WHAT’S INSIDE the SAFE? Project Zorgo Hackers Challenge SPY NINJAS to OPEN MYSTERY BOX

WHAT’S INSIDE the SAFE? Project Zorgo Hackers Challenge SPY NINJAS to OPEN MYSTERY BOX

what is up spy ninjas we have projects
are both safe right here inside of this safe is everything that we need to
destroy projects or go forever only high-ranking party members get this and
that’s the reason why I joined parties our goal to get what’s inside the safe what should password to the safe house
code hello V quaint purchaser or leader I
know you have the safe that does not belong to you anymore
no no leader the safe right here I gave you $10,000 to rank up and I completed
all the challenges so I earned the safest safe belongs to me and you never
gave me the passcode to this V point do you think I’m a fool
I saw you rescue Daniel chat and Regina you betrayed project Zuko did you hear how worried the leader
sounded he sounded like he really needed this safe back must be something super
important in here yeah whatever is in here can destroy projects or go that’s
why he’s worried until we open it out yes wait we can only type in one
passcode every 24 hours maybe we can get inside without actually having to pass
any Colson’s I noticed that there’s like a hole here in the back mmm don’t see
anything super dark we should shove something in there you know how you’re a
master locksmith beep oh yeah you could do that through this hole maybe unlock
it I know exact tool to use for this with you here’s my psychic safety is true you did get my keys out
of my DeLorean when I locked me in there that one time and then when we’re in the
safe house when Daniel was tied up I connected this end with a spy pen and
try to spy on Daniel who had Daniel tied up oh rajid ah that’s right you tied me
up to a chair you’re like push me in the face don’t
you in the face actually you did you you poked me in the face
the Pope’s different than a punch it’s close enough there hurt like heck well
we’re all living here now we’re all friends forgive and forget Daniel jeez
get over it you’re the one who brought up Chad oh yeah I forgot
now it’s long enough talking okay good good pick it like you pick your nose v
you know I don’t do that careful B I don’t want it to
self-destruct gotta listen closely here Oh guys I think I met the lock hello it
might I don’t know might lick your eye or something oh no oh my gosh
see what’s in there yeah yeah but don’t use your iPhone you’re right Chad I
shouldn’t use my eyeballs but I got the spy pen hmm well we could pick it in the
little hole you see right here there’s a camera like so surface oh but now we’re
gonna see I have a live feed on my phone you put it in more put all the way in
there don’t put it in all the way something I’ll grab it
alright I guess there’s a good thing it doesn’t fit all the way Daniel oh it’s
really dark any fuzzy and you blurry rotate the
camera a little bit rotating wait what what was that oh you see that I think
she really saw something move there is an animal or something in there well if
it’s an animal or something alive how is something alive gonna help us defeat
projects or go maybe we’ll eat them something this
small could eat a hacker I don’t know she’s watching a lot of science fiction
movies lately we’re playing a lot of pac-man’s if there’s something alive in
there we should be able to hear it moving or breathing or something right
yeah I have a device for this chat my ninja backpack here’s my listening
device oh all right pull it my dear what do you
hear Chad yeah quiet on set I need to listen in complete silence
okay geez maybe you should answer it pretend again
to like be a project on the side so you can get the passcode would you
okay but then you start inside okay v quaint hardship so co-leader I know
that you think I’m back with the spy ninjas but I’m really not I’m just
tricking chat Daniel Regina I’m in their safe house right now I’m going to stop
you right there I have already assigned a team to
closely watch your YouTube videos based on what they saw it is obvious you are
still a spy ninja hey guys project server watches all of
our videos that’s why I couldn’t tell you guys my secret and I needed to keep
it a secret for a reason Oh would you like to see what will
happen if you don’t return the safe no no you don’t scare me touch a circle
always farting anyways girl you didn’t get the passcode though so what do we do
now the projects are a leader must know that whatever’s in here could destroy
them forever I don’t think is anything alive what
about you ninja gadgets chat yes outside ok spy ninjas are you right to open up a
safe yeah I’ve got my new spy ninja backpack right here I don’t know if you
