprise you. He will mend you and give you back more than
you lost, if you stay the course and hang on tight till the end. Time will come, your road will be filled with
new blooms again. More than just sunflowers, there will be dahlias
and roses too. God will bring you back to the mainstream
of life and restore what’s broken. And when you least expect it, your efforts
will pay off. The dreams you were ready to throw out the
window will suddenly make a breakthrough. Your labor will not be wasted because people
will notice something different in you—maybe it’s your integrity or your forbearance
or your humility. People around you will notice the change in
your attitude and say, “Hey, this guy isn’t bad after all.” But even if your best still falls short of
everyone’s expectations and no one in your social media world is impressed, remember,
God is impressed. And His opinion is all that counts. So, friends, I encourage you to wait it out. Appreciate the moments you’ve been cast
away, alone in your dark space. God will surprise you and reverse the direction
of your journey when He’s done fixing what’s broken. Just believe … because when you’ve been
down for so long, my friend, life can only get better.

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  1. Life can get messy, like a walk along a dusty road. But please know this … you can make it through!

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