What Is The Difference Between Transparent and Opaque Watercolors- Windy Shih

What Is The Difference Between Transparent and Opaque Watercolors- Windy Shih

hey guys is windy from when these are welcome back to my channel in last video I talked about how to avoid muddy colors when painting I mentioned the color amazing secrets of transparent and opaque colors if you haven’t watched a video you can click the link on the top right hand side so in today’s video I’m going to talk about the difference between transparent and opaque watercolors the first question you probably X is how do I know which of my pens are transparent and which are opaque well there are a few ways to check first one is simply check the information on the tube I have filled different brands of pens here and depending on the brand you might find a square or a circle at you it’s a circle or square is empty it means it’s transparent and if the Pens is semi-transparent and semi opaque the square will have a diagonally through it if it’s opaque it will be a black square as you can see here however not every brand has this information on the tube so you can do a simple test draw a line with a black permanent marker and pen the line of each color over the black line if the color is underneath the black line which means you can no longer see the color then is transparent if you can see the color on top of the black line that is opaque each brain offense has a different level of transparency it depends on the pigment and ratio of pigment to come Arabic used as you pens you will find a brand that you prefer of each color [Music] last one is to search on the manufacture website which will make things much easier to have those information in front of you the next question you might ask is how does this affects my painting besides the color mixing secret we mentioned in the last video also notice the pigment of opaque colors tend to sit on the surface of the paper which means opaque colors are easier to lift depends on your painting you might find this a problem when you put a layer on top of opaque color instead of staying on a paper the opaque color lips and makes with the new wash but knowing this quality will also help you create different effects in your painting by using this technique of lifting for example I use this technique on the pedal when painting the brute Rose with one color as you can see here unlike opaque colors transparent color will stay in the fiber of the paper and will not live when you place another layer on top so if you like to pen with lots of layers and washes I suggest using transparent staining colors when creating layers upon layers of colors and leave opaque colors for the top layer all rushes to leave pens wait until your first layer is completely dry and when you brush and lightly scrub the surface of the paper do make sure you have a hand towel handy to dab your paper as you leave the pen if you don’t tap your paper or rinse your brush you will end up pushing dirty water around so that’s all for today’s video I really hope you’ve enjoyed it if you do please give it a thumbs up and make sure to subscribe to my channel and ring a bell so you won’t miss out on my weekly art videos and tutorials if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below and let me know thanks for watching I’ll see you next week bye

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  1. I subscribed to your channel and you always introduce us to the fresh painting experience, which is great. I just built a hut in the forest. Follow the painter to travel, let's work hard together.

  2. Hey Windy!! I am loving the channel. You are really improving in both your videos and content. I am learning a lot. I never knew about this, but I am still a super novice. Keep up the great work! I can’t wait to see what you come out with next!!!!!

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