Watercolor Dolphin  for beginners painting the Ocean ๐Ÿ’‡๐ŸŽจ   alcohol technique

Watercolor Dolphin for beginners painting the Ocean ๐Ÿ’‡๐ŸŽจ alcohol technique

Alcohol Bubbles. I can’t say alcohol bubbles, people are going to think that it’s the Dolphins. *horse sounds* I got it. Hi! I’m Cinnamon Cooney your Art Sherpa, and today I’m so excited to share with you how you can absolutely paint this underwater fantasy. If you’re a brand new painter, don’t worry I’ve got your back. Explain every step of the process. Everything you need to know every technique so you can create this underwater dolphin today. Get your paint, get your brushes get your rubbing alcohol and come back in. These are right now. We’re going to get painting. Today’s project has Holbein watercolor pain in the colors permanent yellowed deep cobalt blue hue and marine blue on top of that I have taken 140 pound watercolor paper by Strathmore and taped it down with low tech tape. I’m just putting the watercolor paint out on a pallet paper I’ve got rubbing alcohol. Any proof will work on this I just happen to keep 91 percent in the studio because I work with acrylics a lot. And putting that makeup aside that’s going to help me do the alcohol resist. I’m going to keep showing it to you know what I’m doing. I have a cat’s tongue. Oh gosh. This is a three quarter inch black velvet. I mean it. Get this brush wet and start putting out a wash. A wash should make your paper be noticeably wet and shiny but it shouldn’t really buckle your paper. It shouldn’t be anything like say that your dolphin could swim in. I pre-scheduled in my dolphin on the paper in my notes on that is look if you’re not a person who draws and you’re looking at that thinking I’m never going to do it. I think it’s OK to trace how those free trace ripples on my website. There are product com you’re welcome to go get them any time you like. I’m putting out the water. You can see that there’s a sheen on the paper but it’s not like a pond. It’s not like soaked. And I’m getting water under the brush. The thing that I like about these is that they pull in the right amount of water. This is a number a round black velvet and I’m in a pull down sunlight streaks from the upper right corner down towards the lower left corner. Now the trick is when you’re putting this out especially if you’re working with the liquid water coolers like I am right here. The ones from the tubes is that you Kamini it kind of cautiously from the side. Adding water to it to get these washes out. Unlike pan acrylics which are the dry ones that you’re probably really familiar with that you add water to to activate these have a lot of pigment so that you can get to really easily. So that’s just the thing is to come in at a cautiously and reasonably. I’m just making a radiation or brush strokes kind of like a fan coming out and dragging down the idea being that water is lighter at the top and gets darker as you go down because the light falls off free and that starts to get richer and so that’s one of the things that I want to make sure that I represent. I am wearing the bottom of the page with that same oval. I’m not using that fantastic or probably could have done the whole thing with that brush because it’s like three brushes in one. But I wanted the streaking that I would get with my beautiful round so that’s why I was using them. I’m getting into my marine blue. This is really kind of like a halo turquoise. If you’re looking for this in a another type of watercolor but I’m just looking for an aquatic kind of oceanic turquoise here. And so I really liked that color. You can see in my lower left screen where I did the color cards you could really tell what the colors were and how they’d mix. And I liked this because it has three colors in it as a project. One of the things that I guess I’m making streaks in and this is happening with my watercolor. But when you’re working well into wet with your pigment something to keep in mind is is it’s going to settle. When you glaze which is where you paint a wet streak of water cooler over dry water color. That color will stay where it is because the color goes where the water is right. Well in this case the color goes where the water is so wherever I’m putting this pigment it’s going to bleed out and softens everything here that I’m doing is not going to retain a hard edge. It’s going to be loose. It’s going to be soft which is great for new painters because it’s a very forgiving space to ban. I’m adding some of my yellow back in and employing these streaks down. I’m not worried about what’s happening. I’m still working. Just the marine blue and the permanent yellow deep here. So this is just the marine blue and I’m pulling up the darker color I’m adding more pigment to the bottom because the water is darker. I haven’t lost the sketch that I put in which is if you do choose to trace it in that’s a good thing for you to know I’m getting that cobalt blue. This is going to make the water feel cooler and deeper and further away from the sunlight as the dolphin is swimming up you know towards the surface. And so I’m going to want to just concentrate that a bit on the bottom and let that bleed up to the top again. Trying to keep this paper wet the only way my alcohol resists bubbles are going to work is if the paper’s damp at least damp because it’s got to be able to push the pigment in the water out. When I drop it to make the effect. So that’s the kind of components of what I’m going to be working with here. You can see that I’m just carefully coming in from this outside edge and just working this in. You can do this with washes in acrylic because of course you can do washes of acrylic on watercolor paper and that would work really really really well. There’s a lot of really cool things where water based products kind of have some some more properties but with water color you’re going to always be working from lightest to Darkest so you might have noticed that I’m building up color here. I’m building up the color. I can subtract a little bit. I like to say watercolor has like about 200 do’s and so you know I’m just adding I am wiping all the water out of my brush. I’m about to get my alcohol. This is super fun. What we’re about to do right here. So I’ve got my alcohol again. It doesn’t have to be 91 percent maybe 71 percent just whatever you have in your local drugstore will do this. I just like the 91 percent because it moves acrylic really easily. I’m making these drops and you can immediately see it’s not like magic how it makes those bubbles. And I’m going to just put little drops of this around. You know