Today I’m gonna be filling another
spread in my sketchbook with a little…twist! I’m only gonna let myself use one hue
specifically… red! I also have white and black to add lightness or desaturation to
it if I so desire and I’m not gonna force myself to only drawing red things if I
want to draw a red sunflower I’m gonna draw a red sunflower let’s jump on in
and fill this entire spread! I’m also going to use a red pencil so that I don’t
have to worry about any graphite bleeding into the paint I’ve really been into
painting lately I just want to get better so I gotta keep doing it. just
start and warm up a little probably just draw a random character we
obviously have a lot of sketchbook here to fill so we’ll have lots of room to
experiment with other things always start light and do some basic shapes
kind of fill the page and then I’ll go in and add detail unless I’m really lazy
and I like put a lot of work into the head first which is a No-no I want to draw someone
with a cape you gotta love sketching there’s no real
way to mess it up {laughs} because messing up is the first step of making something else
you know? I decided to use the color red because you know it’s at the top of the
rainbow usually right? maybe we had can fill a different couple spreads with
each different color and then when I flip through the book it’ll look like a
rainbow (these are the dumb things I occupy my brain with ) I’m gonna move the hand up
here and maybe there’s like a cape now I’m picturing like one of those like
1940s or 50s actually might be the sixties..? like
double breasted kind of jackets that had like a cape might need a reference for
that gonna add a little bit more pizzazz to the Cape and have it blowing out into the
distance gonna add some hair in here something a little bit vintage-y
looking too maybe with a headband and as I’m filming this we’re in the last
week of huevember so I just wanted to like take a minute and
appreciate the red hue that occupies this world now for this drawing I don’t
think I want to like render it as much as I want to kind of go with a flat gouache
kind of look you see it with gouache a lot
obviously you can fully render out with gouache too but it’s kind of a style
that I see with gouache and it’s kind of like cell shading but maybe without any
shading I totally forgot legs didn’t I? she looks
like a fancy business lady just give her some simple rectangle legs
will be fine Im feeling a lot more warmed up now! I had a lot of fun using the oils
from..what was that…Paletteful Packs? and I do want to explore oils too but drawing
in a sketchbook so if I want to use the sketchbook again in the next eternity I
can’t use oils because this will never dry so acrylics it’s the way to go and I
they work pretty similarly just in the fact that they’re both paint and that is
something I need to improve with just in general so it’ll work just fine I’m just
connecting the shape of the Cape like it’s one skirt but with a space in the
middle it kind of helps me find a really fun shape — it’s like a weird vintage
retro future kind of outfit. anyway…I want to add in some paint though oh this is literally the
only reason I’m drawing right now is cuz I want to use paint so I’m just like rushing
through the sketch we’re gonna need some red probably a lot of white’ some black
if I wanted to desaturate some, this is actually the color Zinc…I don’t own black paint
but it should work alright let’s get some mid-tones in here
look I’m using my “palette knife” so fancy! alright and that should be good enough
to start with we can make sure we keep our tones pretty separate which is also
something I’m practicing and I want to continue to get better at that should be a good start I
also have some water and I need a paint brush – put that over there, dip this in–oh ewww this paintbrush is dirty!! there we go. cleaned it. certainly didn’t do that
before I put it away let’s go in and layer in the tones we
know we want something pretty dark here and a probably desaturate it so I’ll
start with that this reddish gray color color in our shadows just cuz that’s the
one thing I know where I want it no other reason probably need a couple
layers if I want it to look like a solid flat color so this first step here is
just making sure we get all our tones in the right place and there’s contrast
between each of them I think (laughs) I’m talking like I
know what I’m doing this is just what I’m learning would be really nice if I
actually had black paint I have black acrylic ink that might be
helpful something I’m realizing as I get older
and I think it’s what keeps drawing me back to art is that there’s no limit to
improvement you just keep keep going which makes it so much more interesting
and so it never gets boring and then there’s more art supplies that you can
try even if you get really good at one – I I was never really into painting but
like lately it’s just been oO! tickling my fancy! and by sticking to only one
hue I can really practice like actually painting and stead of having to worry
about the colors or like the color scheme which is something I also need to
approve on but again there’s so much to do — and then red I want to be a very
predominant color just like the flat red the dress definitely takes up more space
so I think we’ll probably go there and we’re gonna have to mix some more tones
for like shading but let’s start there fill in this whole shape probably could
actually use a bigger brush for this this will help me get up to the edges to
really easily because it is a flat brush definitely gonna need a couple layers of
this one this other sleeve should be the same color and then I want something
slightly desaturated there so I’m gonna mix this color in with a little bit more
red distinguish those two elements here we have our classy business red
riding-hood (laughs) just need to add another layer of the red make sure we get
all the paper covered okay I also want you straight Red for the headband
I think that’ll look cute I just need to go and add in the rest of the tones here
