Waterfall city – SPRAY PAINT ART – by Skech

Waterfall city – SPRAY PAINT ART – by Skech

Welcome to Skech’s SPRAY PAINTING , Crafting and DIY ART. Heeey wasaaap my AWESOME YouTubers ? Thanks to all of u who watch my videos. I have no idea what I’m gonna paint today. I get a lot of questions: “do i get prepared for each painting or I go just with the flow?” Some of painting u already saw like : ” Pink unicorn” or ” Howling Wolf “, These are painting that I already made before I made video of them. But most paintings on my YouTube channel are made for the first time. Before I starting to made these pictures , I go trough all steps in my head before i start to painting. But for today’s picture I HAVE NO IDEA what I’m gonna paint I was totally unprepared and I need to deliver video to u. So I’ll go just with the flow… I hope u will like it, I hope u will enjoy it. For all of u who are first time here on this channel, don’t forget to SMASH that SUBSCRIBE button for more future videos like this. Stay AWESOME! Have a AWESOME week. And lets go to make some Art! Lets roll guys! Hey guys thanks for watching this video I hope u liked it I hope u enjoyed it. For all of u who are first time here on this channel and not subscribed yet SMASH that SUBSCRIBE button for more future videos like this. Stay AWESOME and I love u all!

100 thoughts on “Waterfall city – SPRAY PAINT ART – by Skech

  1. I’m just straight stunned. That is one of the most beautiful scenes I have ever seen in my life. If that was a picture, I would have it as my home screen.

  2. I like this type of art one of my favorite
    You should explain what are you doing people they want to learn the way you do

  3. Anyone who gives this a thumbs down is either and idiot, talentless, or jealous, most likely all three. There is absolutely no reason to do it, this is awesome.

  4. Ur art is awesome .. first I cannot think what will u do after 2 min OMG !superb.
    I have a request for u if u add some song in ur video it makes it more beautiful to watch

  5. Third painting I've watched of yours, and might i add the best so far.
    I tried a small 6"×4" planets yesterday and it came up ok.
    I will try a full size over the next few days.
    Thanks to your teaching i may have a hobby now in my disabled retirement.
    I'm looking forward to watching many more of your works.

  6. Simply amazing…
    Ive watched all your spray art…love to watch you in person some time. Thanks for sharing

  7. For some reason this AMAZING work of art reminds me of the game Destiny 2! My favorite game to play. It's in Xbox!

  8. Bro it's good, but is a chinese method of producing clever "stencil art" NOT Spray paint art, not that it matters. Do some proper spray paint art and use your plates for eating your dinner!

  9. Talking about leaving an environmental footprint … YIKES!!! His lungs must be a painting too. Some people don't think nor they care if what they do hurt them and the environment.

  10. hi i tried this and when i was pulling off the paper like you did to make the cool pattern of the planet, it would just smear or make this ugly pattern. how did u do that????????????????????

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