We Made a GLOWING Resin Minecraft Diamond Pickaxe… & took it to a REAL CAVE

We Made a GLOWING Resin Minecraft Diamond Pickaxe… & took it to a REAL CAVE

(Miniecraft music) EVAN: So what do you wanna
do for our next project? KATELYN: Hmm. I have an idea. Hey guys, we’re
Evan and Katelyn, and today we’re gonna be making
a Minecraft diamond pickaxe. So we’ve been playing
a lot of Minecraft. A lot.
Over on Evan and Katelyn Gaming. Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh
no, oh no, I’m stuck! What happened?
I’m stuck! The lava is gonna eat me! I’m on fire, I’m on fire! What do you want me to do about it?
(Evan laughs) Throw water on me.
Don’t come in the house! So for those of you who
don’t know what Minecraft is, it’s an open world sandbox game where you mine for
resources, you craft things. You get to shape the whole
world to your own vision, which is perfect
for makers like us. Yes, I mean that’s our excuse. It’s also the best
selling video game, literally of all time, so I feel like, validated
in our obsession. And the reason why we
chose the diamond pickaxe, in particular to make, is
because it’s the coolest one. Everyone wants the
diamond pickaxe. It’s the quintessential
Minecraft tool. And we wanna have one too, but like, in real life. And in resin! Glowing resin! And wood! Yeah, it’s gonna be cool. If we can do it. All right, so
there’s an easy way and a hard way to make this. We could just put like a
slab of wood on our CNC, cut it out, and paint it all. Oh, lame, no. I mean, have other people
done that, I’m sorry. (Evan laughs) Burn! But instead, we’re gonna make
it out of individual pixels. We’re gonna craft each
part of this individually, and then mash them
together into something that will be pretty
and hopefully, won’t fall apart right away. Yeah, we have a
couple tester pieces so you can get an idea
of what the diamond cubes will look like when we
pour them out of resin. But the wood, we’re just
gonna have to try to cut it. Super precisely.
Precisely. Because if these don’t
match up with the resin, it’s like the
compound error of that is just gonna make
it like, curved. We’re gonna have
a curved pickaxe. No, no, no, no, no. It’ll be unique.
No, no, no, no, no. All right, so using this
test piece that we have from earlier, I went ahead
and set up the jig, so that we should cut the
exact same length as this. (saw whirring) (whimsical music) All right, one down, 20 to go. KATELYN: And I will say,
because you will notice that this is not
as tall as this, that’s partially because
that’s how thick the wood is, but also, we think that
it would look cooler, because then the diamond
is gonna be like, thicker. I think it’ll be look better. How close did you
zoom in on my face? Katelyn, guess what time it is? ♪ Resin time, resin time,
do-do-do-do, resin time ♪ So we’re gonna- (laughs) All right, so the general
plan for the resin, is where we’re gonna do
a little bit of variation between the multiple pores. Because we want the blocks
to have a little bit of individual
uniqueness to them. We also are going to add a significant amount
of glow powder. We used it recently in
our resin knives project. EVAN: And it so cool, we had to do it.
It’s so cool! Plus like, you know when
you’re mining in the dark. Yeah.
You know. It doesn’t actually glow,
but the enchanted ones do, kinda have a little
bit of glow to them. KATELYN: Like, when
WE mine in the dark, we’ll want it to glow. Oh! Should we start over? (classical music) (pump makes fart sound)
(both giggle) That a lot of glow powder. We want it to really glow. I know, I’m worried about
being able to mix it in. It is so thick! It looks like the glow
in the dark stars. You wanna try mixing
this one up first, before you do all the glow
powder and the others. Oh yeah, that might be a good idea.
To see if we can get it looking nice. KATELYN: It’s
definitely thicker, cause it’s harder to mix this
color down to the bottom. Like, more opaque.
It makes it creamy. Yeah, I’m not sure if I like it. EVAN: But we want it,
we need it to glow. Yeah, but the knife glowed, and we just used a little bit. Okay, okay, maybe we only
do one glow in the dark. Maybe add one drop
of the green ink. Oh that’s really. (laughs) That was an accident,
it looks blue! Rainforest green, you’re a liar.
