VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 7

VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 7

guys battle stations right now turn the couch we got a VFX emergency you know Peter get up here all right welcome back to VFX artists react we're having an emergency session right now because you guys know we're about to watch you know just very strange it's just very strange it's like technically it's actually totally fine it's just very strange but we're not here to like dig into the critiques of cats the Broadway musicals Gandalf the cat and all the grey cat now Gandalf the white cat just trying to get some cheese wait so some cats are wearing jackets but other cats aren't wearing anything and I can't tell his Judi Dench's jacket her fur or is it a jacket is it dead cat fur dead cat is it a dead cat is an interesting question though so I think it's important to note that almost no one really knows much about this movie so most of what we're saying here is pure speculation according to the actors who are on set they actually had costumes and the only thing that they're gonna be adding were like whiskers tails and ears so one person's job is just the tail Lord is adding tails to everyone so most of the effects we are seeing right now are actually unfinished they're at but like the 80 to 90 percent finished stage and honestly some of these shots look really good from a purely technical standpoint the VFX are totally a-okay none of the reactions here are oh the lighting sucks oh this looks so fake and a CG like it looks CG but like it doesn't look like they made a mistake in how it looks everybody's actually reacting to what they should be reacting to which is the decision to make human animal hybrids they have human-animal hybrids why are we debating whether the earth is flat do they have human-animal hybrids it's like the character itself is freaking people out not the technical achievement of it like Sonic it was the character itself that was a little weird looking they don't look right and a lot of people have been attributing this to the uncanny valley I'm getting some uncanny valley for sure all of their faces are covered in fur yeah the entirety of their cheekbones and cheeks it's all covered in fur and yet it still retains a very human face like quality judi dench for instance it looks like an actual photography plate of her face on a CG cat it almost looks like they like cut out like the eyes and the nose and the mouth and they're throwing me yeah and the big stuck back onto the model it definitely yeah it definitely feels that way it's it's well integrated and they're doing a fine job of it but like that definitely lends itself to a bit of this strange reaction everybody's having because you're getting just very raw like pieces of human cut out and stuck on to this character the weirdest always comes down to the face but also the way she was running up to that gate apparently they all had to go to what's called like cat school where they learn how to act like cats I'm not kidding so part of part of the weirdness comes from there walking is not like a normal walk they're all like humans acting like cats that's why do you think the whole movies weird I just like I can't I'm not gonna say movie not I am NOT disagreeing with you there Tom's pairing them with a kind of level of technology which I don't think has ever been used before so what I'm gathering here is the jackets are real the faces are kind of real and then the body and that kinda stuff has basically been replaced by fur and a CG body we've used digital photo technology to create the most perfect covering of fur they did wear the costume and they did all the choreography for real and I think Taylor Swift even said there was no motion capture which means they're basically matching an actual animation of a CG person to the real performances on set okay that's me that's big door big door that's a big door so the sets are real from get it gathering for this I assumed this sets would be real just like the actual play they built like oversized sets to make everybody feel small they all have these headbands oh yeah look at that there's a person in the back on wearing motion tracking markers so they definitely are having a bunch of tracking markers on them so that is absolutely a form of motion capture if we get a glimpse of his monitor there you can kind of see so somebody is wearing a suit but I bet you that's just for lighting reference that's motion capture yeah that's motion capture all right well it's definitely a parent they're using a variety of methods to capture the motion of the choreography you know we're seeing motion trackers but these days you need what we've been doing with our xn students you guys have to check out this project we did Sam built a video game we can control it with a motion capture suit it was the previous video to this one so check it out if you haven't seen it yet because the showcase is a really interesting piece of technology which also kind of calls into question why they wouldn't just have actors wear one of those if they're going to replace them anyways these are people but they're cats and this is kind of blowing my mind they've erased the person a hundred percent now it's a complete CG character it's just written up it's a weird monster is when you're watching weird monsters dance around on screen oh I feel like it'd be more valuable to have people in costumes but there's still the person there yeah all the reactions here have nothing to do with the technical execution this isn't about the visual effects is about the art direction but that's part of the overall visual effects umbrella art direction is certainly part of it this trailer is like glass blowing art like what who who nobody asked for this that's the thing it's the worst musical of all time it's not a very good musical that's for sure we're cats are wonky here's a song about a cat do do it do do do and then it's the same thing for two hours hey you know what that movie good for you I'll probably check it out it