What is a man? A response to Gillette

What is a man? A response to Gillette

What is a man? Is a man brave? Is a man… …a hero? Is a man… Is a man a protector? Is a man… …vulnerable? Is a man… …disposable? Is a man… …broken? Is a man trying?

100 thoughts on “What is a man? A response to Gillette

  1. I need a analogy, i think that is what it is called, watch for my lsat. Im really glad i saw this ad. I will undoubtedly be buying from you.

  2. All the downvotes are butthurt soyboys and feminists. By the way, I bought two time pieces from you guys. Thank you.

  3. Hey, nice ad. I don't know how many incels can afford luxury watches, but I guess that's not my problem. I'm just a little uncertain about some of those statistics. Men comprise 97% of war fatalities? How can that be when so many of the people who die are victims of indiscriminate bombings? Well, it isn't. That 97% only refers to the US military, which is 16% female. I imagine that if we're talking about actual war casualties, it would be more like 50:50. I don't know how anyone could get an exact figure on that. And that's ignoring atrocities involving systematic rape and murder, where women are more likely than men to be victims (although there are plenty of those too, and male survivors are less likely to ever talk about it). Anyway, hope it sells plenty of watches! Okay, thanks, bye!

  4. Es Hermoso, no pude evitar llorar al ver este comercial. Me acorde de mi padre y el sacrificio por su familia fue un hombre de bien que tuvo 5 hijas y jamas les hizo daño, saltaría al fuego por ellas o por mi, ESO ES SER UN HOMBRE
    Nunca use relojes pero prometo compararme uno, para tener en mente que a toda hora hay que ser un hombre.

  5. This video is not a response to Gillette. It didn't at all respond to men's behaviour towards women, at all. And since that was the point in Gillette's ad, you should also address that if you wan't to defend yourself not bring up completely unrelated topics of what men do in society. Also, 79% of all homicide victims are male, yeah but you didn't bring up that the offenders of those homicides are males as well. But that doesn't help your point does it? Also men don't seek help and their suicide rate is higher. Maybe it could be because it is extremely stigmatised for men to open up about their feelings and seek psychiatric help. Another problem about masculinity that Gillette addressed, but you didn't. By the way, in the U.S 10.600 murder offenders in 2017 were male, 1.400 was female. So, I don't really know what point you wanted to make there about males dying from homicide, since a larger portion of them kill each other and has very little to do with female behaviour. Here's the source if you feel like I'm lying: https://www.statista.com/statistics/251886/murder-offenders-in-the-us-by-gender/

  6. You know i thought watches are dumb, like why do you need a watch? your phones alredy tells the time, but if i ever buy a watch it‘s definetly from Egard Watches.

  7. A man, is someone who does everything… and gets nothing in return. A man, is someone who lives for something… and dies for something. A man, is someone special… that no one cares about. We are men, and no matter what happens to us… we must stay strong.

  8. Women AREN'T men, and men aren't women. We ALL have our gifts and abilities based upon our gender (just 2 of them folks, excepting birth defects).

  9. The black guys are a misinterpretation of a Man. Every other ethnic race has Men. Blacks are lazy and thieves. Rapists and unemployed.

  10. I look at my Egard watch every day not just for the time but for the gratefulness of my daughter who bought in response to Gillette's moronic ad campaign. They've lost $8 BILLION in sales since January. I'd say that "shaved" the profit margins of their parent company "Proctologists Gambling".

  11. its now 6 months i dint buy any single Gillette products .feeling proud. and i will never buy until gillette apologize

  12. Excelente mensaje, y eso sí es saber hacer buen marketing, eso es visibilizar las vulnerabilidades de los hombres. Gillette, deberías aprender de ellos, o volver a tus comerciales de los 80 o 90.

  13. Gilette: How to mock your own customers and getting your reputation crushed in the process.
    Égard Watches: How to make an ad for men about men issues without bashing women.

  14. wow nearly 9000 men haters,,there was nothing but truth here and i guess it pissed them off. those people are garbage and the problem with the world.

  15. All the people who decided to disliked this video are probably feminist, LGBT, SJW's, or retarded (not physically but just stupid as a mother fucker)

  16. I'm a female and I <3 <3 <3 this so much.
    Gillette seems to forget that most of the women that their commercial was pandering to have sons, fathers, brothers and men in our lives whom we love very much, and they didn't gain any points with us by bashing them.

  17. You know, with every major company jumping on the popularity bandwagon, especially Gillette with its an anti-men advert, I have to note how bloody brave you were for doing the exact opposite. Honestly, you were probably the first to do such a thing in response to a behemoth company. Your advert has touched so many people, mostly men, around the globe, and you have probably single-handedly restored a lot of faith within each of us. The statistics you quoted are terrifying, but the fact that you risked, and that is not a harsh word, your company to stand up for other men is just commendable and noble. I showed my father this advert, and he teared up on the part about nearly half of men still pay their children money even if they cannot see them. He himself lost everything in the divorce for us, his kids. Once again thanks and God bless you.

  18. Making men more womanly would only make men less productive making men more manly would make men better people who do good for the world. Real manly men are most needing in our society

  19. Feminists almost destroyed us . Companies like Gillette are trying again . Sorry Gillette , you Failed too . Get Woke , Go Broke .

  20. imagine using patriarchy to justify your hatred or negative views of men. fuck all of you, men are more often than not the ones that suffer in society, these figures show a perfect example of that. just because this generation is very female centric can we not still support and uplift the men in our lives?

  21. I subscribed because it’s the least I can’t do. I want this brand to grow because they along with others are fighting the constant propaganda we see on commercials, tv shows, movies, magazines, books, our schools, bill boards and even video games. The left have literally infiltrated and taken over everything to push their agenda.

  22. I love this commercial so much that since I have yet to give myself something for my birthday, and legit always wanted a time piece (despite being attached to my phone like nothing else) THIS will be my present that will be passed down for generations. Kudos Egard, I haven’t forgotten and will not

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