‘V’ shaped glitter placement nail art

‘V’ shaped glitter placement nail art

Oh my god! It’s SPARKLE time! Look at this glitter placement I did, guys. It only took me, like, 18 years of my LIFE. But I do it for you, because I want you to see the *SPARKLE*! KAY, in all seriousness, it took me, like, five or six hours. But it’s TOTALLY WORTH IT. I started with a dark colored base coat, I think this was Seche ‘Wonderfully Witty’ some navy blue? I’m using five different colors of holo hex glitter from Twinkled T. Yes. That’s HOLO glitter. ‘Cause it’s rainbowy. Use my code ‘SIMPLY’ for 10% off your ENTIRE order of glitter, and nail vinyls, and every thing else that Twinkled T has. Do it now… Because there’s glitter… You are getting glittery… Look at all the shiny objects… SoooOOoo~ glittery~ You are getting sparkly… *harsh reality slap* Snap out of it! It’s time to get to work! To place the loose glitter on the nail, we gotta make it sticky. So we do that by using a clear polish, NOT a top coat, because a top coat will get too thick, and dry too fast. And we just take some toothpicks, mine are cinnamon flavor, ’cause I liked to lick things that are flavored. And then you’re gonna lick the tip of the toothpick, and I really don’t think I need to show you that on video. And then that’s how you pick up the little piece of glitter. I like to start my glitter placements at the bottom of my nail, and then work my way to the top. But, I’m no expert. Honestly, this is only like the second time I’ve ever done a glitter placement, and this is the first time that I ever did a full mani. All of my nail is glitter placement. Okay? So, you should really just, like, probably not listen to my tips on this one. Because I’m sure there’s other people out there, who have way better tips than I do. So when you finish a line, I’m just going to add another striped line down the side. And then I’m going to keep building! So if you notice the hexes, I’m trying to position them so that they kinda interlock with each other. But they’re not completely… touching, or overlapping. You can really push them together as tight as you want them to be. I like to leave a little space, so I can re-jig it or move it around if I need to. So, the pattern that I’m actually making, is supposed to be… a downwards “V” shape? So that’s how you kinda see, like, if you look at the pink, for example. It’s kinda going in one direction? It’s like, slanted. It’s not straight across the nail. And then on the OTHER half of the nail, I’m gonna do it going… same downwards… direction… Err, actually, upwards. At an angle, if you were looking at it. But, whatever. You know what I mean. The design I was going for kinda reminds me of those, like, friendship bracelets that I used to make with a bunch of knots, in like, grade seven at sleepover camp. Those were the ‘Good ol’ days!’ But now we do it with glitter on our nails! It’s just so much more fun! Why didn’t I do this when I was in grade 7? Why? The sides are always a little tricky, because if you’re like me and human, our cuticles are not hexagon shaped. So you’re gonna hafta like, move them around and make it work. Alright! First half of the nail is done, and now we do the second half! Only 17 more hours to go. *activate light speed nail montage* Alright, now this is the tricky part. You see how at the bottom of my nail there’s still some glue space? But, an entire hexagon glitter wouldn’t fit? I take some… what they call ‘cuticle nippers’ but I don’t actually EVER use these to cut my cuticles! Do NOT cut your cuticles! They will look ragged. Like a dirty old man, and you don’t want that. So I just cut the little hexagons in half. And this is definitely a difficult task meant for… Tiny little leprechauns instead of humans. Then I just kinda place them where I can, and after some point, I’m like, oh, I’m sooo tired of cutting these stupid little pieces up into… Pieces. So, I’m done. And I don’t really care if there’s extra glue space around. Whatever. But there! Doesn’t that look pretty cool? Look at how shiny it is! And you can ‘kinda’ see that it’s a “V.” Didn’t really turn out… That much of a ‘deep v’ as I wanted. But… It’s fine! I’ll learn for next time! Add a really thick coat of glossy top coat to seal it all in. In fact, I added two. uh.. I just didn’t film the second one. Make sure to seal the tip of the nail as well. And by adding two layers of top coat and sealing the tip, the little glitters won’t fall off. ‘Cause you want this mani to last. And NOW it’s your turn to go out in the streets, and wave your hands around, and cause car crashes. No, I’m kidding. Please don’t do that. But, if you’re like, need to distract a teacher from cheating on a test, or something. You can try waving your nails? Like, THAT’S probably fine. ’cause no one will die. This mani is so epic, I left it on for an entire week at work. And no one thought I was crazy in a professional office environment. Nope! Not at all! Alright! Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to get your own loose glitter from www.TwinkledT.com and use my code ‘SIMPLY’ for 10% off!

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  1. I am going on such a nostalgia trip right now. I love going back to your old videos every once and a while and binge watch them XD

  2. My mum was next to me watching a documentary of the Big Bang and liek…. boring! So I slapped some cristine and just imagine the first 21 seconds of this video against a dramatic documentary. Ya 😛

  3. So OLDD!!!! :O BACK IN THE DAY WHEN SHE ONLY HAD 1 CHANNEL AND DID TUTORIALS! (She is still awsome though)

  4. Why don’t you just paint one finger if it’s not a whole hand look or you are going to wear it, you just peel it off anyway

  5. I was going to do my AP homework but I fell into a dark hole of Cristines videos and now it's 1 am and this is like the 20th video I've watched in a row

  6. So I decided to go back in time to see what Christine used to be like back in 2015 and just so happen to realize that glossy Taco didn't exist then and at 4:25 Christine literally says glossy top coat. 😭😭😭😭

  7. Im reading comments that were posted like 3 or 2 years ago and they keep calling her a "dedicated nail artist" or "great nail artist" Um sorry who?

  8. You sound totally different in this video than the rest. Like valley girl stuck up bitch. I love your channel and your videos though so thank you!! Lots of work

  9. Lol I watched this video today just cause and it was after watching a bunch of more of Cristine's stuff, and I watched the video where she was like

    "I did Harry Potter nails for Corrine and I still don't know wtf Harry Potter is!" and then I realised she used a Harry Potter meme in this video. And when I realised this I was like holy sh*t I must go back and make sure I'm not imagining this and here it is. The evidence. Cris used the meme but didn't even know what it was lol. And then that same year did HP nails and then admitted she has no f*cking idea what Hp is and probably still doesn't.

    I just want to mention that this isn't meant to be a mean comment or anything it was just something I noticed and wanted to share. 💕

  10. 4 years ago: glitter-placement that took 5-6 hours.
    2019 yesterday: doing my old nail art. ON AN APP!

    “Oh have the turn tables”

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