What's Next? _ Spoken word poetry

What's Next? _ Spoken word poetry

what snacks now pressure will be a close friend because the salmon style has come to men for years has gone so fast now really we are ready to take off alas some we follow the same part to get where they want to be one day so may realize that this is not the part that I've lost to follow but followed anyway and some I end up sitting and sleeping on a couch pulling up and down for the whole day and keep on saying that hi that I am going to do one day now I don't know about you but for me pressure will be just like that annoying friend who pop up from nowhere come knockin able to check out just in case he was missing out now what we're done completely only a decree and a file will be in a hand which desperately needs a place to learn from one door to another door we're going to knock knock and bound our head a suit and a tie will bond to an a big guys who will stare at us were bound to greet them everywhere now why am i sweating is because my mom she has high expectation on me because since the day I was born she's been giving these words on and on and on from everyone that a son will be the one the one will stand on strong claim that we are on and since I keep the study out far for my place my neighbor think that I will definitely be the one you know the one who will get hype it's a very straight out of college and the one who'll remove half of the poverty at once but I'm here trying to forget all the boundary that I had set for me now what's the most conflicting part for me is if I go to my mind huapi mazzani idea and if I goes with my soul wop a basic common legal and that's what forced me to be a manager of my own body you know conducting a meeting trying to convince all my employees my mind my soul and my penis to walk as a unit in order to help grow this company scary it might sound and let's just stick with the reality that we are going to be on our own to enter in to that new yuan stable zone because of friendship we will turn into losses and and that moment will define how strong we can stand my poetry doesn't have an answer for discussion because that answer can only be defined by you but if you are like me and still not sure what to do next then come along with me and it's exploring journey let's be that person who are ready to grab the opportunity go stand on a small stage face the crowd do anything even it freaks you out then sing with psycho poetry tell us some jokes and share us your story there may be an artist hiding inside of you and me but if not that we are not but don't you dare to put a last time go out again that kicky thing you've been big put your pronoun I start to break it that business you wish to start go on and connect someone and started and if you see it's easier said than being done well it's more easy to just sit complain about the situation because in the zone of trying explore you might stick a thumb on something that we truly believe that we we can put 100% on you can possibly seal the deal because what I believe is hard walk alone it doesn't work but hard work in the right direction will definitely pays off so don't jump into conclusion that you ain't got no ability and you don't like it how do you know you don't like that click if you haven't face it how do we know you won't fall in love if you haven't gone on connect with somebody let's not wait for that passion to come and tap us on our shoulder and say follow me let's go out create it and lead it by you and me

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  1. Keep yur head up homie!!! The journey ahead is gonna be a tuft one ..but aint that the purpose of all this…to get to the top…it doesnt specify where but then we r climbing this unending ladder…they say its lonely at the top but hell man,we gonna take them along with us…

  2. From the beginning Iโ€™m saying you are an inspiration to me. Thank you so much for what you are doing now and thank you for being my friend๐Ÿ˜Š๐ŸŒท

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