15 thoughts on “‘Violins of Hope’ opens exhibit at Museum of Art

  1. 60 MILLION people, mostly Christians were slaughtered by the Jewish Bolsheviks.
    Must watch documentary: EUROPA, The Last Battle, part 1.
    Why is this segment of history ignored?

  2. They are deleting comments, thereby prohibiting our First Amendment Right of Freedom of Speech. The ADL is a Zionist NGO and needs to register as a foreign agent. They are NOT a legitimate body or lawmaker. Remember folks, Schindler's List was FICTION even though Jews want us to believe it was fact. I wish Spielberg would make a movie about the Jewish Bolshevik Revolution in which Jews murdered, raped and pillaged 60,000,000 Christians. That would be non-fiction.

  3. The fiddlers on the roof …
    … subvert the proven truth.
    Revelations 2:9
    Revelations 3:9
    John 8:44

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