(Evan laughs) EVAN: So one glow in the
dark, one green, one blue. KATELYN: So it wasn’t
exactly what we envisioned. EVAN: Maybe it’s better. You know, we’ll find out. And if it’s terrible,
we’ll do it again. EVAN: It was terrible,
and we’re doing it again. After doing so many
resin projects, we might’ve been a
little over confident with our first attempt. I think they’re gonna be great. I mean, like, I can’t
imagine this being ugly, unless something goes really
wrong with the glow powder. (record scratches) The glow powder seems to be
settling on the bottom, so– EVAN: You see that
line right there? So we’re trying to stir it up. Hopefully it incorporates. We’re just gonna
have to wait and see. Yes. (kiss dings) All right, so it’s the next day, and it’s time to see if
our latch, dish, ditch. It’s time to see if
our last ditch effort to distribute the
glow powder worked. It didn’t work. Reveal yourself. (disappointing music) So we went through the
five stages of grief, for our first pour attempt. Denial, it’s a good color! Anger. No! Bargaining, what if
that’s a feature? Depression. KATELYN: It’s gonna be different between the two different sides. And finally, we are now
at acceptance, mostly. So Katelyn, you know how when we were mixing out
the very first attempt, you freaked out about
all the glow powder that was going in one? And you said let’s not do
glow powder in the other two? Yeah, I’m not sure if I like it. Yes. Well I did a uniform test
where I did the same amount of glow powder throughout,
and guess what happened. They worked! (both laugh) I’m not saying it’s your fault! I’m not saying it’s your fault, but I think we have a
plan for our next one. KATELYN: Looks so gross. (both laugh) So I still wanna do
some color variation, but now the base will have the
same amount of glow powder. EVAN: Yeah, so it
won’t settle out. And we’re not gonna mix the individual colors
within one mold. Oh, do you want glitter? Oh yes, yes, yes! I do, oh my gosh! EVAN: It’s a small amount,
a small amount, right? KATELYN: It looks like a lot
when you first put it in. EVAN: Here, I’ll
pour them one by one. KATELYN: It’s pretty good. EVAN: Time to pop bubbles. And that’s it! All right, according
to our test, this should completely work. And yet, why is my
confidence not at 100%? Only time will tell. One sleep later. (Evan laughs) So I haven’t said
moment of truth in this video yet, have I? Oh, is this the moment of truth? This is the moment of truth. Well wait, wait, let
me get the camera. Yay!
Yes! It worked! I mean, theoretically, we
knew it would, but yay! (Evan laughs) EVAN: Let’s see the other
colors, see how they compare. KATELYN: Oh yeah, I hope
they’re different enough. They seem different. They seem different.
Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Especially when you have them
right next to each other, that’s a big difference. See what the Supurrvisor thinks. CAT: Hi, nerds. KATELYN: Do you approve? Oh.
Oh, yes. KATELYN: She approves,
and then she is bored. CAT: Back to work. Okay, so just now
when we were doing that stop motion
for the diamond, we realized we
somehow accidentally chose the exact right
number of light cubes, and dark cubes,
and medium cubes, and now they perfectly match the actual diamond pickaxe, which is very exciting. But now it’s time to move on
the darker diamond surround. And since we already
kinda know the process, let’s skip ahead a little bit. (both clap out of sync) Do we do another clap? Was that one bad? (both clap in unison) Okay.
(Evan laughs) So it’s time to pour now. I will admit, this has been a
very fun project to work on, but like, the whole time
we’ve been doing it, I kinda just wanna
play Minecraft. It’s actually kind of a
challenge for us to like, not become just a
Minecraft gaming channel, ’cause it is what we’re
the most into right now. But we do try to do
like, a variety of games. We try. If you guys ever wanna hang out, while we do it, ’cause
we stream them live too. So we stream them at
twitch.tv/EvanAndKatelyn. That’s before they become, before we hand them
off for editor magic. Yeah, we have three editors
that do a really awesome job, they put in a lot
of time and effort. Okay, Katelyn, I’m just
gonna toss it up here and see what happens, ready? Wait, don’t just toss it! I thought, don’t,
shouldn’t we like, strategically decide what
part we wanna blow up? Yeah, this is too tall. Let’s blow it up. Even if you don’t typically
watch gaming videos, if you like our videos, I think you’ll like
the gaming channel. I endorse this message. KATELYN: Okay, we enter the
waiting game once again. Oh, yeah. Ooh, oh, nice, oh, that’s
nice, I knew it would be. (Evan laughs) So we’ve been thinking
about what we’re actually gonna do with this. ‘Cause we can’t just have it, and not do anything with it. When you have a diamond pickaxe, you need to take it into a
cave and look for diamond. And that’s what we’re gonna do. That’s, yep, you said
what I was gonna say. But first, montage mode. Yeah, ’cause we got a lot
of gluing to get through. (video game music) Hey, what are you doing in here? CAT: Am creeper. (video game music) Is it recording? Yeah. Okay, so I know that you guys were probably expecting some
beautiful finished shots, and they’re coming, trust us. But, we didn’t wanna do
everything in our garage. I feel like that wouldn’t
do this project justice. No, so instead we are
driving over 200 miles to the closest cave system
that we are allowed to enter. Well, actually, I don’t
know if we’re gonna be allowed to enter
with all this stuff. We’re gonna have to like,
pretend that we’re tourists, and not taking a YouTube video. Oh gosh, that would be so
sad if they didn’t let us. Don’t speak like that. Okay, so we’re gonna try to
be kinda incognito about this. Evan’s in full dad mode, with the fanny pack
and the audio gear. Yeah, and Katelyn is
awesomely dressed up as Steve, the main character
from Minecraft. And I hope that
someone recognizes her. And also, she a little
first person Gimble there, so that she can like,
get some cool shots. KATELYN: I can wield. Yeah, are you ready?
