Watercolor | painting videos | Watercolor Painting | How to Paint | Watercolor Techniques

Watercolor | painting videos | Watercolor Painting | How to Paint | Watercolor Techniques

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59 thoughts on “Watercolor | painting videos | Watercolor Painting | How to Paint | Watercolor Techniques

  1. Amazing work and technique. Could you please guide me for what eisel and watercolor sheet and board you use . They look very compact and easy to carry. Thanks so much for sharing the video 🙂

  2. Amazing! Your mastery in watercolor has brought life to wherever you feel there is a painting in every corner. Just inspiring to see this.

  3. Thank you Ananta for showing us all how it should be done.. Your paintings look so loose when you first begin and then suddenly everything comes together beautifully. You look so relaxed as though you are really enjoying yourself .Maybe that's the secret..

  4. extremely talented. But may I ask why paint the same when the camera can do the same thing? I am also an artist. I asked this question then I can do my watercolor painting with more meaning. [email protected]

  5. I am an 80 years old registered architect. I drew the buildings because they were never there before. But I now I retired, want to do what I love to do before I was an architect, find it difficult to draw something that is already there. I asked myself, it is there already, why do I have to repeat what is in front of me ? Is it a valid question ? George Wu, AIA, ARCHITECT, NCARB 2017-8-1

  6. hi bro , loved your video , inspired me a alot to try plein air painting … Hope to make it asap , by the way what model tripod ur using in this video , I don't have any knowledge about it , so would love to get ur suggestions to buy a 1 at affordable price , thanks

  7. Fabulous ! Where did you learn water colour painting ? Calcutta Art College ? You are a great artist bro..

  8. Now THAT is watercolour at its best. Thank you. By the way, you do not need the "music", your work speaks for itself. Thank you again.

  9. I could watch art like that being formed /made/created all day long and the mini documentaryesque video was excellent too!!! ; )

  10. Good lord your good! I noticed you have not uploaded anything for 5 years? I certainly hope it's because your a successful artist some where! Many blessings

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