US Marine vs US Airman FEMALE EDITION | Martial Arts & Obstacle Course Battle

US Marine vs US Airman FEMALE EDITION | Martial Arts & Obstacle Course Battle

are we ready airman are we ready all right let's do this yo what is up guys not with the beast checking in and we're back with another video guys y'all seem to love the Battle of a branch video so today we're going to switch it up we got females coming in so we got our female marine hey what's up guys my name is Lance Corporal Grenada I'm from Queens New York and I'll be representing female Marines today hoorah and we got our female Airmen hey what's up everyone I'm airman Gomes I'm from New Jersey and I'm here to represent the world's greatest airforce whoa so that being said guys if you do enjoy the video series be sure to leave the next branch you guys want to see go at it we got Royal Marines we got British army whatever maybe in the comment section below enjoy the video Mike are you gonna come on you're gonna go and I won't stop till the end go hey copan get some get some here we go hey we got Air Force busting Marines we got now so come on come on come on five give me five to five let's go that's come on that's three let's go let's go come on five does not go five get it fine fast faster come on got this one oh yeah oh yeah three let's go I won't stop till the end no airman that took the W we got our next portion is a graphic lady instincts going no looking bad like a Bama tune not bad all bad to the woods with a backpack in the live Matt spark one time get the whole city looking like a dark Center once when I'm burning it down but it is with a doe whole clique in laughs in the talk of the town lemon said he had a mountain it wouldn't shut up on a hunt for cramming again and America's nobody in the game right now even deserve it what a minute Claire for any way has an avail of the way that I'm an appendage that are cold and if anything and that's a better penny face soul you know you want to purchase in the money in the fence to take a part of the fruit if you choose let the juice trip down the new way to a power for the golden house upon the links in holes on the grapes new clothes and a role for the chaise and a limb in the garage looking your whole crew in here put it to win here they got lost my mind you screw in here then I walk out that side in everybody looking at my sight let us know what you think in the comment section below the next brush you guys want to see keep in mind they came out here on their weekend on their Sunday so they're coming out against some good pizza so show should you okay so remember subscribe I'm bein San Antonio Texas if you guys want to start something PJs air force anything out there you guys let me know let's make it happen okay [Applause] skirt hold on guys I know you're probably gonna get a little upset but check it out guys so I am gonna be in San Antonio Texas this upcoming weekend so that being said guys if you were out there and then hit me up I want PJ's air force whatever it may be let me know and I'll come out response this video and call me out I'm talking about every branch around the world Spanish Marines Mexican Marines freaking Australian military whatever maybe call me out guys and I will be there as long as we can get all the logistics nice and set up and I will be there to represent the Marines but that being said enjoy the video smash that thumbs up and subscribe if you haven't already it helps a lot with the YouTube algorithm and helps you know promote the video and get to everyone out there but anyways enjoy the video and I'll see you guys on the other side

34 thoughts on “US Marine vs US Airman FEMALE EDITION | Martial Arts & Obstacle Course Battle

  1. I can’t watch this video with this god awful background music what what happened to “this ain’t the end of me” waaaaay better than that shit “song”

  2. Gomes should be pronounces like Gomez. She's trying to whitewash herself, nopal on her frenté….. That weak millennial music, c'mon kid it's painful….All we need is the airman's gasps and grunts as she loses…..SFMF

  3. I’ve smoked weed for around 4 months daily , like a joint a day at least . I quit a week ago because I have my recruiter ready to send me MEPS how long should I wait to go? Or what can I do to help my situation besides just wait it out.

  4. Imagine the comments if the Marine girl won. Kinda glad she lost the conditioning only because they are to cocky lol Good job Air Force.

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