Using EVERY SINGLE Color Pencil I Own on ONE Drawing

Using EVERY SINGLE Color Pencil I Own on ONE Drawing

Guys. Guys. This is literally what I have to do to get my camera in focus, is get my vacuum cleaner and use it as a prop because I have no friends. *laughs* What’s up, guys? It’s SuperRaeDizzle here, welcome back to my channel. So occasionally, I’ll get these weird urges at like 3:00 in the morning where I’m like, *deep voice* I need to get my life together! And the most recent urge was I need to clean this room out, get it all together, get rid of all the crap that I don’t need, you know, just trying to make it look a little bit better than what it currently does. And while I was looking through all the crap that I have, I realized that I have a ridiculous, ridiculous, RIDICULOUS amount of colored pencils. Like, more colored pencils than anybody would ever need in their lifetime. And so I thought, what better way to test out all these pencils, see which ones still suck, see which ones are still good, by getting every single one that I own and using every single one on one drawing. So yes, we are going to be using colored pencils from Christmas past, Christmas present, and Christmas future! So, a lot of these pencils you’re probably gonna recognize from like, other videos that I’ve made and with this we’ll be able to see how all the formulas work together. And guys I am talking about the bad, the good, the ugly. And, uh, real quick before we start. On my last post on my Art Instagram I did a huge “ask me anything,” kind of a questionnaire, and I went ahead and answered over 300 or 400 different answers. So guys, if there’s anything that you’ve ever wanted to know about me, it’s there. *Mario coin sound effect* Anyway, so without further ado, let’s begin. Now, normally I would use this notebook for my coloring, but today we’re whipping out the big boys! So if you’re like me and you don’t like to spend all your money on art supplies, *60s Batman music* then uh, setting down some Poster Board will work the exact same. And uh yeah, we are ready to start preparing for the hours of labor that are gonna be coming up next and I can start my outline. Whoo, outline’s done. So in case you haven’t noticed I am a total edge lord and today I will be drawing a skull. Okay, starting off with everybody’s favorite colored pencils: Crayola. If you’ve never done art before, you’ve probably used these colored pencils at least sometime in your life. I love these pencils, I use them all the time and there’s only 36 of them. To be honest guys, I don’t know how to start this so I’m just gonna jump right in and hope for the best, but I feel like the easiest thing I should do is uh, basically put down every single secondary and primary color down and then build up from there. And I chose to use Crayola first because they’re just the easiest, they’re the good guy, they’re like the OG, like everybody, everybody likes Crayola. Next we’re gonna get fancy as *beep* and I’m going to be using Faber-Castell. Ah, these are just the best colored pencils. Faber-Castell, they worked with me one time. It was like the highlight of my life. *Crayon wrapper crinkling* Okay, I know that didn’t look like much, but it was really cool, okay? These next pencils guys, I bought these literally months ago for a video. They’re erasable Prismacolors which is really exciting cause these are the first time that I’ve ever actually used these and they’re COMPLETELY unsharpened. Oh my god, that is annoying. *Turns pencil sharpener loudly* *mouths* No other way. Okay, that took an abnormally long time, that’s like one of my biggest pet peeves is whenever you get colored pencils that aren’t sharpened, but I digress. Next we are using these total ripoffs. I did a video on these and these are the Crayola Premier fancy pantsy… ugh, they are just the worst. So if you guys want to see the hot mess of a video that I featured these in, I’ll link it down below. But basically these are very overpriced pencils, and they just have very bad quality. Just thinking about it now makes me blood boil! Next up are the uh, the Rafa-nie pencils? Rafine-nay? Rafa-nie! Whatever these pencils are called. I don’t know, but I’ve used these from my art supply haul thing and these, they’re alright. *Classical music* Next up are the pencils that I have been DREADING. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, these are a 72-count pencil pack! So as far as like the watercolor pencils go, I decided way in advance that I was going to use them for their intended use, which is like as an actual watercolor pencil and guys, guys, guys, there’s just so many pencils and there’s like weird colors, like there’s a gold in here, like what am I supposed to do with that? And let’s be honest here. I think it was my fault that it was so muddy, I should’ve added more pigment, so I would like to call this segment “being dumb.” *Elevator music* Okay on to my absolute, most favorite, most treasured pencils. These are the Artify Watercolor Colored Pencils – ha! That’s always a mouthful. And these uh, these are my most treasured pencils because they were given to me by somebody who is no longer here with us and they’re just totally amazing so dare I even say it, I don’t even know if you can get these pencils anymore, but I love them. Okay, next up is ze Crazy Arts colored pencils, and I feel like I just did a review so I feel like most of you guys know what it is and guys, like, what’s the point? There’s like no pigment. You know, so these didn’t really make a dent. They didn’t really add too much of anything to the art so, not even the black really worked that well, so you know, eh. *Mario “100 seconds” theme* Okay guys, we need to hurry this up because I have so many more colored pencils left and I don’t think I’m gonna be able to narrate every single one. *Classical music* And now, ladies and gentlemen, we have reached the finale. *sighs* Finally, we have reached the end! At this point like, my hands are hurting, I’m tired, I’m ready to go to sleep, like I am just done. And I feel like a lot of you probably thinking, like why do you have all these colored pencils, like way too many? But I need these for referencing um, like in different videos, in comparison, so that way I can buy all the bad colored pencils, and you guys don’t have to. *BOOM BOOM BOOM* Okay, are we live? Because it was a literal struggle trying to get my giant head through this tiny piece of cloth. So all around I think this drawing/painting thing was all-around pretty successful. But like I said, there were things that I didn’t like. For example, I wish the watercolor would have been a bro and just melted down just a little bit. And I wish that some of the colors would have actually been able to layer on better than what they did but this is coming from a girl who’s never used over like, 25 different colors in a drawing before. So all around it was pretty interesting to see how everything layered and how everything worked together. It kind of gave me a new insight to colored pencils and what I can and can’t use. And yes guys, I’ve listed a whole entire ton of other videos that I’ve referenced and done in the past so if you guys wanna go check all of those out, of course I’ll leave them all in the description box below, and um yeah, of course I’ll leave like my Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, all that good stuff here. With that being said, let me know what you guys want me to review next or what challenges you want me to do or what kind of videos you want to see on this channel. I love you guys so much and I will see you in the next video. Bye! Oh wow guys, I made a mess! But I have a lot of colored pencils that I had to work with today. Holy crap. *End music*

