Watch This Breath-Taking Ocean Themed Body Art from Start to Finish

Watch This Breath-Taking Ocean Themed Body Art from Start to Finish

Hey guys! So here I am at the studio of Alter
Ego Bodypaint or Seattle Body Painters. It’s a husband and wife duo, Jen and Peter Jensen.
We are going to be doing some ocean-themed body painting for the day. I met Peter and Jen years ago at one of my
fire dancing gigs in Seattle, and I’ve worked together with them for large scale electronic
music events since then. Peter wanted to put together a shoot before I left, so in a mad
dash, I drove up to Seattle to spend the day becoming a living art piece. For any makeup
and special effects artists out there watching this video, Peter gave me a quick synopsis
into what the painting process entailed, including products and tools. So the first phase of the process was getting
the prosthetics onto Rachel to provide coverage. For that I used No Toe covers on the bottom
and Monster Pasties on the top. They provide swimsuit level coverage and avoid the lines
that painting over clothes would make. As a model, it was really awesome having the
coverage, and it was also really awesome to be able to move out of the way so I could
use the restroom without messing up the paint job! The second phase was putting a base coat of
paint onto Rachel. For that I used Fab Wolf Diamond Effects brand of body paints. I really
like them because they are a cosmetic paint. They are meant to go on the skin, they go
on really nicely, they have good coverage, and they also have really good blendability.
They also wash off very easily with soap and water and are meant for going on the skin.
They work really well. I’ll have you know that washing these paints
off made the shower look like I performed an alien science experiment in there! Sorry
roommates, didn’t mean to scare you. I was able to get the blue and green color out of
the tub after a good scrubbing though. The third phase was airbrushing on the textures.
For that I used my airbrushes with Fab or ProAir brand airbrush makeup. I really like
this make up because it’s very opaque, it flows out very well and dries instantly. It’s
also a cosmetic product that dries instantly when it hits the skin. It is very, it’s
also waterproof so it’s very durable and lasts through photo shoots very well. I also
used some of these sort of stencils that can help me put on the the textures. And here’s
a couple examples of some of the ones that I used. I loved this part of the process as we were
able to decide together what textures should go where, and the whole look truly came together!
We saved my hands and face for last so I could eat drink without messing up the make-up. The whole process took about 9 hours. 7 hours
for paint job and 2 hours for the photo shoot. All in all, it was a super fun process and I’d
gladly do it again! If you liked this video, please give it a thumbs up and share it with
a model or make-up artist who might be interested in the process! If you want to see more ocean-themed
art collaborations, please subscribe to my YouTube channel, the Sailing Siren, and follow
me on Instagram at The Sailing Siren. Stay tuned, because next week I start sharing footage
from the Philippines as I embark on the journey of becoming a freediving instructor! Until
next time, have a fin-tastic week!

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  1. So what do you think of this body art? I'm a huge fan of Peter and Jen's work, and Justin is a fantastic photographer! I'd love to do some sort of body paint like this and breath hold dance on the ocean floor (as long as the ingredients are coral friendly). What other sorts of underwater art would you like to see me do?

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