40 thoughts on “Warrnambool's wombat street art is a happy accident

  1. Want to know more about this story? You can read producer Emily Blissland's article on how she discovered the story and put it together here: https://ab.co/2oUoJbR

  2. How dis they go about making this video though? Surely they didnt record the events as they were taking place..

  3. and then some lowlife scum broke into his home and stole his priceless hat and his wallet with cash he'd saved up for a special present for his wife….hope the mongrels rot in Hell……

  4. Not sure if he named already. He was To be for a weekend only then not To be after that. Now he could answer the age old question to be or not TOBY.

  5. But how did they film bomber hat guy making a smudge at 0:48? At that point the clear coat layers were already on. Did they really make the artist paint another one somewhere else just for the smudging and spraying shots?

  6. at this viewing, 1000 people like and 15 have sticks in their asses. probably a support group for that somewhere.

  7. So was this whole thing planned? Or did they just happen to re enact everything they did including drawing another wombat crack on another bridge just for the camera?

  8. Oh Phill you are hysterical! They're both so adorably funny! If I ever get to Australia I know what to see first!

  9. W O W … how cool..!!
    I have actually been to Warrnambool once in 1997, from N. Carolina
    we drove over from Melbourne where we stayed for a week at a time
    whenever we did the RIM trip in the 747… πŸ˜ƒπŸ›«βœˆοΈ

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