Vanilla Snow Pavlova with the KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer and Whisk

Vanilla Snow Pavlova with the KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer and Whisk

just about everyone I know loves pavlova and to have a great meringue recipe a great pavlova recipe it can take you through any occasion and there are a few really simple tricks that will actually take you from being maybe a normal average pavlova maker to a magnificent pavlova maker the first thing I want to talk to you is about using the whisk make sure that it's spotlessly clean and that it's very very dry now when looking after your whisk don't pop it into the dishwasher because very sadly if you do this is what's going to happen it won't affect the way that it whisk works but it certainly affect the way that it looks so hand wash the whisk at all times but you can put the flat beater and the dough hook into the dishwasher it's just the whisk that you bet best to hand wash now as far as making a meringue or a pavlova I'm going to use the large stainless steel bowl but if I wanted to I could definitely use the glass bowl or if I was doing a smaller meringue recipe as in maybe a maximum of five egg whites I would use the three liter bowl this recipe has eight egg whites and it produces a beautiful high-sided delicious meringue or pavlova whichever way you want to call it the recipe begins with egg whites and please don't use a cold egg white because it won't whip up to the volume that you want it to have take your eggs out of the fridge about a half an hour or so before you're going to use them or in winter what I actually do is I put the eggs into a bowl I pour over some warm water and I just let them sit there for a few minutes and that way it just takes the chill off them separate them making sure the white stays away from the yolk and you're ready to go so a spotlessly clean a stainless steel bowl is what i'm using i spotlessly clean whisk I'm going to pop the whisk onto the mixer add the egg whites a little bit of salt and that's just to help the egg whites hold their shape and I'm going to begin mixing the egg whites until they're just foaming before I add the sugar now I must tell you in old fashion have louver or meringue recipes you were probably taught to only add the sugar a tablespoon at a time and to beat it well in between a tradition that's so not necessary I'm a lazy cook so what I've done is look at techniques that can make your life easier in this delicious vanilla snow pavlova you're going to add the sugar in one go and that's fantastic that's so easy I'm popping on the pouring shield what that's going to do is to actually push the sugar right into the center of the bowl and that will help with the amazing volume that we're going to get turn the mixer just on speed to until we get soft peaks forming my egg whites are at soft peaks so now it's time to add the sugar and amazingly all in one go I'm then going to set the mixer to speed ten and let it do its beautiful whipping for a good 10 to 12 minutes until I have a firm glossy meringue oh this looks magnificent now before I show you do you like a meringue that has a crisp outside and a soft marshmallow in the center I know that I do so the way to achieve that is to add a little bit of acid and a little bit of alkaline and a little bit of boiling water so we're adding some acid which is vinegar and the alkaline which is cornflour and the boiling water what that does is just give a little bit of a lift so well actually get a beautiful volume and a light texture now for flavoring I think I might add some vanilla bean paste you could use fresh vanilla or you could use extract it's up to you I'm just now going to allow that to mix through on speed 1 and in classical training you're normally taught to fold through those last ingredients with a metal spoon that's so not needed because the stand mixer will do it for you but don't over mix it just let it come together and it's done that is a magnificent marine it's absolutely beautiful formed by adding the sugar in one go which is just bliss you don't need to stand there adding the sugar one tablespoon at a time you take the meringue and you spread it onto a lined baking tray and if you want your meringue to have a high side don't spread it too thickly keep it nice and high around the edges but for the full recipe all you need to do is to look onto the website a couple little tips for the mixing bowl and with the stand mixer that might surprise you even though it's a large mixing bowl you can actually whip one egg white successfully or you can actually beat up all the way up to 14 egg whites so even though it's a large bowl you can still do a really small quantity keeping the bowls as dry and clean as possible keeping the oil or any egg yolk away from the whisk and beating the mix at high speed ensures that you have a perfectly formed meringue with no weeping no seeping and a divine soft center you use the whisk for recipes like the vanilla snow pavlova mayonnaise nuga angel food cake or for a classic sponge all the recipes are on the website have a look they triple tested and they're delicious you

5 thoughts on “Vanilla Snow Pavlova with the KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer and Whisk

  1. My pavlovas always looks fantastic when I put it on the baking tray and again after one hour of cooking. However once I leave it in the oven with the door ajar for an hour, the whole pavlova drops considerably.  Any suggestions?

  2. Hi Donna,
    Thanks for your question. Yes you can use a sugar substitute, but it will affect the crispness of the shell. Some substitutes are better than others when it comes to meringues.
    We would suggest you contact the substitute companies for a recipe or guidance on amount to use and best temperature. Good luck! KA

  3. Hi Jo

    I am the proud owner of my first KSM150 & I am really enjoying watching your YT videos!

    I have a question that is off topic but hoping you can help anyway.  I adore pavlova but my husband is diabetic so until now I haven't been cooking sweet delights.

    My question is, can I use the sugar substitute "EQUAL" (the powdered kind, not the tablet) as a replacement in this recipe?

    Many thanks for your help 🙂


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