guys have seen this oh allah just proved it for back to school right oh yeah I’m
a little bit late I know school or research but Raphael these are for you
that’s you because you’re cool but rude but a spicy dude Daniel do you know what
these are some type of gadgets is your trusty side who’s gonna be hitting the
fake with them me obviously I’m the wrath of the group oh my gosh yeah I
still need to work on my form you guys I can only do this at the moment
that’s pretty good hey what’s your leader be wait you guys need an official
cheer like V quaint B quaint if you can’t do it nobody ain’t three two one slice oh did you get it open yes oh my gosh okay
women sound impact detected notifying project so good what this thing can
detect impacts this project sir I don’t know that we’re trying to get this open
without the code yeah I think it says sending information of projects or no
what kind of information what’s the worst that could happen
the location that means we need to get this openness bizarre leader
I’ve been notified that you’re tampering with the safe do not do that
you mustn’t open it well since you’re not gonna give me the code I’m gonna try
and get this open as fast as I can and part of struggle will be over hey you
tell them babe yeah but you’re right share we got to open this as soon as we
can you should go next gen yeah yeah no I won’t want to you spy ninjas to go
next because I’ve got a special ninja gadget just for one of you almost uh-oh
who knows the bo staff Regina’s good at that yeah yeah you’re a
master Regina right yeah yeah hopefully let’s see oh yeah
star wars kid watch out regina is here look at that yes Wow
simply magnificent okay Regina there is a little dent on this side right here
that be hit let’s see if you can hit the same spot and maybe you’ll break the
safe open I got this yes what’s your strategy Regina oh did you get oh wow great work you see
some shininess coming through yeah the paint peeling on Oh
stainless steel underneath whoa you’re proof why would present certain have a
hacker proof safe it makes no sense what are their masks be ringing and stuff
maybe the higher level has different mass or something oh I’ve never seen any
other hackers with other masks though okay well it stills not open yet though
all right guys this is my turn I’ve got my favorite ninja gadget in my
backpack this may look like an ordinary discriminate but it is actually a pair
of nunchucks oh yeah I’m just gonna hit that safe in the same place that B and
Regina hit it and then no problem it should open right up right Daniel uh yes
okay impact detected one more impact and safe
will self-destruct self-destruct if it’s one more impact it’s gonna just oh man
we can’t do that we need what’s ever in here if it self-destruct we won’t be
able to defeat projects or go ahh so we can’t hit it open anymore we have to be
really careful with this say from now on guys be very gentle with it we cannot
have this self-destruct what do we do you know what okay we can all talk to
him this time yeah he already knows that you’re with
us be well look who it is Go Go leader Hey No
yeah sorry sorry old habit hey good to see you bro just kidding not good to see
you go ahead and hit the safe one more time and see what happens yeah yeah we
heard no more impact that’s fine we’ll figure out how to get this safe open
without everything self-destructing inside you think you can outsmart us we
have 1 million subscribers that will put an end to you 1 million subscribers I
mean that’s a really good number and actually I’m pretty impressed you guys
were able to get million subscribers that’s really huge but we have 9 million
spy ninjas on this channel in fact we’re about to get more right now because you
know if everybody was watching this right now what they’re gonna do we’re
gonna take the phone we’re gonna turn it this way and then right underneath this
video is a red and subscribe button click it make it turn gray and we will
never let projects Orgel get more subscribers than us goodbye projects or
go leader anyway before you were so rudely
interrupted Daniel what was your amazing idea remember that last time we were
playing Minecraft chat can we over here one of the hackers saying he has the
combination for the safe yes I remember that in fact I followed him for a while
it was a yellow piece of paper I almost had it
so if we can just find that hacker and get that yellow piece of paper we could
find out what the combination is for the safe unlock it
destroy watches over forever okay let’s find the header let me log on to that
private server that the hackers always use in Minecraft last time we were here
his name was PZ 27 it says he’s online right now yes is he talking he’s talking
