Welcome to The Art of Charm

Welcome to The Art of Charm

the word is probably best used to describe a prince but the art of being charming seems to have gone the way of fairy tales well we're gonna make two guys determined to bring it back what is up YouTube I'm AJ I'm Johnny and we are extremely excited to finally be here debuting our new YouTube channel we are bursting with material from the past eleven years of podcasting teaching traveling and most importantly growing ourselves from here you'll see a ton of behind the scenes exclusives from the art of charm all the way from our boot camps here in LA to our international alumni events and everything in between we'll also be posting material from our podcast and of course tons of content boiling down our discussions in the bite-size device this channel will be full of tips tactics and strategies on how to become a high-value individual it might take some elbow grease but we're here with you every step of the way and not just us but the entire artichoke community we'll be by your side we started the art of charm with the handful of coaches helping people come out of their shell since then it's evolved into a massive network that we view is family it's crazy how a few simple pointers can change a person's perspective about themselves that's really what the art of charm has become and we want it to be a resource to help you become that high-value individual by asking the right questions like how can I give value to those around me that's the indication that's key and it's so easy to get bogged down with the day-to-day offensive life so we made it our mission to give you the resources so that you can jump start your journey today and we want to help you build your confidence sharpen your social skills nail that job interview and connect with more people so if you're a longtime listener or this is the first time you heard of us and you're curious have any questions or maybe need some quick advice post the comment check us out on social media or our website or better yet if you can get yourself to Hollywood you can see it for yourself but for now here's a taste

4 thoughts on “Welcome to The Art of Charm

  1. Super fantastic!!!
    I have been listening to you guys on Stitcher for awhile then today I thought of checking you out online. Its a blessing to find this channel.

    Yes, you guys are also helping transform the savanna plains of East Africa, thanks and Happy New Year!!!.

  2. It's weird to finally see the voices being put to the faces. Anyways, long time podcast listener here wishing you good luck with the Youtube channel! I think the visual aspect will add greatly to all the helpful information you put out.

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