100 thoughts on “Using EVERY SINGLE Color Pencil I Own on ONE Drawing

  1. I'm just as bad. I have a pack of 50 in my locker at work and home 3 unopened packs of 50 (different brands), 2 opened packs of 50, 2 packs of 48, 2 pack of 24, 1 pack of 30, 3 packs of 12 and recently got 1 pack of 100 in addition to a pile of odds and ends and 6 metallic colored pencils and 34 water color pencils. I also have 34 grafite and charcoal pencils. Don't ask about markers and pens.

  2. I found the Artify colored pencils, but they're expensive.

  3. Rae :"I use a vacum cleaner to focus my camera because l have no friends"
    Me:"🤔but you have 975,550 and let me repeat 975,550 subs!"

  4. So, girl don't ya have another drawing to show? Sorry, you could have more talent rather than that ugly 💀

  5. IM HAVING A STROKE, for YEARS i thought your youtube name was superraeDAZZLE no. like i've literally been watching you since i was 11 or younger (14 now) and I SWEAR ON EVERYTHING I THOUGHT YOUR YOUTUBE NAME WAS SUPER RAE DAZZLE. is this like a Mandela affect or is my one brain cell finally deciding to activate.

  6. If you’re sharpening a pencil with a twist sharpener (not the crank one), rule of thumb is you twist 3 times and stop to check the tip because 3 twists is usually enough to sharpen a pencil.

    To sharpen an unsharpened pencil it usually takes 6-9 twists at first depending on how soft the wood is

    (I’ve literally only used color pencils for a fraction of serious art, but I figured this out to save me the trouble of worrying about snapping the tip of the pencil every time)

  7. Me: ur so beuteful

    My friend: oh stop

    Me:ok ur ugly

    My friend:eyyyyy

    Me:this happends when u dont take a copliment

    My friend:damn

  8. Rae: I'm using my vacuum cleaner as a prop cause I have no friends.


  9. I challenge you do use all your art supplies like markers color pencils and colors everything just pls do it

  10. Me: Looks at Colored Pencils
    Me: Who cares about crayola
    Me: Throws all crayola pencils in the trash and grabs Prismacolors.
    Me: YAASSS
    Me: $50 and No, they are my babies.
    Classmates: Lel I’m gonna use dem anyways
    Me: REEEEE

  11. I have the pencil color to but 72 of them and it's good I watched this cuz idk how to use them lol

  12. As you showed this video to us, I Started doing it too. 3 hours later , 356 pencils and 10000000 nerves killed , I‘m done.

    Greeting from germany❤️

  13. Is it me or i feel like you really like skulls cuz ive seen you draw skulls in other videos.

    But bro your art skill is like MYTHICAL GLORY
    But i think i might just stick with stickman and smiley faces ;-;

  14. Superaedizzile, I really appreciate you drawing especially when is special to you, and I want to know your techniques, lifestyle in drawing, etc. Please, when you draw just be patient , is also the righteous key to the element of art. And one last thing, #keeppracticing, #bepatient, and lastly, #beconsistent. 🙂

  15. Gotta say I’m not trying to copy or not but like I haven’t seen anyone have that much color pencils kinda like simplynaillogical she OWNS A WHOLE HECK OF A LOT OF NAIL POLISH….this is just what I think

  16. I know this is a few yeas old, but I have to say it. I felt so bad for having so many colored pencils, and I watched this thinking "Hey, Rae here is an artist! She'll totally have more than me and make me feel better!
    Turns out, not so much. I have just over 500. They're my favorite medium, so I can't stop myself and everyone keeps buying me more.

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