oh yeah uh just ask me if he still has the passcode on him I gotta try to
change my voice somehow yeah you still have a piece point seven it’s me busy
twenty-eight no one right after you remember me ah maybe once we met what do
you want do you still have that passcode on you oh yeah I always have the
passcode on in my pocket why well that’s perfect go ahead and just go ahead type
it into the game here so I could see what that is
dude are you kidding me I’m not gonna type in the passcode here on minecraft
come on use your head buddies hey do you mind maybe leaving me
alone Thanks oh hey uh are you still playing Minecraft over at that park like
you usually are at oh yeah that’s where I’m always blowing oh yeah that’s it
that’s a real nice Park right I’m not even checking out myself sometimes oh
gotta go see you later disconnect the same part and he said he has a
combination on him right I think that means on that yellow piece of paper
still probably dice last time it was just you and him
aw there’s four of us and one of them now we
will easily get it look that be Zika my stuff is always playing Minecraft no
hiding right here says that PZ 207 Daniel let me see
do you guys know what PC 27 looks like I’m not wrong you know this look like
him you know I remember a PZ 27 while I was
under covered for projects are going he’s kind of skinny like that Jay look
that’s gotta be the passcode oh yeah rather than just trying to grab the
yellow note like we did last time it didn’t work it’s 401 why don’t we
challenge him to a battle royale for the note we need that note in your pocket we
know the passcode on the Western have four on one battle right now give me
that passcode in your pocket yeah give that okay whatever just change it I’m
gonna go home and change the castle anyone yeah you change your Minecraft
password wherever you want I don’t care we want the pass code to the safe Oh Oh look what it says guys this is his
minecraft passcode not the pass code to the safe we came all the way down here
for nothing so this is what’s been in his pocket the whole time that’s the
safes passcode well that makes complete sense because I’m the only one who is
the high ranking projects argyll member no one else’s so they wouldn’t know the
password anyway yeah you look just like a regular hacker member he want another
pass for this safe now what are we gonna do
you know what guys we should just try a random combination it’s the only way I
guess we are allowed to do one a day so might as well try Chet how about we try
1 2 3 4 5 yeah that’s right because remember in our first safehouse
we found a safe in a closet the passcode to open that after we sat there for like
12 hours me and you work for projects or go back
then yeah was it your job to make the pass codes no I’m gonna do that it
sounds like a code you’d make you wasn’t in charge of that yeah it does sound
like a Regina pass code well maybe it’s a Daniel pass code hey well we don’t
have any other pass goes to trial why don’t we just try this one for tonight try again in 24 hours no we have to wait
24 hours later don’t hang up the quiet I have something to show you what do you mean I wear we care
easy mine I believe you know where the spine injures safe hat is he does he
does relive oh yeah I know where they are
but you’ll never know projects are go sucks yeah well once we place this on
your head we will force you to tell us if you night do not tell that yeah let’s
make a deal you hand over the safe and we won’t make pz9
tell us where your safe house is oh my gosh what do we do really bad if project
so who knows where our safe houses they’re probably either gonna burn it
down or take it over like they did your safe house Daniels yeah I mean I worked
undercover for three whole months pretty much destroying my life we can’t give
this back either give them the safe or our safe house gets compromised you know
we have nowhere to live spine angel what should we do I don’t know leave a
comment down below same return safe or keep safe oh gosh
alignment just make a decision now

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  3. tell project zorgo leader ''we need the code to the safe'' when leader say how you know about the safe say ''we watch vy qwaint channel leader''

  4. hack project zorgo, you can use the ip of one computer and hack the network and if the powerserver is connected to that network you can disable it
    then the mind controling device would not work anymore

  5. As the safe said that one more hit and it will blast so then you can trick them by giving but you just drop it and it will blast so you safe house is safe and the project zorgo does not have the safe

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