I think I’m gonna mix a little bit of this lighter pink color
let me move into this body section try not to over render I’m trying to learn
how to keep things separate with just tones before I go in and start shading
things too much theres a couple layers it’s looking a little bit more even it’s hard
to get those like little white spots is that what’s smaller brushes are for? all right next we gotta do the skin I’m not
sure how to go about this mix it with some water so that we can see through it
at first and start with a much lighter tone because usually as I do the face it gets
darker and darker and we don’t want to get too dark compared to like the hair
so if we start really light by the time I’m done we’ll have something that looks
good with the rest of drawing Oh I think I’m gonna have to start lighter than
this if I go any darker it’s gonna lose a lot of the contrast you can also layer
some lighter colors on top it’s not really how I usually think is like know
how my brain works but we can try why not? we are in a sketchbook – it’s supposed to
be a safe place to experiment this looks something else let’s mix a lighter
color then we can add some highlights getting messy –whatamIdoin!? if i just lighten the
whole thing up and then i can start adding in darker tones again I’m kind of
trying to keep it pretty flat looking but faces are my favorite thing to
render so chances of it being too flat are slim we totally forgot
eyebrows some desaturated red I think and I can paint these guys in it’s the small details that I have the most trouble with with the paint brush
because I’m just not that fluent with a paintbrush yet one is higher than the
other but I’ll take it I’ll wait for that to dry before I get going on the eyes let’s
move over to the rest of the skin is slightly darker for this next leg – kind
of like separate it with a little darker than that though to make them look like
two legs hopefully by the time I’m done with this try and do some kneecaps (laughs) that looks kind of like knees! again I said I wasn’t gonna over render this…. what should I do with these hands?
I pictured she’s doing something like this let’s go ahead and add in
the light tone first yeah now what..? guess we can add slight tones so like
there might be shadow on the face of the knuckles like here and then obviously
the hand down here would be a little bit more in shadow
okay I want to darken up the underhand a little blending in too much we also
don’t want to blend in with the dress keep working at it yeah I think
it’s probably enough for what I’m going for
all right eyeballs! eyeballs! let me try that acrylic ink what the heck did I do? I’m afraid it’s gonna explode…I’ll just get a little bit in this put that back and
do the eyeballs and the eyelashes wow that’s so much easier than a paintbrush holy
mackerel probably a little harsh of black since I
didn’t use black anywhere else probably take a little second to dry maybe add
a nostril in here too I don’t want to go in and add too much
detail that wasn’t the point I wanted to keep it kind of abstract flat unless I
go in and add any straight black anywhere I’m doing too much no no no
that’s not what I want I’m gonna let those eyelashes dry more, I’m a little worried I’m gonna touch
them let’s go back to the pencil make myself some space here I can draw
whatever I want doesn’t have to be something that needs to be red but now
that I’m looking at the color red I really want to draw off this girl again
maybe we’ll save that for last I want to do some like more simple sort
of things like sort of studies of I don’t know
hands or flowers or something just draw some hands I don’t know anything
that I can like practice the tones which is anything I guess there’s a hand isn’t
it? that looks like a hand? kinda just block out the shapes oh I’m gonna just draw this
hand right here how’s that for a reference? um (laughs) I kind of want to try and render that one out a
little bit so let’s grab our paint whatever is still wet I’m gonna start with
our primary red and just fill things in looks a little bloody ew this is
definitely a different way of doing it I’ve never painted this way – I
usually start light as possible and then darken things up well that is what way
too greay {barf noises} I’m very confused now just looking at it – try and
salvage it don’t have to worry about overworking it cuz I’m not hanging it up on
any walls here actually ran out of red paint kind of just using this big brush and
seeing what happens it’s keeping me very loose and I have to apply kind of large
chunks so I have to commit and I was already kind of figured that I ruined it
anyway so it’s kind of fun at this point can’t make it worse (that’s my motto) definitely not enough contrast gotta keep working on that I would
like to trim up the wrists a little I’m just gonna take straight white paint and
kind of just chisel it kind of breaking the fingers into three sections hmm next! I don’t really wanna- I’m gonna kind of- ooh! that could be kind of cool! what am I even saying? I’m
just gonna chisel out this with red paint kind of give it the illusion that
I didn’t ignore it (laughs) let’s just go ahead and fill the rest of this page though Im
not entirely sure what to draw so at this point it’s gonna be a girl yeah I kind of want to try something a little different with the face maybe be a
little bit more impressionistic if that means just one stroke of paint for the
face then that’s what it means I don’t know…I’m kind of just playing around gotta find some shapes in here, in the
scribbles Now lets go in and add some color!! mean it’s already red but more red! kind
of just want to paint the face let’s be honest I’m gonna get right in on here
let’s start (mouth thinking noises) I don’t know that was really hard to do this was a little bit easier
let’s start even lighter and see what difference that makes so there’s a light
light pink it’s a little transparent so we can kind of just go over everything