I’m ready. EVAN: Think they’re
gonna let us in? I hope so. Can we get two adult tickets for the discovery tour? CASHIER: I have
one here at 2:30. KATELYN: Oh, perfect,
yeah, that’d be great. MAN: You guys know
that you can’t like, do any mining in there, right? (Evan laughs) BOY: Is this a
Minecraft pickaxe? Yeah.
You made this? EVAN: Yeah, we made it. It glows in the dark too. BOY: Glows in the dark! Yeah.
It glows in the dark! BOY: You do know how to
deal with creepers, right? I do.
Then you go over and tap. KATELYN: Yup, tap, run back,
tap, run back, yup, mm-hmm. And so began our
first mining trip. We tried to follow the
cardinal Minecraft rules of cave exploring. EVAN: Wanna do something
more dynamic? (laughs) KATELYN: Don’t
dig straight down, watch out for creepers, and leave a trail of
torches behind you. Unfortunately, there were
some unexpected things in this version of Minecraft. Like, the fact that
Evan couldn’t fit through many of the tunnels. EVAN: I’m gonna
have to duck a lot. KATELYN: Yeah, you’re gonna
have to watch your head. And we were both instantly
drenched in sweat, due to humidity.
(camera shutter clicks) I’m so sweaty, my hair’s
gonna look terrible. EVAN: A little bit sweaty. KATELYN: But we didn’t let that hinder our quest for diamond. Diamond. We hoped our tour
guide could assist us. TOUR GUIDE: Does anybody else
have any other questions? KATELYN: Is there
any diamond in here? TOUR GUIDE: Unfortunately,
there are not any diamond in here. KATELYN: But we
kept our hopes up. You think there’s
diamond in there? EVAN: Oh, is there
diamond in there? KATELYN: We did develop
a bit of popularity with some of the
youths on the tour. It’s all glued. GIRL: Glue is very strong. KATELYN: It is strong. BOY: Are you Steve? KATELYN: I am Steve. Do you wanna take
a picture with it? (“In the Hall of the Mountain
King” by Edvard Grieg) And then we found it, diamond! EVAN: Found some diamonds! Diamonds! Our quest complete, it was time to get the heck outta there. EVAN: We need to
look for an exit. Oh wait, I think I
see natural light! Well, I think that
was a success. We got all the
footage that we wanted to give this epic
ending that we wanted. And now we’re just
gonna sit here and relax and chat with you
guys for a little bit. Yeah, I mean, I think
the most important thing is now we are owners
of a diamond pickaxe. Whoa, there’s a
bee, there’s a bee. Oh, it likes it, oh, no, no. Hey, bees just got
added to Minecraft. Oh yeah, that’s why. (both laugh) Well, I’m just glad we
have this in our life, because Minecraft is a
big part of our life now. And I’m sorry for any parents that now have to make a
Minecraft pickaxe too. We will link to
everything we used below, that way, if you do have
to make one of these for your kids, or for
yourself, you can do it too. Hope you guys
enjoyed this video, and we’ll see you next time! Ooh, and if you wanna
see us play Minecraft, the actual video game, you can search YouTube for
Evan and Katelyn Gaming, and you’ll find
our videos there. Yeah. Bye!
Bye! EVAN: It’s good, it’s good.

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