I put one where I’m going to be painting over black paint but I like to try to get a little overlaps. So things have layers in the painting because it’s what we’re trying to create is these layers that tell that story and hope urged that it’s real fun. On this particular case even if alcohol drops off one and I don’t expect it to. I’m OK with it because I’m trying to make bubbles in the water ensuring you create this very soft. Aquatic dreamy feel should be very relaxing. This part of the painting is incredibly relaxing to do. I imagine this is a technique once you discover it that you’re going to be playing with a lot. It’s it’s one of those. There are certain watercolor techniques or certain acrylic techniques I think that just call to New painters and get them excited about being creative again. This being one of those fabulous fabulous things. And I don’t think it really matters what your age is whether you’re you know five or 65 or a hundred and five. It just is fine. To drop little bits of alcohol and make the pain go bloop bloop bloop bloop bloop bloop it isn’t it is just play it and take that up into the sunlight because of course and what my bubbles to go up. Right. Because bubbles rise up through the water and they’re fine. And I’m just enjoying that. I’m just letting that drop off. My low around here having a good time. Having a lot of fun it’s fun to see what else is out there there’s a lot of really cool water projects that you can do this crazy thing to get into it’s good for travel. I’m rinsing out my brush getting the alcohol out of it and I’m going to come and get my marine blue and I’m going to load this brush with a fair amount of pigment and spluttered off Im doing this like little finger flick. That’s how I get a load of brush up and then just flick the top of it and it just the pressure disperses it. Now the pain is still damp in because it’s still damp. What is the pigment going to do. It’s going to disperse it’s going to soften because the pigment goes where the water is. So it’s going to completely pull out. And these little spiders will become a very soft in fact that isn’t overwhelming to the piece if you want these spiders to be really intense and show and be like Hardage drops. You would wait to the piece dried and then splatter. And that’s how you get those two results. Everything watercolors whether you’re working at dry or working it went into wet and that’s how you kind of get your two basic kind of plays in that space. I’m going to get some yellow for some sample rate. Got to have some Zazzle of some is. Look at that. That really just pops it. But again don’t worry if initially it seems like you might have overwhelmed it. Give it a second let it rest because it’s going to soften it’s going to mellow out quite a lot. So that’s something to realize. That’s an area water for giving. I let it dry completely and I get my black just so you could use black paint. You could use any ink. I mean do let it be dry. That really helps because otherwise where is it going to go with waters. I’ve got a number for Brislin round here this is for critic paint. It has a very nice shirt point and just allows me to sort of like it’s a bit like having a pen on paper you know but it’s not paint. I like the Black just so because it’s very matte and it’s inexpensive but it’s still really high quality. So there’s a lot of things that I like about it and I tend to go get it. It’s not really a right or wrong thing it’s just a preference thing you could use black graph paint. You could use a golden Mar’s black paint with whatever you want to use in your silhouette here will work because that kind of a piece I’m going to definitely paint this in and what I want to do is have an outline my edges first and then fill in. So I see my little pencil and I’m going to definitely filling in again. If you’re not somebody who draws yet and I say yeah. Because you can always learn it just like you’re going to learn painting you can learn drawing just like you might be doing acrylic now and you’re taking a watercolor maybe you’re doing what are you taking a pastel. These are just new skills. Just keep adding to your art skill set. Be a pokey man you know trader catch all those art skills and collect them all up and then you can use them as you need them for different situations. You’ll never be sorry for an art skill that you learn or technique that you acquire. It will come up again and some point in the future and always be fun. So and also never feel bad if you don’t do it yet. You can’t know everything right away. It’s wonderful to be student. It’s wonderful to be new. I always feel really good about that space. I think students should just wave their new flags as high as they can because you won’t be new forever. So really enjoy this time. I’m just filling this in and making sure that this is matte black. It’s kind of like I’m going for. The piece is going to frame up beautifully. You can do this for a lot of projects. This particular piece of paper is six by nine. So you know that’s sort of the look I was going for there was just something and could easily frame and hang and have it be kind of a cute little piece to look at. Hopefully you’re enjoying the process of painting this piece. There is definitely more watercolor out there going on. I really love this media. I think there’s a lot to do. There’s really no end to Art. Art is one of those. Endlessly fun discovery spaces. So you know. That’s something that I personally want to say to you is find more. Never never stop being excited about it because it’s always exciting. I’m going to sign them and get a number zero round black pearl to sign. I’m going to find an interesting place to sign if you’re going to sign your piece which I like to because it helps people know who did it. But you have to but ours don’t. Really. It’s your studio. So kind of your rules in your studio on your easel on your table sort of your way. So you know do the things that feel great to you and don’t worry about the things that aren’t really speaking to you today. Maybe they’ll speak to them or maybe they won’t. It’s hard to say. So I’m putting my name in there making my mark. I hope you had a lot of fun painting this watercolor with me. Check out the art card for a really fun water media painting with Ginger cook live. And I definitely cannot wait to see your paintings two thumbs up. Gave myself the thumbs up thumbs up to you. I want to see you. At the easel really soon doing art projects. Be good to yourself. Be good to each other. Other Buh-Bye (LOVE YOU ALL!)

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