Wha – Anthony, did you let him in here? I didn’t do shit idk, what is it? HEY Logan here iphone vlog classic brendan, still sleeping guys, um how, do i say this Kong Da Savage ran, away Again, this is now becoming a recurring theme. And that first i thought it was my fault like I have my eye on this dog. He’s in the backyard i’m watching it. And there’s no stopping. This dog, like it’s like i know i have a hole i have a really, bad feeling, about this like i feel like i feel Like we’ve gotten very lucky with finding kong in the past not not feeling. Good about this bro this is horrible What’s up? What what are you doing i think, kong’s gone what do you mean i think he’s gone? Yeah, gone gone yeah gone gone like you guys have seen, we haven’t clicked baited kong legitimately runs, away, what am i doing wrong quick like a cheetah SHUT TF UP *attacks car* Bigger things to worry, about frank, my dog just ride away all right i saw the dog, going this, way the dog Went this way, excuse me so So, we found kong, okay, let me show You, what i saw in the security cameras you guys understand what type of dog this is okay look? So i’m watching the cameras here look, how Fast this dog is like you see him bolt through the frame all the way up the side of the house And then guys i’m playing this real time i follow Him, and i’m literally right after him, so that home he, goes sprinting up the side of the house without hesitation hops right Through, the fence he doesn’t stop you doesn’t looking at something douai, they knew exactly Where to go the hole is this big this hole he just squeezed Through, this hole like he already knew where to go, my, man straight prison-break to me nine hundred percent this Was predetermined and i bet if i put him down right now, who do the same thing be free, oh, oh? Yeah, now he stays, oh look at. Me i’m just a dog i’m just sitting here being. Cute i’ve never been here before hello Good morning, okay, was good if you’re not a part of the logang Game make sure to subscribe, we are late, we are the best family on youtube and we got a fun flog today? No, not not kong contry thank god little brother. Jake, what i’m gonna. Be honest with You, guys i’m sorry to think there’s only, one way that we can, actually just control kong Call it doggy on coach’s doggy, alcatraz so the theory Was guys you know alcatraz is a prison like in the middle of the ocean it was ocean what’s the body-worn? francisco bay Guys, only like two prisoners have ever escaped alcatraz the ones, who Did like died on the swim in so we figured if we alcatraz Kong’s will never be a little scape i think this is gonna work guys but Um okay, there’s sort of an emergency going on right now Here’s here’s what this vlog is about here’s what, we did last night last night guys, we just pulled up to brother jake’s house We gotta be quiet cuz? He does not know i’m here no one actually on team ten knows i’m here the security guards know, me so they let Me in but i told andi and mac i don’t want anyone to actually know, what i’m doing So here’s what’s happening so the guy’s repeating in my, gym, they’re called the a-team they’re here painting Jake’s generally, they’re, doing some sort of sistine chapel on the top, and i’m like, you how Funny, would it be if like i can paint something. Jake’s tim like super secret Jake’s not a tile right now he comes back he’s going Home this is sick action We got what can, i like, mess up or become a part of like, how The hell, you got baby, what if you, make, me a, baby or paint, my face my big obnoxious, my profile picture there’s just like You painted on a baby so every, time, jake comes in here he goes that’s my daddy This prank is rooted in fun so please don’t hate, me but i am gonna pay myself on your? Wall it’s all i broke whatever could i see two babies without heads Together bro i need, you to put your face on that baby It’ll be like a double prank put your face on that baby i’ll be on this baby, these babies are great it’s a done deal Brother jay, came back early it’s like, 10 a.m.. So armani Calls me, and he’s like, hey, dude the team 10 manager just called me apparently some of the kids in team 10 snitch that We were there which i understand my fault for being seen i thought i was stealthy what The manager texted armani, and she’s pissed By the way i’ve never heard of this girl, she must be new cuz Jake’s manager is the guy, so he was a conversation that took place, ah good morning can You, give me a shot when you’re up armani, says good morning and then she sends a picture of my, baby with the thing over his face Mm-hmm and she says, is that logan if so i can, guarantee, that this will not go over, well And that’s coming from his best friends in there Bro i don’t know, worried about drip for jeff ah yeah drama with brother Jake, tomorrow We have a, huge merch drop, like a mart shop that’s gonna, make history one more shop that’s gonna Dent the universe it’s a big, boy, we’re releasing, no handlebars this week, don’t worry, about drama guys so Finger crossed Laws throw, we lost that race? true So jake is i don’t think he knows, what’s going on obviously? No one from team tennis told him but i think the dialogue Is that i just came with andi to have fun and then when he shows Us the painting i’m a bit whoa that’s so cool wait What is that? What that’s not? Me like i’m play dumb bro yeah i’m like a switzerland you know neutral country here and like a both brothers are yeah Oh, snap i see armani I think team tennis pissed, oh we gotta go we gotta go what You, don’t know anything you know, that’s definitely the girl that texted armani Just text in jake just like Me they’re here they’re at the house dude it’s her first day on the job she wants to be a good team Just, like leading us in it’s kind of weed i don’t feel safe All right so jake’s not here q the waiting montage and the good is going down Andy, andy what are you doing at this, oh? Well i may or, may not have gotten a text that said logan’s face is painted on your wall what did you do that Our money did your trade sides Down no i don’t know, why are you here Jake, has never seen, this room, he seemed to paint for the first time Thank, you bro like, this, yeah, yeah, yeah, why are these faces covered here Why, is he vlogging it – what this is my moment my story i don’t know, baby Good, luck dude anthony, did you let him in here i don’t do sister paula gardner, what is it? Everyone’s fired hold up now i can explain i said to myself i’m your, brother and i want to be your brother and baby for So i painted myself as a baby And then he came over and he had yeah there was something happening he came true Why, can’t i just ever have a nice thing Homey, homey homey, worry about this in a sec row. Just like this just something else you should see i think Please please bro, what is this no i don’t i don’t this is? That is that you? In here about to throw. A bitch fit hold, us with your security our security security, they go they go you’re His brother i go yeah No in the dark You can, run but you can’t hide i know, where you live You, been i’ve been good how. Are you i think i’m gonna go home what Ending the vlog with kong in my possession that makes me happy, also makes me happy that brother jake, wasn’t actually Mad surprising, but i’ll check it so after this right now actually we’re. Gonna, make, some music guys. Yes i’m recording A christmas song hey no Handlebars is coming out this week either tomorrow or on thanksgiving day i have to decide if i want you guys to listen to the Following, lyrics i can, ride your girl with, no handlebars around. Your parents at thanksgiving just not sure how Like the family would would accept that, jo the point is if you’re not in the low Gang you suck and you can unsuck if you, subscribe that’s all that fire i’m putting now burn Also to maverick squad the maverick revolution growing. Everyday We just out here changing the world and smell a bomb, slash shop looking i love y’all now see you tomorrow baby, oh my god


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