We Transformed a Lifetime of Electronic Waste into Art (4/4)

We Transformed a Lifetime of Electronic Waste into Art (4/4)

How many lives do our electronics have? Most, get only one before being discarded, but we believe that if there was a way to showcase their potential, maybe people would think about giving them a second chance. Alright, here is the tour, set number one, circuit boards, set number two over there, completely made out of keyboards, and all the way over on this side we got, set number three, laptops. These sets were made from e-waste, electronic waste given a second chance at one of the largest facilities of its kind in the United States. There I learned that globally while the rest ends up in landfills all over the world. Given to people like Dell, these old gadgets have the potential to be recycled into brand new computer parts. And it’s more than just the expensive stuff it’s all the accessories that come with it like mice, cables and adapters. All we needed was to convince more people to recycle so we decided to build something people would hopefully want to talk about. Entire worlds showcasing the past powering the future. We built our sets from scratch using simple pieces of wood lifted into position with the help of volunteers that joined us from all over the country. Together, we spent days experimenting with different patterns to see what would work and what didn’t. Piece by piece, our structure slowly started coming to life Just like a new laptop, born from recycled parts. From there, all that remained was to add the human component, representing the everyday person which is the most important part of the recycling machine. All the pieces we used in this project were collected by Dell’s global recycling program which collects devices of any brand, make or model to be reborn into new computer parts. Although it may look like junk, parts like these old circuit-boards can contain up to Yet we’re throwing away these valuable pieces into landfills instead of giving them a second chance. We’re just a small group of creatives that came together hoping to make a difference. But we believe that when companies collaborate with the everyday person to create social impact, that’s when we can start to build a brighter future.

49 thoughts on “We Transformed a Lifetime of Electronic Waste into Art (4/4)

  1. I'm sooo glad this is getting attention. It's amazing how much we waste that can be taken care of receive new life. I love that you dismantled everything afterwards. ❤

  2. Amazing! If you want to support and recycle you old IT responsibly, check out Dell's Services at Dell.com/Recycle

  3. Awesome! Awakening the sleeping giant in you. A call to rise to the truth about protecting this earth.​

  4. Nice project but why should i give them dell for free. They make new products out of it and i have to pay again. So in which step is dell joining the philanthropic part?

  5. I used to work in e-waste recycling fot reBOOT Montreal in your home city. Sadly we closed back around 2008 🙁

  6. One of your best projects, yet!

    Job well done, Benjamin!

    If ever, you're in South Africa, you've got my attention and time – as a freelancer, we seem to have quite a lot of this stuff, haha.

  7. This is a great video (though I'd like to tweak some of the introductory statistics, and put the Geeks of Color overseas into the correct light)

  8. What you are doing is amazing … keep posting and sharing to the world how we can fix our beautiful planet in all our unique and creative ways

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  10. Your work is so inspiring, I love it! Every time I see a new project from you I am wowed, again and again! And I feel a little better about not parting with my old computer and accessories… (Although I really should recycle them already 😂)

  11. how do i cop one of those large prints B-)
    I'd donate my first motherboard but it still brings me joy and good memories lol
    hmu broham

  12. Live it be on the peace side…
    Globalgreens.org …..not just the stolen green lingo….green ways …needs and wants….all in one planet cry!

  13. Great production video, well done! The credits were a nice surprise, appropriate, thoughtful and professional

  14. De lujo, deberías conocer Zamora En Ecuador, siento que vas a amar hacer algún trabajo aca!!!

  15. The thing is that you tell stories through your photos , by the work you do , you love to do and that's what I love I also wanna tell stories , but through my paintings , sketches and art. Also I love the way you make props from anything literally anything❤

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