What Is Harmony Day?

What Is Harmony Day?

Australia. It’s a sunburnt country
with an ancient past and a colourful, multicultural present full of different stories and traditions. Did you know that there’s
actually a special day held every year that’s
purpose is to celebrate diversity in Australia? It’s called Harmony Day! Harmony Day is held every
year on the 21st of March. It celebrates our country’s
cultural diversity and is a day of respect and
appreciation for everyone who calls Australia home. Harmony by definition
means “working together and existing without conflict”. So Harmony Day is all about
treating each other as equals and creating communities
where everyone belongs. But, how do we make that happen? Each year on Harmony Day, events
are held across Australian communities to celebrate
the unique cultures that make our country what it is. It’s a day to celebrate each
other’s traditions and share stories, while rejecting
hatred, prejudice and racism. It encourages us all to work
together to create a future that is welcoming, accepting, and safe. No matter where you’re from, what language you speak, who you worship, or what you look like! Did you know that the official colour of Harmony Day is orange? Orange represents
communication and meaningful conversations between people, which is something we should all do! This can help us to have
a better understanding of the world around us, and learn from other’s
experiences and backgrounds. So on Harmony Day, wear
something orange to show your support for an inclusive
Australia, and celebrate the cultures that make
our country so wonderful!

21 thoughts on “What Is Harmony Day?

  1. I knew everything about this 🙂 my class did an act in front of the whole school and yeah it was about harmony day, I wore orange but my shirt was too baggy so u could see under my shirt at parts… so I asked my teacher if I could have a spare shirt underneath my shirt…


  2. My school very fun today
    And also happy Harmony Day
    I from Vietnam
    Where you guys from?
    Do you no why I love Vietnam?
    1. Cause is my coutry
    2. If you put yellow color and red corlor in is will be orange and Vietnam flag has red and yellow 🇻🇳 and Harmony Day corlor is orange

    That is my thinking what about you guys

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