also like glassblowing art it's like the worst oblong marble who wants a spin marble like I don't want that what's this blade you croissant-doughnut thing let's jump into our patron decided see we do a scene where patrons get to vote and this is the winner you know it's kind of crazy to think that like there is all this hubbub of about twenty twelve million of the world I was so long ago that like totally forgot about it it's so good really good roland emmerich right the same guy that didn't pendants say he's the master of world ending stuff look at a good that looks we know the plants moving all the physics on all that so many paul just one tree is like you enough to crash my computer a crazy thing here's like bring all of it together it's nuts lady just got how much of this deep think is actually practical except for the mud i think this is a hundred percent computer-generated this is a full animation and they did this back in 2009 [Applause] watch out John Cusack the building's clapping oh there I've never seen a building collapse off this plate I've never seen a building collapse and look as good as it in this because I don't think any movies got that structural slow everything falling apart five oh it's a good one there goes trees they got all the same is that the same golf course Harrison Ford crashed in oh in real life he crashed there yeah not for a movie yeah oh wow that is cool what whoever wrote this seems like yeah look at all this it's so much physics objects like just having that many objects is hard for a computer let alone physically simulating all of it on top of like the smoke and the dust and the plants waving in the wind oh the Train I love the Train coming out flying under it I mean they could pull up by this point but that wouldn't be any fun man what what a sequence all of this stuff going on are is simulated the the buildings collapsing the street and Road coming up the grass caving into itself it's not like a person going in and moving every single brick right they know that they want a bridge to collapse right it's like a hit play and let it simulate and then you let the physics do its job but a person has to animate and all these events to start and stop at certain points essentially they're doing like the macro view the the amount of computing power to do this shot alone like I can't even comprehend there's a lot of technology that you now see in every film that was kind of this film was kind of the first one to do it so this shot right here blows my mind obviously you have a bunch of physics and stuff going on the reason this blows my mind is because it's bringing everything together in the visual effects world at that time at the height of its full potential into one shot you're seeing a bunch of different software and a bunch of different programs being brought together for a single shot and likely a bunch of things being rendered out in different places and that mastery of bringing all these things together is where rolls like a visual effects supervisor comes in handy because you need that that director that coordinator to make all this software talk to each other and make sure all these pieces line up like just a plant alone with leaves looking realistic and moving in the wind it's hard for a computer to do there are hundreds of palm trees hundreds of plants in the shot there are yards with grass a house collapsing is hard to do there are like 20 houses collapsing in the shot not to mention the street falling apart the car is falling into it the dust the smoke all that stuff it's just it's a masterwork of things coming together I think we really cool to talk a little bit about how you actually achieve some of these physics and how like you could even achieve some of these physics now the physics engine they use in this movie is called bullet physics that's doesn't mean it's physics for bullets if that's just the name of the physics engine bullet physics is actually an open source physics engine and one of the things that bullet physics does that other physics engines didn't do at the time was a kind of internal friction so what I mean by that is let's say you have a stack of blocks on wooden blocks now the wooden block on the bottom of that stack is under the weight of that full stack meaning it's going to have more friction because it's under all that pressure you need this internal friction to have large structures collapse accordingly because large structures have weight and pressure inside of them so this is a great demonstration of bullet physics this is is it effectively exactly what's happening in 2012 except those little wooden blocks are being replaced with like concrete and glass right there you see how it didn't collapse because the internal pressure and internal friction of the blocks sitting on top of each other is keeping the blocks of the inside from being affected that's something that only bullet physics could do back in the day so this here's physics and notice that when the ball goes to the top the bottom Amelie kicks out of this tower and that's because you're knocking the eternal friction that bullet physics is giving the moment one object in that tower gets motion that motion translates to everything and something the bottom blows out and the whole thing falls over and it's not stable if your physics simulation isn't accurate we can still pick up on the pulse motion but here the motion is very true to real life it looks very real we looked at 2012 and that was because you guys chose it on patreon so thank you for voting there and you can become a patron and vote for the next one – link in the description below ooh Jonathan wick Johnny wick Jonathan wiggle I think they're gonna try to hurt John wick but John wick don't take no guff who's that can't tell who it is there's a shadow on his face could it be the same guy who was again in the shower Oh bad guy pretty smart John wick a little bit smarter he'll be smart but also it's just like not discount that Keanu's heart rate is probably not exceeding 80 in fact it goes down gotta reads