add some red to this pink shadow thats pretty dark but we can blend that out gonna
switch back to the smaller brush I think probably bring the nose up a
little maybe the eyes I’m noticing are a little crooked didn’t notice that in the
sketch but I’m noticing it now!! see if I can move that eye up a little and this one down. feel like it’s kind of pulling away from
where I want it I’m just kind of blend up some of the edges for now can I
outline with it eyebrows were again I think that’s adding to the kind of like
unsettling nature of this and blend this out a little for some reason, the paint’s drying away faster I don’t
know if it’s like getting really warm in here or something some hair on top! I’m not done with the face, but I just want to try something else just using straight zinc I think was the name of the color see how that affects
what I’m looking at I do like the contrast between it and the face it kind
of puts how dark I’ve gone into perspective like I thought when I laid
down that like a little shading under the nose I was like whoa that’s dark now
I see that it’s still all looks pretty light I definitely have room for
adjustments so with this face I try to go darker with like some of the tones
and this one I was trying to be as subtle as possible but I like that ones
look better than this so that would be something to keep in mind for future
portraits is to kind of try to stay subtle and you’ll get the look you’re looking
for versus go all in for what you’re looking for and end up with something
that’s a little bit more messy try going in with some less acrylic ink
painting some pupils there’s some contrast!b – now try and do the eyelashes get
up a little higher try and get these even I’m actually just gonna use the
paintbrush and really try to do some larger eyeliner it’s a bit more of a
puppy dog look than the cat eye and a little shading in the lip oh! go ahead
and just kind of almost use it as a lineart but with a brush doing finer details trying
to figure out this collarbone (laughs) i have no clue {bloops everytime she touches the face with the white paint) ooh those are big! I think I’m ready to move on
from this one here is what we have so far! filling this spread I do want to just fill in
this last space though before I leave you so let’s show one
final character I am thinking I kind of want to redraw our little red girl over
here with the horns let’s do a nice close-up she has a bit more of a angular
face so there’s a little bit more straight lines that kind of is like dark up here
in the forehead and she has some bangs that kind of stick out between them and
I had her hair up in a bun but we could play around with that she’s not gonna
always wear the same outfit right? just like she’s not gonna have the same
hairstyle all the time I drew her kind of angry we’ll keep that so pull the eyebrows down should I give her a body this is a little bit like Maleficent isn’t she? just a
smidge! Oh! She had earrings on totally forgot let it down a little maybe keep it kind of blobular -yeah that’s my favorite now this drawing we’re gonna use a lot more of that Zinc Color and maybe
even some of this acrylic ink too just go ahead and color those in right now now
we mix that with some red for the forehead section oh I don’t
think I made her forehead quite as big as I did last time
shoot! I’m not gonna see as much this cool fun gradient as it fades down into
a lighter red almost pink when I do the second layer
make sure I don’t have any of that that zinc on there it’s a little gray
looking try and blend that out maybe a little beit more, maybe with a smaller brush just gonna use some swirly motions now it’s coming down a
little bit farther than it did on the last sketch you’re probably gonna have
to come in and just bring it up a little more a little bit more add a little red when it comes
to the nose I started with just a triangle for the nose and then hopefully I can
work from there She’s not related to Wario – I’m working on it blend out the nose
seam, haha and find the colors that we are looking for It’s kind of fun using darker colors I usually
try to draw more saturated perky pictures but I’m changing it up a little highlight to the cheekbones to make them protrude a little ahh wow! the paintbrush almost touched the face! I would have been sad I’ll just draw the earrings in later alright now I’m looking at the colors
and they look a little weird I think if I maybe desaturate this section of the
hair that might help I’m gonna mix in a little bit of a zinc put that in back
here I think it’s the pink that I don’t really like but I’ll see what we can do
do maybe just desaturate the back here a little but not too much see if
that makes the color scheme a little bit more soft and less jarring the pink still
feels weird I’m thinking maybe when I add in the
eyebrows and the eyeliner and everything that’ll be a little bit more subtle I
also want to take the black acrylic ink and just fill in this circle I love how this stuff looks it’s so solid gonna make it pretty circular yeah
I love like cutting in the edge like that I’m gonna like add a little
darkness to the tips of her horns Looove! the way the paint feels when you touch it!! The texture like when
you go from smooth paper too bumpy paint to smooth paper too bumpy paint try and get these eyelashes to match doesn’t quite look like the same character I’m noticing the eyes I think
are bigger but maybe some pupils might help no it definitely looks like a different
character ooopsie! oh well 🎶 Oh we can’t forget the earrings! Lets try and see if I can sign my name
with a brush [struggling ‘oo’ sounds with each stroke] all right use up the leftover paint might as well
take advantage of the pigment here we go now that I’ve thoroughly RED-afied that
page I think I am ready to close the book on this one (well as soon as it
dries) thank you guys for watching! I’ll see you guys all next week! and I hope you have a
delicious evening full of waffles! BYE! 🎶

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