Welcome to Painting with Fibromyalgia Group

Welcome to Painting with Fibromyalgia Group

Welcome my name is Angela green my
friends and family call me Angie I’m gonna give you a little history
about our group you are going to see some things I think you’ll really like
and I’d love for you to be able to just cruise around the group and speak some
of the features that we have the history of our group our group started when many
of us were on other tutorials and we happen to be in chat mentioning at some
point in time that we had fibromyalgia or some similar chronic condition so
somebody came up with the idea of starting our own group in order to give
each other support and then we’re a little bit more free to talk about
things that we have in common and so I thought it was a good idea so I figured
why don’t I just start the group and see what happens so this is the first group
I’ve started I’m kind of a novice at it but I am just thrilled that we are doing
it it’s so positive and so far just about everybody has enjoyed what they
have come up upon some of us have just some people some of the members just
happen to come on just because it popped up on their
screen and they wanted to check it out and then others were invited because we
knew who could benefit from it and if it invited you when you accepted the
invitation so we’re really appreciative of that we hope that you get as much out
of it as we get out of it those that have been here for a little bit longer
we just started in about July with just a handful of people literally and now
we’re up to about 70 people and probably more by the time this video is over with
we’re really happy about that but we want everybody to feel
comfortable and kind of know how everything goes in our group so the
focus I want to remind everyone is that we want to keep painting despite the
fact that we have chronic pain that we have flares sometimes we feel good
sometimes we feel we don’t so we have to accommodate ourselves for that relax
and pull back when we need to but otherwise we can do things that can
promote us being able to paint and be able to do so and relax at the same time
be comfortable and have less less frustration so that’s the purpose of
what we’re trying to do encourage each other give each other support so that
painting can still be fun can still be relaxing and still be therapeutic we’re
not so much of a how to paint group but you are welcome to join us no matter
what stage you are in in your art process so if you’re a very beginner
you’re just getting your supplies together you’re probably not the only
one and if you’ve been painting a long time you sell your paintings you
consider yourself a professional you’re also very welcome into the group just
know that our purpose is to basically support each other it’s not one of those
showcase type groups where you want to promote your art and promote what you do
and your site your websites and so forth there are groups that do that and that’s
fine I have nothing against those I just joined one recently myself but the
purpose of our group is for those with fibromyalgia and similar conditions and
it’s more of a support and happens to be a group where we like to see each
other’s are to each other’s work in progress and
sometimes we even tried to paint together so we’ll give you plenty of
time to let you know when that’s going to be will post the reminders and the
countdowns and all that fun stuff okay one of the things that we like to do is
put up different kinds of threads to keep it fun and the latest one that
Leanne one of our moderators put up was is one where we paint our own photos
so these art photos that we downloaded from the internet without permission
these would be photos that maybe we took ourselves or that we definitely have
permission to to upload into our group they’re not for sharing they’re not for
profit they’re just so that we can have ideas to try to take a stab at painting
a photo of our own so that’ll be all in one thread and also let’s see we did
have a family photo day we all got a kick out of that so you’ll find that
thread where we uploaded our family members and our pets and so that was a
lot of fun we’ll probably do that again that was on a Sunday and we’ll probably
do that again on another Sunday but we’ll let you know so so that everything
kind of stays pretty much in one place and it’s easier to navigate and find
everything that we’re looking for so but that’s what we’re trying to do but you
know we try to be relaxed we don’t need a whole lot of extra pressure we don’t
need a lot of drama we try to keep it drama-free around here and so if you
want to be here then following our easy guidelines should be very very simple if
there’s an exception to something that normally we don’t upload just message me
and I sometimes will make an exception we have no links
we ask that you not put any links up so yeah if we see a link most likely it
will automatically be deleted so just your normal regular manners that you
already have just join us let’s have fun and there shouldn’t be any kind of
reason to feel more miserable than we already feel we want to feel better and
that’s what this group is for to try to feel better okay take care of yourselves
be balanced try not to overdo and upload a picture when you have one or tell us a
short little story or something fun or some accomplishment we would like to get
to know you this is my studio this is where I paint when we paint together
sometimes you’ll see different pictures and I move things around sometimes it’s
a little messier than other times but you know that’s all part of what we have
we do what we’re up to doing right okay so it was nice meeting you and you all
have a great day all righty bye bye

8 thoughts on “Welcome to Painting with Fibromyalgia Group

  1. Great setup Angela! 😆 Unfortunately, on my tablet I can't hear you. I had the same problem with 2 of my videos.

  2. Thank you for explaining everything about your new group. I have severe ME and Fibromyalgia so getting a painting done is a big challenge for me. At the moment I am in a big flare up so can't even sit up for long. I am hoping it doesn't last long. I am itching to paint. I have all the equipment I need so it's just a matter of being well enough to actually paint. God bless xxx

  3. Thank you for your channel. I deal with chronic pain and, more than likely, Fibro (won't see a dr about it for numerous reasons – one being I already take so much medicine), and I am grateful for your openness on this topic.

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