lowest resting heart rate is when he's fighting cuz that's when he's the most relaxed dead dead everybody's dead so you might wonder what we reacting to in this shot the muzzle flashes it's a cool movie and I love these fight scenes with the muzzle flashes they're just a little disappointing in motion they look fine I actually think in motion they could look even better there's one thing that we're particularly good at here at corridor it's muzzle flashes muzzle flashes we've been doing like 20 years a long time perfecting our muzzle flashes because there's certain physics with muzzle flashes work and they don't quite adhere to it for John wick so these aren't real guns obviously you're not going to shoot real guns but blank-firing guns are frequently used in productions we actually got to use blank firing guns for our battlefield series blank firing guns are deadly they are basically real guns if Brandon Lee from The Crow he was killed by a blank firing gun actually multiple people have been killed by blank firing guns on set you're not going to be able to use blank firing guns in a situation like this it's just it's too dangerous they're probably using airsoft guns Gaspar airsoft guns so some things that you merely notice is you have the muzzle flash that muzzle flash puts light into the scene and muzzle flashes are actually pretty bright do the lights not bad they're adding more light the scene basically it's painting it in by hand you can see it on the front of counter reads you can see out in front of that stuntman the Bloods looking a little weird but it's just for one frame so sushi not that big of a deal but there's an immediate flaw that stands out to me muzzle flashes don't exist for two frames they also especially do not go backwards into the gun you shoot the gun the Gunpowder in the shell expands the gun powder turns basically into expanding gas in the initial stage that gas is glowing and that's the flesh that's the fire so you'll sometimes capture no muzzle flash sometimes they'll catch for the tail end of the muzzle flash in fact it depends entirely on your cameras most cameras these days have rolling shutters which means that it's scanning from top to bottom and a truly real muzzle flash sometimes only captured halfway so this is a real m249 shooting real blanks alright so that's a real muzzle flash notice how bright it is in the scene around it that generally did a good job of that with John wick it's brightening his face it's reflection in his goggles it's also huge also notice that we're only capturing the top half of it this star is not coming out at the bottom because of the rolling shutter now notice on the ground below it it's kicking up dust on the ground that's an actual shockwave from the front of the gun and that's not a fake camera shake that's going ah thank you for the gun hahaha the next issue is the smoke there's no smoke you wanna know how to give a gun power you show the power with thick ejecting gases you show it with a smoke the smoke is just the cooled gases that the muzzle flash was made out of so if those hot gases in one frame expanded to this big and in the next frame now that's just smoke and they're the same size that makes zero sense for the physics of the scene now notice the smoke coming out this gun is as big as the muzzle flash the general rule of thumb is if in one frame you've gone from here to here how far did you go in the next frame from the same distance from here to here so if your muzzle flashes this big and the next frame the gasses should be this big the size of the smoke coming out these guns should be leaps and bounds bigger than what you're seeing in these shots and that expansion of the smoke and that fast puffs that comes out of the gun gives that impression of that punch and of that projectile that's rocketing out of that going out like Mach one and they don't have that in John wick here once you drop in the smoke at the right scale at the right speed suddenly your guns he's powerful but you know what I would like to see what John wick would look like with actual realistic muzzle flashes and I think we could fix the muzzle flashes in John wick so if you guys remember how we fixed the Scorpion King I would love to try fixing the muzzle flashes in John wick so if you'd like to see us try fixing the muzzle flashes from John wick and a couple other movies too subscribe to the channel it's gonna be coming real soon I like John wick a lot I'd love to see it accurate too real guns if you've seen any movies or TV shows that you want us to look at yours TV shoes yeah that's it if you've seen any TV shoes and goddang it if you've seen any movies or TV shows with visual effects that you want us to look at leave a comment down below who knows we might just get to in the next one

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  1. I know this is about VFX. But notice how the collapse of the world speeds up with him. It speeds up when he gets in the plane.


  3. I've said it before and I'll say it again (about the movie 2012) if the end of the world starts happening, just make sure you have a Limo at your disposal, it can outrun anything.

  4. As a collector of really expensive bongs and dab rigs that "i don't like glass art" comment really hurt because the're are so many different types of glass art. Also that cat movie looks surprising good to me.

  5. What really throws off the Cats for me is just the face to head size being so wrong in some of the shots. It's probably the main reason why the actors in makeup in the stage show look so much better than the CG actors in the trailer.

    Also, too much gloriously sculpted cat arse. Or not enough. I'm not sure.

  6. Hey, I really wonder how they did this punch effect. Btw Awesome job. It calls Hakan; Muhafiz by Netflix


  7. The only cat I want to see is catwomen….this movie…show…whatever looks so freaking weird dude, and that's coming from someone who doesn't hate furries. (But doesn't associate myself with furries.)

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